June 24, 2009

Today..... the mail I received some of this.... a gorgeous fabric for baby quilts

and I think I will make another one of these with it, just maybe in another color way... and all out of my fabric scraps that have just sat in my stash for a while...

(Sorry I didn't iron it b4 I took the picture)

And this is just a close up of one of the wonky blocks.
Now just to quilt it...I think all over stippling would look good don't you?
Now to make a few more of them to have just on hand in case somebody I know has a baby...
Hugs for you!
Dawn x

June 20, 2009


I have had an overwhelming response to my first pattern 'giveaway'........Thanks to all of you that commented....It really blessed me.....I have been to visit your blogs and now have another list of blogs to visit in my spare time. I had some great reading time visiting.
The winners are:

List Randomizer

There were 114 items in your list. Here they are in random order
  1. Dawn - commented on the May 31, 2009 12:20 PM - 1st prize ( great name....he he... I actually was shocked when your name came out friend and I just laughed as we watched it appear on the random thingy.....but must have meant to be)
  2. Terry - commented on the June 3, 2009 12:41 AM - 2nd prize
  3. Temiru -commented on the June 19, 2009 2:46 AM - 3rd prize
If you would like to email me with your snail mail addresses I will get your prizes in the mail this week.
I also would like to give to the first and last commenter a pattern as well ( Linda and anonymous - Ovul @ b'cos sometimes we can feel that 1st and last do not get picked.......please email me you snail mail addresses and I can send to you as well.

Have a lovely weekend
Hugs Dawn x

June 16, 2009

Bags, Bags, Bags and a Baby Quilt

When I look back at what I have achieved so far this year I am happy. I have had some finishes, maybe not all my UFO's but at least I have finished some things and helped a few others to finish theirs as well. Bags bags bags must be on the agenda this year and there seems to be a few of them....they say a girl cannot have to many bags don't they!
Firstly here is a bag that I made for Barbara in a swap I was in and so enjoyed making it.....there was no exact pattern, just borrowed a bit from one pattern and a bit from another and this is what ended up... I actually fell in love with it but thought one day I'll just make another one.

This is the bag that I received, I am spoilt or what? Not just a bag but a journal, a few skeins of DMC thread , a couple of hand made doillies ( I love them and have a special plan for them) and some suffolk puffs to match....Wow...thanks Barbara for being my swap partner....

These 2 bags are from 'Melly and Me' patterns. My mum needed 2 bags to take with her to Perth for my SIL's two neices( her Brothers girls) does that make them related to me? unsure of that hey.....If you want to make a fun bag for a little girl then one of these are the go.....they come together so well, and I have made 3 of the purple style one so far.......1 with a stitchery front like the pattern said and 2 without stitchery and they all turn out so nice..... the cat bag comes in a pattern with an 'Owl and a Pussycat' and is another favorite one to make....especially for little girls birthdays....

A Baby quilt with a difference, I can't put claim to this, my Aunt Janet made this for her great grandaughter 'Chelsea'. Sorry the pic is a bit blurry..........every 2nd square is a cross stitch of Beatrix Potter characters and the last one a teddy bear. The fabric she bought online, and is a Beatrix Potter green and looked so lovely next to the cross stitches. My Aunt was the lady whom I used to sit with when I was little and watch her sew and sew. I so wanted to have a go of her machine but was afraid to ask and years later I am helping her to quilt.....funny how things turn around....I must admit I don't have to show her much just a few tricks and she's off.....stitching away like she used too..... and what a great job she does.......

Hope you have a wonderful week and get to do something that you love....for me spending time with my family and sewing.

P.S. don't forget to enter a comment on my giveaway on my last post for your chance to win.
Hugs Dawn x