December 28, 2009

Gifts for others & myself revealed!

Hope you have had a lovely Christmas spending time with your family
and enjoying this festive time of year.
I thought I would share with you some of the gifts that I made for others
and myself....

1. A star biscuit Christmas Tree that I made for a lucky dip draw
It was given to one lucky lady that usually meet at my place
on a Tuesday... we had a lovely Christmas lunch together and had lots of fun.
We exchanged gifts - secret santa ones of course,
and also enjoy some very yummy food.

2. A bag I made for my Advent swap partner on the forum.
I actually did not swap with this lovely lady...
Trish was the angel to send to another and I sent the advent gifts to Trish
I really enjoyed making this bag.... a Moda Bakeshop pattern

3. Another bag from the Moda Bakeshop for another Advent swap partner
This time it was for Natalie....
I really enjoyed making this bag too and used a charm pack
'Objects of Desire'
beautiful colors and a great bag to use for shopping...

4. This is the reindeer that a dear friend Judy showed
us how to make at our Tuesday craft morning..
I finished this reindeer off and started another for next year..

I received some lovely gifts for Christmas from swap partners and
my darling family, also some beautiful gifts from very dear friends.
I will show them in the next post.
I hope you have enjoyed seeing what I had been sewing / cooking this last month
before Christmas for gifts...
Did you receive any handmade gifts?
Hugs and Blessings
Dawn x x x

December 24, 2009


It is almost 9pm on Christmas Eve and we are preparing for Christmas Day.....
the presents are wrapped and under the tree.........
the table is set ready for the morning......
DH is outside in the dark putting together a swing set for the girls......
I have just put the lollies on the gingerbread house and
will then get the cinnamon scrolls ready for baking in the morning......
the carols are on the TV and the candles are burning......
The girls before they went to bed sprinkled the reindeer food on the grass
and I have to draw the reindeer footprints outside on the concrete
driveway once it gets a bit later
( a tradition my neighbour started with her boys and now withmy children).....
the Christmas cake is iced and the trifle is made.....
I love the serenity of the Eve.... a calm waiting for the excitement of the day ahead....
The birth of Christ... a time to celebrate and reflect on what God has blessed us with.....
I want to say a BIG THANKYOU to you all
for a wonderful year of friendship....
your comments have blessed me so much
do drop by next year for a cuppa and a chat...
I have some wonderful things in store for you!

I want to wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year
Hugs and Sweet Blessings
Dawn x x x x

December 09, 2009


Snowflakes were at our house today!
handmade ones.....

Today the girls and I did some Christmas craft...
I had picked up these - do it yourself - decorations
from Spotlight a few weeks back and
today we decided to make them ....

Firstly we sorted the beads out into there order and size.....
then we had to concentrate while trying to feed the little beads onto the wire

the end result is 3 beautiful little snowflakes to hang on the Christmas tree
one each and one for a friend..........

Next we decorated some Christmas cards ourselves....
Gingerbread houses.... complete with lollies and little men... he he...
not edible though....LOL

Ooh I wonder who this is for...someone beginning with R
the special little person will get this in the mail next week..
so look out if your name begins with 'R'
and your little and sooo special...he he

Hope your having a wonderful week.
Don't forget there are some wonderful
Christmas advent ideas over here!

Hugs and Blessings
Dawn x x x

December 03, 2009

Bags, Fabric, Threads and a Magazine!

Here are some Itty Bitty Poochy bags
I made from the Moda Bake Shop for my daughters birthday party...
Lollie bags with little things in it for girls....
they look like a little handbag...
so quick and easy to make and they were a hit
you could make them in Christmas fabric for little gifts...might do that!

Yesterday I received my delivery from Hancocks of Paducah....
such yumminess and free postage
(join for newsletters and email notification of deals)
I purchased, 2 Rounerries charm packs, 2 Glace charm packs
2 Astor manor charm packs, 2 birdie charm packs ( so sweet for a new baby)
and also 1yd of Mill House in fabric...
plus some more things that I can't show, cos that is for Kris Kringle's..

