December 25, 2008


I have wrapped so many presents and filled the stockings ( after the children had gone to bed of course). Cooked my turkey yum yum,prepared some of todays vegetables and cleaned all through.....All is ready in our household for today....The grandparents will be here in about 5 hours as they love to watch everyone open their presents..... The tree is looking it's best and the presents nicely to get some sleep before the little ones wake up to open the presents that are under the tree, and DH gets up to make our breakfast.....We have a tradition on Christmas morning, we have hot cinnamon scrolls ...freshly basked and they are so brings the neighbors around for a cuppa and scroll first thing...the smell is so nice and it is lovely to share with our neighbors this special day. Blessings to all
Hugs Dawn x

P.s. I hope this post works as I have had some trouble with uploading and so want to have this work.
P.S.s JOY I hope you can see the garbage bag in the picture...Lol..It's green not black...can't wait to unwrap it. Only hours to go or actually I could open it now....but I will wait till everyone is up...Lol

November 18, 2008

November...Goodbyes, Pageant and a finished Quilt

Time sure does go quickly...It's nearly Christmas and I am madly trying to finish some projects off, some will not get done until next year...I am running short of time...or I might have bitten off more than I could chew.
I have had a interesting month, a church camp at Victor Harbor which was fun, relaxing and hot...sorry no pictures.

a Christmas pageant which the girls loved...if you are ever in Adelaide in November the Christmas pageant is worth a visit, there is the large one in the city centre ( 200,00 people go to this one) and each council runs a smaller version which the kids still love and there are not as many crowds..below is a picture of the girls and I at the Tea Tree Gully pageant..the girls sat on the kerb with me and Nana for an hour waving madly to each float, car, or clown to go past...their reward was a balloon, some lollies and to see the jolly man himself...MR Christmas as they call much fun....and then home to bed...they slept really well that afternoon.

...I said Goodbye to my eldest baby( 22yo)...he has moved to Perth for work and I do so miss him and his laughter around the house, also his chatter...he loved to have a coffee and a chat. But he has to make his mark on the world...and felt Perth would be it for a while...he's loving his job and feels very settled..found some new friends and is finding his feet in a strange town. Blessings to you my darling... I love you heaps and am so proud of you.

I made this quilt a few years ago for Dan, he had picked the colors and design and I know he had thought it would never get quilted. I finally had it machine quilted in time for him to take it with him( I wasn't going to attempt that one by hand) is the first log cabin I have done and is will fit a king size bed and is probably the largest I will ever do...I actually sewed the label on the day he left on the was the last thing he packed in his car before we went to the train station.

I have also been doing some other things for Xmas but cannot show you just yet or will spoil the surprise for someone.
As I was blog surfing I came across this giveaway from an amazing designer with a heart of gold...have a visit and tell I sent you, go to Nov 10 post.
Hugs to all.
Dawn x

October 23, 2008

The Crossroad The Crosswalk!

This morning got to have some time to read as my girls slept a little longer than usual
so I read my emails over a cup of hot Earl Grey tea........
And then I read this........
Jo sent me this email and wow!

Every once and a while, a seemingly-simple email comes around that ends up being quite profound.
This is one of them. Awesome!!

We complain about the cross we bear but don't realize it is
preparing us for the dip in the road that God can see and we cannot. Whatever your cross,
whatever your pain, there will always be sunshine, after the rain.... Perhaps you may
stumble, perhaps even fall; But God's always ready, to answer your call.... He knows
every heartache, sees every tear, a word from His lips, can calm every fear... Your sorrows
may linger, throughout the night, But suddenly vanish, by dawn's early light... The
Savior is waiting, somewhere above, to give you His grace, and send you His love. May God
fill your day with blessings!! Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting
some kind of battle!

Be Blessed today,
I sure know I am,
Dawn x

October 19, 2008

Pay it Forward - all received!

