April 29, 2008

On Tuesday which is one of my favorite days, I have a few friends come over to sew and we chat away. I actually got to do more sewing that day don't now why, maybe I talked less.Lol.............Must tell you, my eldest daughter says to one of my friends Judy, "come on sit, sit please" so she can sit next to her and play with her pins and cottons. We say we are training her to be a Quilter( at a young age - 2 and 1/2 yrs old),she so loves fabric and that already, and knows how to hold the pins without hurting herself.
Why not I started young with a love of fabric and stitching.
Wednesday has been uneventful with me just doing loads of housework.
On another note while blog surfing instead of sleeping, I stumbled onto Simplify and there is a giveaway, if you'd like to visit tell her I sent you.
Must sleep now,
Hugs to you

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Cottage Contessa said...

Hi Dawn! I found your pretty blog as I was blog surfing, noticed that you were from Australia too, and thought I'd pop over to say g'day! Lovely blog you have, I've really enjoyed my time here and will come back to visit again soon! Hope you're having a wonderful week!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)