March 14, 2008

A Trip to Country Bumpkin

Today I went to visit a wonderful store 'Country Bumpkin' and was so delighted with all that I saw, amazing that its in my city only 25 mins away. Beautiful dress' for little girls and gorgeous projects to make. I was once again inspired to make something else, a new technique to learn, maybe even make a dress or two for my two beautiful girls. I did buy an A-Z of quilting book and a couple of variegated threads to use on a stitching project and some for a friend. Maybe I can take a stitching project to do on the weekend away that some friends from church and I are going on in a couple of weeks to a beach house at Aldinga - can't wait! Has anyone said to themselves that they will finish one of those projects that they had started and maybe they do, but then you see another one that delights you and you must do it, or am I alone in all this. I see lots of things I would love to do and just find that sometimes 24 hours are not enough, I suppose its trying to be organized so I fit in all the important things first. Reading my bible, spending quality time with my husband, more quality time with my 4 children, me time doing all those things I love to do - stitching, reading, catching up with friends then the things we have to do like washing cooking, cleaning, gardening,ect.
Till next time
Dawn x x x

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