June 27, 2008

Oh Sew Busy

I have just sat down at my computer with this,
I know I shouldn't as I'm on a diet.... again... lol
but how could I resist when my son offered to make me a coffee and share some mini flans I bought for the boys... Yum

This week has been one of those mad weeks again, I seem to be having them lately. My eldest son moved home after a time away in a flat with a mate, he and his mate both realized that it is so expensive to live and save and pay for their cars while paying rent and bills. So mum and dad can now pay out I am so pleased though as I have missed him and am glad he has come home to save and get back on his feet. But to have some time to myself to sew and relax seems to be less.
There is hope on the horizon, my hubby and son no 2 are out to a shoot for Archery tomorrow and no 1 son has gone back to his flat to clean it out. So I am going to make some time when the girls have their nap to sew.

On Tuesday I was asked by my work if I could sew a quilt for the Quilt night they had and so I ran up this,

it is called American Centennial Quilt and you can download the free pattern here. I changed the layout and found that the size was not the same and obviously used a different fabric. The night went well and we had so much fun, I am really pleased that I could be involved as I usually work in a different dept.... you know how it is change is as good as a holiday.
Speaking of holidays I have only 4 weeks until I enjoy my mothers day pressie..... My husband and children blessed me so much and .......I am going to the weekend away at
Almond Grove Crafts.... A weekend with designers Leanne Beasley, Gail Pan, Rosalie Quinlan and Viv Robinson, I will be staying up in Loxton and for three days will be able to sew to my hearts content as well as be totally inspired by these wonderful designers. I am on countdown mode and am looking forward to it so much I keep pinching myself.
Happy stitching
Have a wonderful weekend
Dawn x


Suzanne said...

Wow did you make that quilt in one day. I know what you mean about the time for craft. I hope you get some sewing time tomorrow. Enjoy your weekend.

Anonymous said...

Great quilt!

Please say hello and thank you to Leanne and Rosalie from the mad Irish/American girl who emailed them for autographs on the books I got from them while DH was in Melbourne last week! Sounds like a wonderful thing to me, a weekend retreat for stitching!!!

Rachel's Journal Pages said...

You did so well to chuck that quilt together in record time! How exciting about your holiday coming up soon - you'll have the best 3 days of your life!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,
I can relate to not having much time to sew, I am a bit the same lately.Have a great time in Loxton.

Cottage Contessa said...

Dawn sweetie, you amaze me that you just 'ran this up' like it was nothing! Wow! It's very lovely, and I am happy that the night was such fun for you all! I hope you have an absolutely fantastic time away stitching & sewing, and don't forget to take your camera along too! Have a great week Dawn!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Unknown said...

Just wanted to say "Thankyou" for the lovely birthday wishes & I think your blog is great.... I wish I was as talented as you with my sewing, all I can do is mend things and even then I put it off for as long as I can....

Gail said...

Can't wait until the end of will be so much fun!!