June 27, 2008

Oh Sew Busy

I have just sat down at my computer with this,
I know I shouldn't as I'm on a diet.... again... lol
but how could I resist when my son offered to make me a coffee and share some mini flans I bought for the boys... Yum

This week has been one of those mad weeks again, I seem to be having them lately. My eldest son moved home after a time away in a flat with a mate, he and his mate both realized that it is so expensive to live and save and pay for their cars while paying rent and bills. So mum and dad can now pay out I am so pleased though as I have missed him and am glad he has come home to save and get back on his feet. But to have some time to myself to sew and relax seems to be less.
There is hope on the horizon, my hubby and son no 2 are out to a shoot for Archery tomorrow and no 1 son has gone back to his flat to clean it out. So I am going to make some time when the girls have their nap to sew.

On Tuesday I was asked by my work if I could sew a quilt for the Quilt night they had and so I ran up this,

it is called American Centennial Quilt and you can download the free pattern here. I changed the layout and found that the size was not the same and obviously used a different fabric. The night went well and we had so much fun, I am really pleased that I could be involved as I usually work in a different dept.... you know how it is change is as good as a holiday.
Speaking of holidays I have only 4 weeks until I enjoy my mothers day pressie..... My husband and children blessed me so much and .......I am going to the weekend away at
Almond Grove Crafts.... A weekend with designers Leanne Beasley, Gail Pan, Rosalie Quinlan and Viv Robinson, I will be staying up in Loxton and for three days will be able to sew to my hearts content as well as be totally inspired by these wonderful designers. I am on countdown mode and am looking forward to it so much I keep pinching myself.
Happy stitching
Have a wonderful weekend
Dawn x

June 16, 2008

With Thanks.

Thank you to all of you wonderful bloggers for the encouraging words on my little accident on Friday. It is so nice to know there are many who care.

A couple of weeks ago I brought some fabric and had intended the same day to make a pin cushion pattern I found on the net. Well as sometimes happens time gets away,I didn't make it on that day, but I did tonight and here it is

The pattern is called 'Homespun Hearts Pincushion' and is very straight forward to do and is free from
The Pattern Basket
Just click on the free quilt pattern button and it will appear, you could also check out Margot's other patterns while you are there.
I found that I made it in about 1 hour, actually it makes 2 and is a great gift idea. I will put one away until needed.
Until Next time,
Hugs to all,
Dawn x x

June 15, 2008

A little dream of sewing and an accident!

I was going to post on Friday and show you what I was going to finish the next day. Well all good plans sometimes get put on hold. In the afternoon while my babies were asleep I baked some muffins and planned the evening, sat down with a cup of coffee, notepad and pen.

My husband and son go to archery on a Friday night, so I plan to have a peaceful night and sew, uninterrupted. After tea the girls and I headed out to visit my dad and mum, hubby and son headed out after me to archery. I had to drop of the pressie for my new nephew ( see earlier post) and have a catch up with my mum as she is heading over to Perth to visit her new grandchild Gabriel and my brother and sister in law ( wish I could go too).
I came home about 7.30pm with the girls and as I opened the door.... oh no......SMOKE... burnt food kind of smoke.....lots of it...everywhere...Yak......I didn't panic too much but was a little worried where I would put the girls while I investigated, and before I rang the fire brigade. We do have a fire alarm with new batteries that does work... Well I put them on the couch near the front door told them to sit, as the 2 yo is saying Oh Oh moke moke.....and came into the Kitchen.... and can you believe it.... the oven was the culprit... smoke billowing from it and I new that I had turned it off when I had made those muffins......BUT my son had noticed that there was a tray with 3 uncooked muffins in it... and had put them into cook before we had all gone out and not told me.... thought he was helping ... They were now black rock muffins...Lol...and I had to air the house out and wash some fabric things that smelt to much...... cos he was out at archery......we had a cold evening... thankfully the bedrooms were not effected and after opening all the front windows and door and kitchen window...... I put the girls to sleep and then cleaned up... but did not sew a thing...
Ah well next Friday is nearly here and I will try to sew then.... I am going to attempt a skirt for the girls out of this..... and maybe a summer dress......

I will show you the end result when I finish them.
Until then,
Have a wonderful week,
Dawn x

June 12, 2008

A quick hello!

A quick hello to everyone, this is just a short post today as I am due at work in 1hr. I wanted to let 'cathicrafts','cottage contessa',and 'sonnja' know I have posted their prizes from my giveaway..... it should arrive soon I hope. I visited today 'quiltygal' and her best friend has joined us in blogland and she asked if we could visit and welcome her at 'ausrose', so I thought I would add this to my post as it is nice to welcome newcomers to this great world of Blog. I know I look forward to reading peoples blogs and comments. While you welcome her to blog you can also checkout Valerie's wonderful wedding dress quilt, it is a must to see.
Thanks for reading,
I will post tomorrow again,
Dawn x

June 09, 2008

I love to be beside the seaside.