Then today I went to Spotlight... for their sale....
I received in the mail a voucher for 40% off.. well sort of...
If you spend $100 you get $40 off the total...
that equates to 40 % off... I found it hard to stop at $100.
There was the new range of DMC veriegated threads in stock...
I bought 5 of the pearl ones... to try on some stitching designs coming up...
also I purchased some flat fats ( fat quarters) and some fabric,
some wool wadding and some ribbon flowers.

then I walked over to the newsagent and bought the latest
Homespun with a quilt in it by Kellie from Don't Look Now
and some other yummy designs..
I am going to sit outside in the sunshine with a cuppa
and read and browse and dream for a little while..

Enjoy your Day!
Hugs and Blessings
Dawn x x

November 28, 2009

I have been busy again... with birthdays

anniversary's, more birthdays and cooking cakes and more cakes...yum yum

stitching some little things for a party... I will show you in another post the finished result.

Avairy and Legacy
A little dreaming of some new sewing projects...
this is some of my fabric that came from 'Hancocks' when they had a free postage sale
a great way to get a bargain... it just took a few weeks to arrive.

some yummy Kaffe Fasset
I have been sewing my Chrissy swap items ( can't show atm... after christmas)
also some pressies too.. can't show them either.... sorry or else I will spoil the surprises...
Christmas is coming and real fast... must be age related as my DD are so excited and keep asking when is 'Mr Christmas' is too long for them to wait but for me too fast.... I am not finished my years goals and I need to make next years soon.....Lol

My girls know that we celebrate 'Christ's birth' and the fact is He came to earth to die for us (Easter)...
But all the commercialism is really annoying when there are people on earth that are struggling to even have a decent meal or clean water or even basic needs met.....

photo borrowed from Cathy's Blog

This is a picture of dear friends of mine Cathy, James and Christine( Baseco missionary) in the area of slums they are working in......James and Cathy took there family to Baseco, Manila to give/love/help/encourage/uplift/listen/pray for a nation/people/community that most of us would not even hear about... maybe only on the news.....and that brings me to an IDEA.... a design... that I will show you a peak of in a couple of weeks... I have drawn it and ordered some will be my contribution to the people who this Christmas will probably be without, I am only a stitcher/designer/mum who wants to make a difference to some people who have touched my heart... you can read about my friends who are making a difference bit by bit here and here
Keep a look out for 'A design for Baseco' my contribtion to a need... you can help too.
Hugs and Blessings...
Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends
Have a wonderful weekend.
Dawn x x x

November 18, 2009

Bannoffi Pie and 'No More Aphids'!

This is one of my favorite desserts...... Bannoffi pie....

and is so easy to make ....
if you like Banana Caramel Pie....
you will love this.
My Recipe:
Fill a shortcrust pie crust base with homemade custard
and then chill for 3 hours....
top with 2 banana's cut in rings.......
pour 'Top and Fill Caramel' over banana's
and the top with fresh wipped cream....
chill for another 2 hours
then sprinkle grated chocolate over this....
then EAT... yummy yummy.....
I think it's much nicer than banana caramel....have a try!

Aphids all gone..... did you try my Molasses trick.....
I took this photo about 5 days after I had given my Roses
a drink of molasses and the aphids flew away
and have not returned.....
my blooms have now all gone and are now trimmed
ready for the the next bloom...
Christmas time....
oh that is not to far away are you ready!
Pop over to Vikki's blog to check out some
gorgeous new patterns and a giveaway!
Have a lovely week.
Hugs and Blessings Dawn x x

November 16, 2009

Medallion Quilt and EGGnormous!

I thought you might like to see the medallion quilt
that I received back this last week....
I had made the centre square and then it travelled
around Australia for 10 ladies to each add a border....

In order of the border they added a big THANKS to
Judy, Roseanne,Trish, Natalie, Tina, Elly,
Carol, Trish,Deb, and Sam....
Thankyou ladies for the beautiful borders you made
and your collective effort has given me a gorgeous quilt........
Now to add a finishing touch to the plain border... (a stitchery)....
then I will be quilting look out fior the finished result!

