June 01, 2008

We have WINNERs!

After much anticipation we have the first winner....................... yes you read right ......................
after the drum roll ( 16yr old son on a saucepan lid), my husband picked a Winner, then another , then another, we had so much fun picking winners.

cathicrafts is the 1st winner of the original goodies giveaway
then the 2nd winner is.............

the 3rd winner is..........

If you can email me your details I will send you the goodies under your name.
My email is up on the top left hand side .
Sorry the pictures are not that clear there are some hidden goodies, but I thought you'd like a sneak peak of what will be on it's way to you very shortly. I have so enjoyed reading all your comments and blogs, it is such a great feeling to do a giveaway I might just have to do another one soon. Maybe I will clean out my suitcases in the shed, not sure what's in them, do know that its crafty stuff, my hubby will be very pleased to have some space back.

This week has been very exciting, my brother and his wife had their baby. I have a new nephew Gabriel Francesco - and I am so excited to be an aunty again.For all of you interested in details he was 8 1/2lb and 3 1/2 weeks early ooh ahh, he was born by cesarean section, he is 52cm long and a real cutie. Can't wait to go and see him - he's in Perth. W. A - might need another holiday there real soon.............. Honey!!!!!

Yesterday I went to visit a local Quilt shop and had so much fun, looking touching feeling all the fabrics I came home with this....................

I have some ideas for a redwork stitchery for my mum

Today is the 1st of June....Lol, I know you all know that............. and it was our opening day for the bag swap I joined and I received this amazing bag from Donna.

Thankyou so much it is so beautiful, with the most perfect stitching on it. I do hope everyone in the swap liked their bags.
I know this has been a long post, if you are still here, thanks for stopping by.
Until next time,
Quilty Hugs to all


Rachel's Journal Pages said...

Hi Dawn, well I've created a very basic blog for myself. It's called Rachel's Journal Pages.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on becoming and auntie,what a cutie.Also congrats to those who won your giveaway and that bag is lovely you lucky girl.

Cottage Contessa said...

Congratulations on the birth of that beautiful new nephew of yours! He's adorable! I love, love that handbag you won in the swap, it's so lovely! Thank you too, very much for picking my name as a winner to your wonderful give away. I am so excited! Hugs for you Dawn sweetie!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Beertje Zonn said...

What a lovely baby! Congratulations!!1
Thanks for the 2nd prize.
Kind regards,

Sonnja & Beertje Zonn,
from the Netherlands

Rhonda said...

Hi Dawn,
Thanks for stopping by my blog, Doxies on My Quilt. Your name is in the drawing. Good luck!

BTW, Congrats on being a new auntie!