I am blessed and it is so fantastic to be able to bless others and show love to those whom I have never met, yet have a connection( thru blogging). My Pay it Forward gifts have all arrived at there destinations so I can now show you a picture of them.
I made aprons (Leanne's House pattern-with a few strips on the bottom) for Christy, Jo and Pauline all similar but different. It was a start of a craze for me and have since made a few more for Christmas pressies. I am so glad they all arrived safely and after not to long, 2 went overseas and I had a faint thought that I had forgotten to put an airmail sticker on them.......I must have put one on the parcels or the kind lady at the post office did as they did not take 6 months to arrive.. only a few weeks. Thanks ladies for reading my blog and participating in the Pay It Forward scheme, I hope you enjoy blessing others as much as I have in blessing you.....go on, maybe be the next to start one going!
Have wonderful week,
Dawn x

October 14, 2008

Something older and Something new!

Lynette Anderson has a giveaway for one of her wonderful patterns and Hugo and Felix are looking to view any of Lynette's designs made up from previous years...., so I thought I would show you this wall hanging that I made from one of Lynette's designs about 10 years ago, all I did was put the saying around....cos I love words on quilts. It is still one of my favorites.......Hope you like it Hugo and Felix
And the last few weeks have been really busy at home but I have found the time to sew and have been making some little clothes for my boys wouldn't let me make them know what teenagers are like. It is so much fun too make little pretty clothes and the girls get excited to wear a skirt that they can twirl in....

it's sheer delight for me to see them twirling around
and then .................. I made this dress from an oliver + s design and it was so easy to do. The instructions were so clear and the pattern is wonderful to follow...not to mention the little cut out dollies you get with the pattern. Checkout here to see more designs. I have still to finish my smocking and will show it when it's done..( see previous post) just have to do the bullion roses.....and I am not that confident at them yet so I am practicing lots first.

Happy stitching everyone and hope you have a wonderful week,
Hugs to all,
Dawn x

September 26, 2008

Where does time go? & Tagged!

Time seems to go fast I have noticed's nearly Christmas and I feel like I'm still at the beginning of the year with what I want to finish. I was reading some blogs the other day and went to some of my favorites as I do first...........and got here and found out I had won Margs blog giveaway. It is called Aunt Ivy's Sewing basket and is just so perfect for sewing bits. I have never won anything in my life before, anywhere so I was really excited to find out I had won. Thanks Marg for picking my name out. I now am on a mission to finish a couple of them for pressies for Christmas.........This last four weeks I have been doing a course in Smocking at Country Bumpkin with the lovely Louise. She has been teaching about 8 ladies and myself the beginnings of smocking and I have really enjoyed it...I was a little concerned as I hurt my index finger (RH) at work and have been unable to hold a needle for long periods at a time, the doctor actually told me to rest it as the damaged nerve will not get better without rest for 18mths........forget that, it will be better soon I hope ( I have managed to strap it up to my pointer finger and then I can sew for a few hours without a problem). I did manage to get the gist of smocking and actually start my first top and here is my 1/2 completed first ever smocking top for my little girls.I love little dresses or tops smocked for little girls and have always wanted to try it....... now to finish it and do the embroidery roses on the top as well. I will post a picture when I am is a size 2 so I will need to finish it this year or it will be a forgotten top.....

Now I have been tagged by Lenora for 7 random/weird things about myself so here goes:

1. I was born at sunrise and therefore my name was aptly decided.(my parents thought I would be a boy and did not have a girls name picked out)
2. On the subject of names my husband gave me a middle name as a wedding present.
3. I am afraid of water: swimming pools, beach and ponds....
I am ok if I am a safe distance from them.
4. I failed home economics (sewing in particular) at school.
5. I like to sleep with a quilt on even in the summer.
6. I like to read the Websters dictionary at times because I find it interesting and good for my brain to learn a new definition.
7. I still have my pillow from when I was a child.... and can't sleep without it. It does get washed often ( in hot water) and refilled with foam bits as it gets also has had a new outer cover a few times ( about 10) but still feels the same.....or at least it does as I remember.

I now have to tag some people........maybe if you want to participate in this please leave a comment and they can visit your blog and find out a little bit more about you!
Have a great weekend,
Dawn x

September 12, 2008

Vegetables and Shopping........

Today has been a productive day for us. My husband has had an RDO ( rostered day off) and he has been out in the garden.....getting our vegetable patch ready for some new plantings....