Well I have never seen eggs this large..... When my neighbour came over to give me 1/2 dozen fresh farm eggs, I was astounded to see the size of them...
they would not fit in the carton....
we weighed them and they weighed in at 98gms each approx...
thats almost twice the size of a normal egg.....
amazing... poor chook... he he....
and yes they all were double yokers... and very yummy.....

Don't forget it's Monday and Vikki of Sew Useful designs
has created a yummy Christmas freebie
for you to download from the Among the Gum Trees blog today...
so check it out!
and don't forget to thank Vikki for it on her blog.
Have a wonderful week!
Hugs and Blessings
Dawn x x

November 09, 2009

Freebie Monday on Among The Gum Trees!

Have you been to visit 'Among the Gum Trees' yet....
pop in for a visit to get the freebie for this week....
this is the front...... and the back....

It is my turn and I hope you like it...

I have made it in two colors....
one for Christmas and one in Pink for a gift ...he he... my favorite color
You can make two as well, one for Christmas and one for a gift...
They are simply and can be made in a day...
I would love to see to your version of my cushion...
Please up load your finished photos to our Flicker Group soI can see them!
Happy Stitching.
Hugs Dawn x x

November 08, 2009

Sneak Peek!

Just a sneak peek at the freebie design tomorrow.... be sure to check ' Among the Gum Trees' for the free download and also if you have missed out check back as there are 5 beautiful designs to do in time for Christmas plus a couple of extra's on Joy's Blog
Hugs Dawn x x

Bussssy bussssy week... Warning LOOOONNNNG Post!

This week has been busssy busssy for me....
Monday- first thing was ballet with the girls, sewing at a friends house ( to use her you beaut sewing machine) then home for a visit from my DS's Grandparents. Then I had mum's group Dinner at a local restuarant....that was nice to get out and chat without the little 'words' asking for this or that...

Tuesday- Craft morning @ my place with Melbourne Cup lunch to share for everyone... that was so much fun... I won the sweep we had, with 'Shocking' coming in first. Then off to the post office to send something to a friend, then home again and out for another catch up with a friend.

Wednesday - DD no 1 started Pre -entry Kindy for the first time.... yes we had tears, that was a shock as she is quite independent..I stayed for a little while... while trying to let DD no 2 get to comfortable as we were not staying all the time...she cried as well cos we had to leave her sister there. The first thing they did was to have school photos taken and there she was in the front of them all looking a bit perplexed as to what on earth was going on...Lol...can't wait to see the picture of her look!
Couldn't have planned that if I tried... a professional school photo of your first day @ kindy...he he.
Here is the photo I took just before leaving home...
'Me and My Big Sister'

Thursday - I had looked forward to this day for a while.... my mum babysat while I went with a few friends to the 'Adelaide Craft fair'......lots of beautiful quilts to look at and such yummy fabrics to see and buy... lots of stalls to browse... it took us all day from 10.30am to 5pm ( we were asked to leave... he he) I was totally exhausted when I arrived home and so brain dead.... I did buy some yummy stuff though....
below is a photo of us enjoying lunch and a catch up with a forum buddie !

From left: Judy, Heather, Joy, Khristina, Roseanne.

Friday - Off to playgroup with the girls, I love going, it is a wonderful group of mums and kiddies and we have so much fun, this week we made masquerade masks, oh how much fun they have had with them they are with them on.....
Then off to lunch @ at a 'Rest a rant' as the girls called it with a dear friend for her birthday, then a "problem' struck.... my car broke down in 35 degrees heat, oh too hot, and we waited for an hour for the repairman to fix what we thought was the battery... we found out later that it wasn't the battery... after we purchased a new one....then I got organised for tea time....and DH of to Archery....

Saturday - was a little bit more relaxing, even though I needed to catch up on washing and all the normal stuff that needed doing to make the house more like a home not a dumping ground... he he......The afternoon was another scorcher 36 degrees again and once more we all went into the car to go shopping. But this time we did not get far, the car would not start no matter what my hubby did we did not go ... so two very dissappointed girls in tow, back into the cooler house... and me I went shopping alone. I did enjoy it but had two very upset littlies cos they couldn't get an icecream... our ritual when we go to the shops on a Saturday.
Today, have relaxed some and have caught up on all my self inflicated deadlines.he he
Hope you've had a brilliant day.
Look out tommorrow for my turn at 'Among the Gum Trees' freebie.
Hugs Dawn x x

October 26, 2009

Washing dishes...and Willow 2.

