March 31, 2008

A Time To Relax

Wow, have you ever been away for a few days with girlfriends and had a ball. Well that's exactly what I did, not that I don't love my family to pieces, but it was so good to just be ME for once and not be wife, mum, friend and everything else that I am. Time to relax and just attend my needs with cups of tea and yummy treats and sit and stitch and laugh and enjoy the tranquility of the ocean and the company of friends who where there to do the same, just be.......
I had achieved a huge amount of stitching while I was away, finishing a verse that I have on a new design I have done
and square No 1 on my new BOM design, this is so nice using the 'At Waters Edge' from Moda by Blackbird Designs.
I found it was so relaxing by the beach with a wonderful view from the balcony of the holiday house we stayed in. The weather was so nice, cool nights to snuggle up in bed with a glass of wine and a huge quilt and a good book, best of all I had the bed all to myself, no snoring from hubby..... lol... The days were spent just relaxing, we did go to a couple of Op shops in the next town............ the name said it all - we were there rummaging and finding all sorts of treasures and I picked up a lovely pair of tea light lamps, they match the colors I want in my dining area.
Hope that you all have some time to yourselves to RELAX and just be ........
till next time
God bless

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