He picked the last of some celery ( these did not grow to well a bit small but still tasted ok) some colored beets and a few small cabbages....fresh veg out of the garden smell so yummy....also we were given a compost bin and so he has started to organize using it.....first a google visit to find out the best way to set one up....then to the garden shop for some sawdust or pea straw .......then to find a spot......he wanted it in the middle of the garden...I wanted it towards the back out of the spotlight........we agreed that he would put it were he wanted as long as he would move it when the back area was cleared....Lol.......He cleared the back area first then put it there, as he realised he did not want to start it and then move it...... Yeh it's away from my space and the girls play area....I don't like the smell of waste...even if it is green waste

Now here are some pictures I had to share...yesterday when I came home from doing my grocery shopping it's like a feeding frenzy at the zoo...

my girls love to dive in and help put the shopping away..they grab it all out and try to put it in the fridge as that's were they think it goes...'in the the fridge'...not that tin of peaches.................................
I have to keep saying that it goes on the bench.........or in the cupboard or we end up with allsorts in the fridge...toothpaste or soap....

or even no 2 daughter is saying here.....' more for the fridge' ....oh no you don't... we have to laugh.....they love to unpack shopping.....and see what we have bought...Girls love all things shopping.......We are made that way..........homemakers....God created us to be homemakers....that means shopping as well...Lol

Now for another subject close to my heart...homeschooling... (I home schooled my boys for many years and loved it) anyway while visiting Coffee,Tea,Books and Me today there is a Giveaway...Please take a look...... this is a great blog to visit and be encouraged....

Enjoy some shopping this weekend!
Dawn x

September 09, 2008

Sunshine and stitching!

Spring has definitely arrived, the birds are chirping and happily collecting for their nest and the flowers are starting to bloom. I have had a few productive days, cooking and sewing. Sitting outside in the garden stitching while the girls have played...they have been quite glad to go 'side' as they say, playing on their trikes and running around the garden.
While looking for an easy cake to bake, I found this great recipe for chocolate coconut cake and it tastes just like a coconut rough for those of you who now what they are. So I have made one for us and a couple for the freezer.
1 cup of SR flour...
1 cup of coconut....
3/4 cup of sugar...
3/4 cup of milk...
2 Tblsp of cocoa

Mix well and bake in the oven (190 c) for about 45 -50 mins....this is so easy ...
then add chocolate icing and sprinkle with coconut...delish

Look what arrived in the mail yesterday.......My Pin Cushion of the month from
Quilt Fabric Delights... (see side bar to the left). I can't wait to start this one.....My mum love owls and hedgehogs so I might make it and add to her Christmas pressie. Can you see the little strawberry pin topper.....its a Pinks and Needles one and you get one in with the pin cushion each month...especially designed for that particular pin cushion...exciting.I have been able to finish a few things that needed to be done, a bag for a work colleagues daughter, a new friends daughter and a quilt off to the quilters to be machined ( I will show it to you when it is finished) and I have almost finished my Pay It Forward gifts - (sneak peek above) one is done and the other two will be finished tonight so I will post them tomorrow - look out for the mail, Pauline, Christy and Jo.
Have a great week.
Hugs to all
Dawn x

August 26, 2008

Winter is nearly over!

Winter is nearly over and spring is on its way...the mornings are getting brighter so September must be nearly here.... But for August, this has been a busy month for me,
a birthday to celebrate ...... I had yummy birthday cake and a glass of Bailey's

I had to take my no 1 son to work at 6am most mornings as his car is off the road for repairs for a little while. Although I love to be up early - I do not want be driving around......
here is a picture of one morning we encountered as we walked out the door,
it does look lovely and wasn't that chilly even though it looks like it.

Then for the last two weeks I have had to give my baby daughter (18 mths old) a nebuliser as she has had very bad bronchitis and had to have this every 3 hours to help her breathe..........and all through the night I haven't had much sleep......let alone try to stitch much..... she was so gorgeous though .....when she needed it she would grab me by the hand and walk me to the kitchen to give it to her.......
here is a pic of her having her nebuliser all by supervising of course as well as taking a
And to the sewing I have done......
I made this little cat bag for my God-daughter's birthday last week......and while I did I cut out a couple of them as they were so easy to do....
the pattern is The Owl and the Pussycat from 'Melly and Me', I think it is really to finish the others...

