February 03, 2009

UFO Challenge and Giveaway!

Its February already. I have not done a lot of stitching but am attempting to get some things done that have been sitting as UFO's for such a while...and are crying out to be finished so I have made a pact with a friend to finish 1 UFO in between a new project.....So I hope to show at least 1 UFO then a new project finished each month this year... Some only need to be quilted or a button sewn on.......Sounds silly but I get sidetracked with a new stitchery or quilt and forget to get back to the last thing so it goes in a box and sits there calling out each time I open it to have a look for something. That's 11 projects to finish or should I say 22, as long as I finish the UFO and the new as well. Is anyone up for the challenge... Come on I am sure there are lots of UFO's in cupboards all around and lets make 2009 the year to finish some of them....

Leave a comment that you will join the challenge and I will enter you in to a draw for one of my UFO'S plus some goodies....Leave your comment before February 14th....Link this challenge on your blog and I will enter you twice....

My first UFO for 2009 along with a new project!

I have always wanted to do a Quilters Journal that Leanne Beasley had done for Homespun Magazine as a DVD. I collected the journal and lots of scrapbook stuff to do one but just never got to finish or even move from first base with it so...... I had joined a 'Medallion Round Robin...2009' quilt challenge through the Handmade Forum and it required a journal to be sent around with my center square so I made my journal to look similar to the one Leanne had taught on the DVD... and I am so pleased with the look and how much fun I have had, adding the embellishments and fabric....It really is something I think I will do with some more of my projects. I find it funny how sometimes I put off things to finish because I am challenged by them and think it is to difficult or will take to long so I don't move on and then when I do it is not like I had imagined, I finish it quite easily or quicker than I had thought...... For now my finished journal along with my center square is on it's journey around Australia for the challenge......A different person adds a border to my own center square....passing it on as they go. I also make a different border for the other ladies quilt centers and send it on, round and round. I can't wait to see it when it comes back early December. And see all the others quilts as they are passed on. Here it is before I sent it to the first of the ladies to attach a border. You can download the pattern here.

Have a wonderful week of stitching and sewing.....Remember to join the challenge..

Dawn x x