August 26, 2008

Winter is nearly over!

Winter is nearly over and spring is on its way...the mornings are getting brighter so September must be nearly here.... But for August, this has been a busy month for me,
a birthday to celebrate ...... I had yummy birthday cake and a glass of Bailey's

I had to take my no 1 son to work at 6am most mornings as his car is off the road for repairs for a little while. Although I love to be up early - I do not want be driving around......
here is a picture of one morning we encountered as we walked out the door,
it does look lovely and wasn't that chilly even though it looks like it.

Then for the last two weeks I have had to give my baby daughter (18 mths old) a nebuliser as she has had very bad bronchitis and had to have this every 3 hours to help her breathe..........and all through the night I haven't had much sleep......let alone try to stitch much..... she was so gorgeous though .....when she needed it she would grab me by the hand and walk me to the kitchen to give it to her.......
here is a pic of her having her nebuliser all by supervising of course as well as taking a
And to the sewing I have done......
I made this little cat bag for my God-daughter's birthday last week......and while I did I cut out a couple of them as they were so easy to do....
the pattern is The Owl and the Pussycat from 'Melly and Me', I think it is really to finish the others...

If you get a chance go and have a look here, Megan is a young designer in the making. Well Done Megan!
Have a wonderful week,
Dawn x x

August 04, 2008

Yummy Yummy homemade biscuits.

Last night after I had come home from work, cooked tea, the girls and I made some biscuits ( I actually made them, they just tried to help as best that a 1yo and a 2yo could)
Firstly we beat the sugar and butter.....
then we beat in the eggs and added the vanilla essence......
then we add the flour and cornflakes and chocolate chips............and stir, stir
then spoonfuls of mixture onto the tray.....

and into the oven to cook for 15 mins.....

Once they are cooked out of the oven they come, onto the cooling rack, yum yum the girls go and I have to try to explain to a distraught 2yo that they need to cool before she tries one............ but a drink and we wash hands, then they are cool enough to eat...yippee she says....

And I package some up as I need to post them to my bikkie swap partner

Today I posted them so they should arrive in a couple of days...and yummy yummy for us as we get to eat the leftovers. I so love to do these sort of things with my children, even when they are very little or big they love to get in the kitchen and cook.
Dawn x x

August 02, 2008

More pics from Loxton

As promised some more great pictures from my weekend away at Loxton.
Here is Gail and Leanne
and Georgette and Mel in the background just keeping an eye on things (he is Leanne's pal)
Julie and Danielle and I......

Julie with some of Gail Pan's beautiful Quilts in the background

Danielle and Viv ( Viv's creations - no blog yet?) with Anne in the background stitching away

I have some homework to finish - to date I have only completed 1 project 3 to go. I wonder who has finished any of their projects yet? Viv sent out a challenge to see if anyone could finish them within 3 weeks....maybe I can try, how about you?

Send me some pics or a link if you have finished some I know Lorraine has finished a couple, have a look here.
Have a great weekend and happy stitching.
Dawn x x