September 09, 2009

Charms, Jelly rolls and Handmade Home!

I got mail today! And I am excited!
I had ordered from Soule Mama this book and it is so beautiful.... Amanda even signed it as well... I have had a flick through and can't wait for a day real soon when I can sit in my chair with a lovely cuppa and read and read and read some more... and get totally lost in it......... and not be disturbed for a little while.

Oh I just love new fabric, the feel, the smell and love to imagine what it will become of this.
The 2nd parcel was this from the Fat Quarter Shop....... I ordered some Moda Charms..... Astor Manor and Mill House Inn... also a Wonderland Honey Bun ....and a Legacy Jelly Roll.... I am excited and have a few things to finish before I start to sew with these but I can look at them for a little while and dream.....

There was 3 parcels but in the 3rd was fabric for a couple of friends from Fat Quarter Shop.....I wish it was for me as the fabric they chose was delightful........ We had decided to share on the postage costs, but I am sure we will order again.

You might have noticed the time counter on my sidebar..... well I am keeping a secret and can't reveal any details yet. It is something exciting, a real surprise and you will be delighted so check back soon and all will be revealed!

Hugs and Blessings

Dawn x x


Judith Tetley said...

Hi Dawn...just popped by to say hello. The book looks "very interesting" us some delicious pages won't you.
Love the fabric, I'm waiting on some from Shabby Fabrics USA at the moment...very excited at the prospect.
Many Blessings

Joy said...

Oooh, Dawn those fabrics look delish!! We have very similar taste in fabric he he ... I'm waiting for my Mill House Inns too - isn't it just gorgeous!?!
Secrets can be such fun!!!
Joy :o)

Vicki ♥ said...

Dawn I love your choices and I can imagine how excited you are...I love new fabric and sitting there just looking at it and thinking what I am going to do with it :) Heaven.

Lucky-1 said...

Oh oh oh ...... my goodness I can't wait until next Tuesday, then a can hold, pet and stroke my 2 charm packs I ordered.:)

Take care of my babies:D