June 12, 2008

A quick hello!

A quick hello to everyone, this is just a short post today as I am due at work in 1hr. I wanted to let 'cathicrafts','cottage contessa',and 'sonnja' know I have posted their prizes from my giveaway..... it should arrive soon I hope. I visited today 'quiltygal' and her best friend has joined us in blogland and she asked if we could visit and welcome her at 'ausrose', so I thought I would add this to my post as it is nice to welcome newcomers to this great world of Blog. I know I look forward to reading peoples blogs and comments. While you welcome her to blog you can also checkout Valerie's wonderful wedding dress quilt, it is a must to see.
Thanks for reading,
I will post tomorrow again,
Dawn x


quiltygal said...

Hi Dawn
Thanks for your nice comments on my blog & for the lovely ones for Ausrose...are you going to the biggest morning tea at Hetties Patch on sunday? if so might see you there

Unknown said...

Thanks Dawn...I love welcoming newcomers to blogland...I was that too not so long ago and it is really nice to get some comments. I will visit ausrose tonight for a little peek! Jo x

quiltygal said...

Oh thats a shame where do you work?

quiltygal said...

yes will have a cuppa for you .....would you also like me to have a piece of cake for you???or two no really it's fine I'm ok with that :)will take my camera & post pics

Rachel's Journal Pages said...

Hello to you too! Always love to read your posts... so where is your "I will post tomorrow again" post that you meant to get around to doing... since tomorrow was actaully yesterday now... (does that make sense??..)
Have a super relaxing (or exciting) weekend and see you at church tomorrow.

Suzanne said...

Every time I take a look on your blog, I want to start sewing. I am so addicted to your header.