March 04, 2008

Fresh Ideas

As today is Tuesday and the day that my friends come over to chat and sew and chat and sew, I so look forward to it. It breaks up the week and pushes me along some weeks to try to at least finish a row or half of stitches on an unfinished project. I have nearly finished my wall hanging from Gail Pan, (Country Kitchen) just have the binding to do.We had a few show and tells, and this is so much fun to see how others interpret what they see. This so inspires me to get onto some of those ideas in my head and actually put them on paper and fabric ( maybe tomorrow).With lots of cups of tea and coffee and loads of chatting and laughter we go away for another week, until we meet again next Tuesday. Once everyone has gone I sit back with a smile on my face, delighting in the fact that we have met ,without quilting and stitching would we have ever met, we are all so different but have one common interest and this is what has bought us together, and for this I am truly privileged and thankful. I do hope you all have some common place to go and meet others and enjoy your craft.
Until next time Dawn

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