If you get a chance go and have a look here, Megan is a young designer in the making. Well Done Megan!
Have a wonderful week,
Dawn x x

August 04, 2008

Yummy Yummy homemade biscuits.

Last night after I had come home from work, cooked tea, the girls and I made some biscuits ( I actually made them, they just tried to help as best that a 1yo and a 2yo could)
Firstly we beat the sugar and butter.....
then we beat in the eggs and added the vanilla essence......
then we add the flour and cornflakes and chocolate chips............and stir, stir
then spoonfuls of mixture onto the tray.....

and into the oven to cook for 15 mins.....

Once they are cooked out of the oven they come, onto the cooling rack, yum yum the girls go and I have to try to explain to a distraught 2yo that they need to cool before she tries one............ but a drink and we wash hands, then they are cool enough to eat...yippee she says....

And I package some up as I need to post them to my bikkie swap partner

Today I posted them so they should arrive in a couple of days...and yummy yummy for us as we get to eat the leftovers. I so love to do these sort of things with my children, even when they are very little or big they love to get in the kitchen and cook.
Dawn x x

August 02, 2008

More pics from Loxton

As promised some more great pictures from my weekend away at Loxton.
Here is Gail and Leanne
and Georgette and Mel in the background just keeping an eye on things (he is Leanne's pal)
Julie and Danielle and I......

Julie with some of Gail Pan's beautiful Quilts in the background

Danielle and Viv ( Viv's creations - no blog yet?) with Anne in the background stitching away

I have some homework to finish - to date I have only completed 1 project 3 to go. I wonder who has finished any of their projects yet? Viv sent out a challenge to see if anyone could finish them within 3 weeks....maybe I can try, how about you?

Send me some pics or a link if you have finished some I know Lorraine has finished a couple, have a look here.
Have a great weekend and happy stitching.
Dawn x x

July 29, 2008

Loxton - It was great for 2008!

Loxton 2008..... What a weekend, truly relaxing, exciting and fun all rolled into one.I have unpacked finally and sort of come down off the high I have been on for the weekend. It has been the most enjoyable 3 days away, doing what I love to do sit and stitch and quilt,how relaxing and chat of course. I met some wonderful women from all over the place ( HI to Georgette, Sarah, Meagan, Danielle, Julie, Leanne) . The first day I arrived about 9.30am and Almond Grove was already a buzz with excitement....ladies with bags, fabric and sewing machines already setting up and looking forward to the next few days. there was 3 groups of tables and our group started with Rosalie Quinlan's "Sally" Doll. Rosie gave us great tips to get started and it was surprising how quick our dolls came them, stuff them like this then make the clothes, this is how to get your dolls head through her the face

then to paint there faces on... very very carefully....
thanks for the tips and the practical demo's Rosalie
here is Tiffany with her "Sally" doll almost half way,and she looked so groovy when she was completed (sorry no pics)
... in Tiffany's favorite colors..............

This is my "Sally" with her face painted, her shirt and pantaloons on........

Now for her hair and ribbons and her dress. I took the dress to my cabin( I stayed at the caravan park) that night to finish but did the most when I got home to Adelaide on Monday.This is my finished "Sally" doll and she is adorable, my 2 yo daughter wants to play with her now! And as my 1yo daughter wants her too I will have to make another one real quick.

On Saturday our group spent the day with Leanne Beasley.......making the "Loxton Vines Quilt" which was designed especially for this is Leanne speaking about it ( I know the pic is not the best but it is so hard to get Leanne standing still)it included raw edge applique and this comes together so nicely I was very amazed at how well it looks. I have only ever done raw edge on small projects but to do it on a large quilt it does look so good. I had bought some fabrics from home for a quilt for my son - he actually picked the fabric and the layout before I went and then all I had to do was choose the vine fabric, I did this with a little help from Leanne, I chose black vines and grey spots. I will post some pics when it is together.
Here is Tricia and Liz late on Saturday afternoon ( I say about 5.30pm) having a quiet one...
still all smiles ...
I will post some more in a couple of days as there are a lot of pictures to share.

