February 03, 2009

UFO Challenge and Giveaway!

Its February already. I have not done a lot of stitching but am attempting to get some things done that have been sitting as UFO's for such a while...and are crying out to be finished so I have made a pact with a friend to finish 1 UFO in between a new project.....So I hope to show at least 1 UFO then a new project finished each month this year... Some only need to be quilted or a button sewn on.......Sounds silly but I get sidetracked with a new stitchery or quilt and forget to get back to the last thing so it goes in a box and sits there calling out each time I open it to have a look for something. That's 11 projects to finish or should I say 22, as long as I finish the UFO and the new as well. Is anyone up for the challenge... Come on I am sure there are lots of UFO's in cupboards all around and lets make 2009 the year to finish some of them....

Leave a comment that you will join the challenge and I will enter you in to a draw for one of my UFO'S plus some goodies....Leave your comment before February 14th....Link this challenge on your blog and I will enter you twice....

My first UFO for 2009 along with a new project!

I have always wanted to do a Quilters Journal that Leanne Beasley had done for Homespun Magazine as a DVD. I collected the journal and lots of scrapbook stuff to do one but just never got to finish or even move from first base with it so...... I had joined a 'Medallion Round Robin...2009' quilt challenge through the Handmade Forum and it required a journal to be sent around with my center square so I made my journal to look similar to the one Leanne had taught on the DVD... and I am so pleased with the look and how much fun I have had, adding the embellishments and fabric....It really is something I think I will do with some more of my projects. I find it funny how sometimes I put off things to finish because I am challenged by them and think it is to difficult or will take to long so I don't move on and then when I do it is not like I had imagined, I finish it quite easily or quicker than I had thought...... For now my finished journal along with my center square is on it's journey around Australia for the challenge......A different person adds a border to my own center square....passing it on as they go. I also make a different border for the other ladies quilt centers and send it on, round and round. I can't wait to see it when it comes back early December. And see all the others quilts as they are passed on. Here it is before I sent it to the first of the ladies to attach a border. You can download the pattern here.

Have a wonderful week of stitching and sewing.....Remember to join the challenge..

Dawn x x


Leanne said...

Hi Dawn,
It is always good to have some finishes. It will be like getting an old friend back in Dec when your quilt returns.
Have you melted yet?

Anonymous said...

Sometimes my UFO's make me feel guilty but they are like old friends always ready to greet me when I enter my sewing room.

Good luck with finishing yours.

Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

MissyMack said...

Hi Dawn!
I love your journal, and that center for the medallion swap. It's so pretty! I can't wait to work on it, (I think I am doing your last border.)

As for the challenge....*umms and ahhs*...I have literally so many UFO's, so I mean, I really should sign up for this challenge, shouldn't I?? *umms a bit more* Ok, I'm in.....argh!

Nicky said...

It has been so nice to read about someone who is very near to me - so many other blogs I have found have been interstate or further away. I cant wait to read about your luck with UFO's perhaps you would like to see my progress I am already in another challenge but am making great progress. Please pop by my blog as I am sure you will enjoy my smocking

Cottage Contessa said...

Hi Dawn! Just wanted to stop by to say hi and wish you a lovely weekend. Lovely stitching as always too sweetie!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)