Ok.... I am all for kids helping do the dishes and they love it when they are little but how do you keep them intersted when they are teenagers... he he...
Here are my 2 DD doing their thing...Lol... How sweet are they?

Must scrub that tea cup clean...

now to smile at mummy throught the window... cheese!

Yesterday we did the dishes... the Tea Set ones of course... but beside half of the reservoir on the kitchen floor the girls had so much fun... they carefully washed and rinsed and dryed and then washed again and rinsed and dryed until the tea set was sparkling clean.
We then had a lovely tea party with some fresh Pumkin scones that Nana had sent around for us for morning tea....yummy...

Afternoon was time for mummy to do some more of Willow..after cutting out my flowers and birds
I then cut out about 98 leaves..

then I cut out the branches... and I happened to buy some of the same stripe that Kellie used....

then I assembled the front of the cushion to look like this....

I am very pleased with the look... now to do the raw edge applique and all the free motion quilting.
have you been to Kellie's blog to have a look at her new designs... Do so some yummy eye candy.

Now for a new free design from another Gum Tree Designer
I love this new design and will be filling mine with cinnamon and cloves to smell like Christmas...
be sure to thank Vicki on her blog...

Hugs and Sweet Blessings
Dawn x x

October 20, 2009

Amazing 'Dont Look Now' Workshop

So sorry it has taken me a few days to post about the amazing weekend I had at Hetties Patch... with Kellie from 'Dont Look Now'.
Thanks Kellie for teaching us some very valuable lessons and tips to make our sewing life easier...machine quilting was a thorn for me - not now that I understand how to get out of those tricky spots and when to stop and think, and restart....
From the moment I arrived I was excited.... not to say I wasn't before I went but once I was there it was just fantastic....
Big Thanks
to everyone who organised the event - Lorraine @ Hetties Patch had everything set up beautifully with lots of little touches that made the experience so like being at home... totally relaxing....there was some wonderful ladies who just helped us have a wonderful time...

Leannne - who made the wonderful name badges ( tutorial on her blog)

and the beautiful bags we received when we first arrived....( must say filled with goodies...)

Karen - who was there to help us feel so at home and bring some yummy cuppa's for us, make our time enjoyable ( and it was) and was such a help...
There were many other delightful ladies, serving lunch and in the shop cutting us fabric
One of the best things for me was I came home with something accomplished

A beautiful cushion (DS's girlfriends 17th birthday - which is today)
Only a half hour once I came home to put the back on the
beautiful practice cushion did you hear that.... it was only the practice.....LOL
Wow I am happy with my practicing...
I will definately be tackling some more of Kellies beautiful designs.
I bought a couple of her patterns home with practice on ... he he

Have you been to the Among The Gum Trees blog this week....
You can download Cheryl's delightful wall hanging

It is just lovely... reminds me of Christmas....
Oh that is not long away.... I had better get ready
Have a lovely week.
Hugs and Blessings
Dawn x x

October 15, 2009

No Sound, Willow and a Peak!

Today I have been very quiet....I have lost my voice... do you have it?... I sound like Bonnie Tyler... like another one of the gum nuts..Lol.....But I have had some time to do some sewing....I have almost finished my Christmas project for the 'Among The Gum Trees' blog... have you been visiting the blog to get your free designs each Monday and to catch up on the latest news.

Here is a sneak peak for a project I am working on... a little project... but very cute....any guesses?

This weekend I am going to be going to a workshop with Kellie from
' Don't Look Now'.

This is is just beautiful!
It is one of Kellie's latest designs and I will be attempting to do the project assigned,
I wonder if I can do it justice..LOL
Do you love to go to a quilting workshop?
I do... they are such fun... sometimes I finish the project as soon as I get home sometimes not... this one I have been wanting to go to for ages... I love the designs and the prospect of learning some new techniques.. oh fun fun fun...and in a beautiful quilt shop too...
With all that yummy fabric...oh just pure delight.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend
Hugs and Sweet blessings
Dawn x x

October 12, 2009

Freebie No2!