Hugs to all....
Dawn x x

July 12, 2008

13 Sleeps to go and more fat 1/4 !

Only 13 sleeps till I go to Almond Grove Crafts for a stitching weekend with Leanne, Rosalie, Gail and Viv. I am so excited...... What will we be making I wonder?... These designers put in so much thought, to come up with a new design for us all to do....Can't wait!

Today at my work they had Fat Flats (Fat1/4) for $1 each if you purchased 10 so I bought 20I have a few things in mind for them but must finish off some urgent gifts first......I am trying to do first things first in regards to sewing....... I can get carried away, as I am an ideas person and get ideas in my head so easily ......... I put things aside to start a new thing and struggle to get back to it... so I will look at these for a little while.......and continue to finish some projects first.
Must go as I want to do some stitching before I go to bed...... and I have to work tomorrow so I can't be late to bed.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend,
Hugs to all
Dawn x x

July 05, 2008

PIF - almost done.

This week I have been working on my Pay It Forward gifts and so have no pictures to show of them - or I would spoil the surprise - they are almost done. I will show you a couple of the things I have made for my swap partners from recent swaps. The first was a real challenge for me - it was to do a quilty - which is a small quilt in a 6 1/2" square. I chose a 'once upon a time' theme and used an old doily that I had with ribbon, ric rac and buttons - sort of romantic looking.
And this is of a cushion I made for a prim swap I was in. It doesn't look that prim, as I tried to make it also shabby for my swap partner cos she likes shabby too. It does have raw edge appliqué on it and I like the look of that technique - sort of prim . I used an old doily for the underneath of the appliqué and added buttons, lace and crocheted flowers for the hearts on the corners. I was very pleased with the way they turned out, and I received lovely swap items back. sorry no pics as my camera is not working again.
I am in a couple of other swaps and find them really challenging and fun. I am in a teeny tiny swap and have to make a gift for a partner and be able to post it for only 50c - wow what can I make - I have an idea..........thinking, thinking....will show pics later.
I also am in a cornucopia swap and have found a lovely pattern... but first to finish my PIF gifts.

Have a lovely weekend wherever you may be in this wonderful world
Hugs to all,
Dawn x x

June 27, 2008

Oh Sew Busy

I have just sat down at my computer with this,
I know I shouldn't as I'm on a diet.... again... lol
but how could I resist when my son offered to make me a coffee and share some mini flans I bought for the boys... Yum

This week has been one of those mad weeks again, I seem to be having them lately. My eldest son moved home after a time away in a flat with a mate, he and his mate both realized that it is so expensive to live and save and pay for their cars while paying rent and bills. So mum and dad can now pay out I am so pleased though as I have missed him and am glad he has come home to save and get back on his feet. But to have some time to myself to sew and relax seems to be less.
There is hope on the horizon, my hubby and son no 2 are out to a shoot for Archery tomorrow and no 1 son has gone back to his flat to clean it out. So I am going to make some time when the girls have their nap to sew.

On Tuesday I was asked by my work if I could sew a quilt for the Quilt night they had and so I ran up this,

it is called American Centennial Quilt and you can download the free pattern here. I changed the layout and found that the size was not the same and obviously used a different fabric. The night went well and we had so much fun, I am really pleased that I could be involved as I usually work in a different dept.... you know how it is change is as good as a holiday.
Speaking of holidays I have only 4 weeks until I enjoy my mothers day pressie..... My husband and children blessed me so much and .......I am going to the weekend away at
Almond Grove Crafts.... A weekend with designers Leanne Beasley, Gail Pan, Rosalie Quinlan and Viv Robinson, I will be staying up in Loxton and for three days will be able to sew to my hearts content as well as be totally inspired by these wonderful designers. I am on countdown mode and am looking forward to it so much I keep pinching myself.
Happy stitching
Have a wonderful weekend
Dawn x