November 18, 2008

November...Goodbyes, Pageant and a finished Quilt

Time sure does go quickly...It's nearly Christmas and I am madly trying to finish some projects off, some will not get done until next year...I am running short of time...or I might have bitten off more than I could chew.
I have had a interesting month, a church camp at Victor Harbor which was fun, relaxing and hot...sorry no pictures.

a Christmas pageant which the girls loved...if you are ever in Adelaide in November the Christmas pageant is worth a visit, there is the large one in the city centre ( 200,00 people go to this one) and each council runs a smaller version which the kids still love and there are not as many crowds..below is a picture of the girls and I at the Tea Tree Gully pageant..the girls sat on the kerb with me and Nana for an hour waving madly to each float, car, or clown to go past...their reward was a balloon, some lollies and to see the jolly man himself...MR Christmas as they call much fun....and then home to bed...they slept really well that afternoon.

...I said Goodbye to my eldest baby( 22yo)...he has moved to Perth for work and I do so miss him and his laughter around the house, also his chatter...he loved to have a coffee and a chat. But he has to make his mark on the world...and felt Perth would be it for a while...he's loving his job and feels very settled..found some new friends and is finding his feet in a strange town. Blessings to you my darling... I love you heaps and am so proud of you.

I made this quilt a few years ago for Dan, he had picked the colors and design and I know he had thought it would never get quilted. I finally had it machine quilted in time for him to take it with him( I wasn't going to attempt that one by hand) is the first log cabin I have done and is will fit a king size bed and is probably the largest I will ever do...I actually sewed the label on the day he left on the was the last thing he packed in his car before we went to the train station.

I have also been doing some other things for Xmas but cannot show you just yet or will spoil the surprise for someone.
As I was blog surfing I came across this giveaway from an amazing designer with a heart of gold...have a visit and tell I sent you, go to Nov 10 post.
Hugs to all.
Dawn x