June 09, 2008

I love to be beside the seaside.

Today was the Queens Holiday and my husband decided that he was going to take us to Brighton beach for a coffee. If you have ever visited our place in the NE foothills of Adelaide to Brighton it is about an hours drive on a good day. Brighton beach is well worth a visit, beautiful beach and delightful jetty, great coffee shops plus ..................wait for it................ a Quilt shop 'Patchwork By Sea'. Even though today I did not visit the quilt shop as it was family time, it is a shop well worth visiting. Great ladies, wonderful collections of fabrics and patterns and also a lovely quilt display for all to see.
We packed the car with coats ( in case of cold weather - it is winter here and breezy down by the sea), rubber boots, drinks, lunch for the girls and spare clothes and shoes and everything else I can fit in the car.....Lol....... just in case of emergencies ( I like to be prepared as I can stress if I am caught off guard). Then off we went, well the weather was kind to us, it was warmish-19 degrees C, slight sea breeze, sun shining and just delightful. We had coffee in a great café called CAFE ECT and then walked along the beach.
The girls and I had to look at all the shells on the shore as well as the approaching tide ( I actually think it was going out - even though I did get my shoes wet). I love to collect shells, so I showed the girls what to look for and then filled my pocket with different kinds of shells to bring home. We then put them in a jar at home and had a reminder of our outing to the beach. We walked quite away and had lots of fun, chasing the shore, paddling for the girls ( they were able to get their gumboots wet).
Our grown up son came with us for some family time and it was great to have him with us, we don't catch up often as he flats with a friend now.
On the way home we called into visit some dear friends of ours whom we had not been able to catch up with for a while and have another hot cuppa and lots of chatting. Dinner at home was takeaway Pizza....yummy... a hot cuppa and a hot bath afterwards, now the girls are tucked in their beds, snuggly asleep after a lovely day at the beach, hubby is relaxing on the coach, big boys watching the T.V.
I am about to sew some PIF gifts.............I will try to finish them this week and send them off.
Hope you all enjoyed your Queens birthday and if you did not have a holiday hope you had a wonderful weekend.
Hugs to all,
Dawn x x


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great family day together Dawn. I visited patchwork by the sea just recently with a friend and we had some lunch in the cafe next door, it is a lovely place to visit.Have a great week

Rachel's Journal Pages said...

It actually looks like really nice weather - even though chilly. We spent the day at a park near us (Carisbrook Reserve) and even though it was chilly - since there was no breeze and there was plenty of sun, it felt lovely.
Glad you got to catch up with your eldest son for the day too - that's really special!
Love the photo, girls look like they had a ball!
Will need your advise on altering and hanging some curtains and since you are the expert on all things decorating - will be asking some valuable advise.