Its that time again, have you been over to
Among The Gum Trees
for your Freebie No 2

It is adorable and so so cute....well done Joy!
I love it and must make one too....
Don't forget to upload the photo's of your finished
project for us all to see
click here to add your picture.
Happy Stitching
Hugs and Many Blessings
Dawn x x

October 09, 2009

Molasses and Mail!

Today we did some well needed gardening.
Or at least a small effort towards a pretty garden.
We used this... Molasses.....
We added some to a bucket with hot water....
Filled it with cold water, to the brim and fed it to the roses... at the roots...

to get rid of these... pesky things...
..... Aphids....
They attach themselves to my roses and I don't like them

Now to wait for the roses to drink the molasses
Then the Aphids fly away... they don't like the sweetness of the leaves and rose buds.
After a couple of days...they dissappear.

While we are in the garden this came in the mail..
from 'Mothers Cupboard'
pure delight... some fat 1/4's, a new set of quilting pins,
Clover needles, Mouline threads, some 'Spring Garden' ohh yum yum yummy.
Oh I wonder what I can stitch with it....I know something like a spring garden maybe?

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Hugs and Blessings
Dawn x x x

October 05, 2009

1st Freebie!

Just a quick reminder that the first free design is available today from our blog
'Among the Gum Trees'
So have a visit and download your first freebie....and start stitching...

It is so beautiful and a great little project for gifts..
Judith has done a fabulous design.
Why not make a few... one for you and one for a friend... he he
Happy Stitching
Hugs and Blessings Dawn x x

October 01, 2009


Today is the day many of you wonderful commenters have been waiting for... me too...
I had over 600 comments for the giveaway and it was a delight to visit all of your blogs...
Yes I did over the last 2 weeks do a bit of blog surfing...
Some beautiful quilts, bags and wallhangings you have all made,
It was a delight to see and read a little bit about your life..
to all who entered.....


Lizzie @

Lizzie could you please email me with your snail mail details so I can get your lovely gift to you.

Now do not forget only 5 days till our


are released for you all to make.

Hugs and Blessings

Dawn x x

September 29, 2009

Treats and Avairy!

Have you been doing the Verandah Views BOM that Cheryl from Willowberry has been offering... well you must see the finished quilt it is divine.....
And while you are having a look pop down to Cheryl's post about her giveaway... to enter is easy...and look what you win....

2 x Willowberry Designs patterns - 'Christmas Treats' and the 'Sampler Embroidery Folder',

a bundle of gorgeous vintage print fabrics in muddy mauves and pinks, laces, buttons and other bits n pieces of mushy stuff that's just lovely to look at....

Your very own personalised needle book.... it's almost finished, just waiting for Cheryl to stitch your name on it :-) the little inset photo is the embroidered front panel.... and Cheryl's using her Aviary stash with you. That's pretty big you know...
cos everyone I know loves 'Aviary'. I have just ordered some more... he he..
Well almost everyone... he he he.

Hugs and Sweet Blessings
Dawn x x

September 28, 2009

Another Gum Tree Designers Giveaway!

Vikki one of my fellow Gum Tree Designers has an amazing giveaway at her place.. I would love to win. Go for a the button below to go over and enter before time runs out. Be quick.....

Hugs and Blessings
Dawn x x

September 27, 2009

Chocolate Cake anyone? +Tozz's Giveaway!

Today I thought you might like a peice of cake so I made some for you to have!

I am sharing my cake with you to download here.
I do hope you enjoy this Chocolate Cake stitchery design as much as I did making it.... Yumm ..Yumm.

Tozz is having a Giveaway.

There are 5 FQ’s in different prints and a little pin cushion she made, a Christmas table mat with cinnamon inside so that when a warm casserole is put on it, it lets off a lovely aroma ( she made this also). Also two Australian magazines and if I find some other things to add to it then I will put them in the bundle. So pop over Here to put your name in the draw for an amazing bundle of goodies.
Hugs and Blessings
Dawn x x