Today was the Queens Holiday and my husband decided that he was going to take us to Brighton beach for a coffee. If you have ever visited our place in the NE foothills of Adelaide to Brighton it is about an hours drive on a good day. Brighton beach is well worth a visit, beautiful beach and delightful jetty, great coffee shops plus ..................wait for it................ a Quilt shop 'Patchwork By Sea'. Even though today I did not visit the quilt shop as it was family time, it is a shop well worth visiting. Great ladies, wonderful collections of fabrics and patterns and also a lovely quilt display for all to see.
We packed the car with coats ( in case of cold weather - it is winter here and breezy down by the sea), rubber boots, drinks, lunch for the girls and spare clothes and shoes and everything else I can fit in the car.....Lol....... just in case of emergencies ( I like to be prepared as I can stress if I am caught off guard). Then off we went, well the weather was kind to us, it was warmish-19 degrees C, slight sea breeze, sun shining and just delightful. We had coffee in a great café called CAFE ECT and then walked along the beach.
The girls and I had to look at all the shells on the shore as well as the approaching tide ( I actually think it was going out - even though I did get my shoes wet). I love to collect shells, so I showed the girls what to look for and then filled my pocket with different kinds of shells to bring home. We then put them in a jar at home and had a reminder of our outing to the beach. We walked quite away and had lots of fun, chasing the shore, paddling for the girls ( they were able to get their gumboots wet).
Our grown up son came with us for some family time and it was great to have him with us, we don't catch up often as he flats with a friend now.
On the way home we called into visit some dear friends of ours whom we had not been able to catch up with for a while and have another hot cuppa and lots of chatting. Dinner at home was takeaway Pizza....yummy... a hot cuppa and a hot bath afterwards, now the girls are tucked in their beds, snuggly asleep after a lovely day at the beach, hubby is relaxing on the coach, big boys watching the T.V.
I am about to sew some PIF gifts.............I will try to finish them this week and send them off.
Hope you all enjoyed your Queens birthday and if you did not have a holiday hope you had a wonderful weekend.
Hugs to all,
Dawn x x

June 05, 2008

Porch Party!

Today is the Porch Party that Rose Colored Glasses had organized through her blog, I had read about it on 'Vintage Lane Stitches'. Today I will find time to sit out the front of my home and enjoy a cup of tea, do a bit of stitching and dream of the type of porch I would like to have one day.
I have a photo for you all to see, it is a veranda style
with a garden quite close and plants
and of course a chair to sit on and stitch
and sew away.The tweeting ( is that a word)
of birds and of course a gentle breeze would be nice,
not to hot ( I hate the heat) maybe about 24 degrees C.
A cup of tea for all of you who can sit on a porch
and enjoy some time to stitch and sew.
Do visit 'Vintage Lane Stitches' and 'Rose Colored Glasses'
also visit the other porches today or even tomorrow
listed on their blogs, don't forget your 'Cup Of Tea'.
Quilty Hugs

June 01, 2008

We have WINNERs!

After much anticipation we have the first winner....................... yes you read right ......................
after the drum roll ( 16yr old son on a saucepan lid), my husband picked a Winner, then another , then another, we had so much fun picking winners.

cathicrafts is the 1st winner of the original goodies giveaway
then the 2nd winner is.............

the 3rd winner is..........

If you can email me your details I will send you the goodies under your name.
My email is up on the top left hand side .
Sorry the pictures are not that clear there are some hidden goodies, but I thought you'd like a sneak peak of what will be on it's way to you very shortly. I have so enjoyed reading all your comments and blogs, it is such a great feeling to do a giveaway I might just have to do another one soon. Maybe I will clean out my suitcases in the shed, not sure what's in them, do know that its crafty stuff, my hubby will be very pleased to have some space back.

This week has been very exciting, my brother and his wife had their baby. I have a new nephew Gabriel Francesco - and I am so excited to be an aunty again.For all of you interested in details he was 8 1/2lb and 3 1/2 weeks early ooh ahh, he was born by cesarean section, he is 52cm long and a real cutie. Can't wait to go and see him - he's in Perth. W. A - might need another holiday there real soon.............. Honey!!!!!

Yesterday I went to visit a local Quilt shop and had so much fun, looking touching feeling all the fabrics I came home with this....................

I have some ideas for a redwork stitchery for my mum

Today is the 1st of June....Lol, I know you all know that............. and it was our opening day for the bag swap I joined and I received this amazing bag from Donna.

Thankyou so much it is so beautiful, with the most perfect stitching on it. I do hope everyone in the swap liked their bags.
I know this has been a long post, if you are still here, thanks for stopping by.
Until next time,
Quilty Hugs to all