December 31, 2010

Sew have you finished it!

 How is your Sewing projects from this year going...
 Are they gone?
Have you finished all those items that you wanted to do
Well I can answer that for me NO NO NO NO
 I had big plans but I saw another item..LOL
that I just had to make and I almost made it and.....
 I put all my other UFO's on the back burner again...
 Are you like that????
Always trying to finish but 
something else catches your eye that you have to make,
 and the cycle starts again... 
almost finish it then another one... so on and so on
 Wendy and I had been chatting about trying to finish our UFO's
 and having a challenge...
 Well here's the challenge
 Make a list and Prioritise the items...
 Umm... maybe?
 But we thought as a way of encouraging one another 
we would start a BLOG for those who want to join us.
We have called it
'Sew its Finished'
 2011 UFO Challenge.
 and if you leave a comment here or on Wendy's blog
 and we'll email you with the details.
 You will need to be able to do blog posts
 so an idea of blogging would be good!

 The blog is open to the first 100 people.
 More can join in, but you will only go on to a blog roll
 and  not be able to do posts on our new blog of your finishes.
 Sorry this is a blogger rule not ours...
 Have a think??? Do you want to finish some UFO's
and have some help and encouragment along the way.
 Start writing that list.

 Then come join us in this challenge!

 Happy New Year
 Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs
 Dawn x x x

December 29, 2010

Pretty Pinny's....

As you may have read in Blogland we Gum Tree girls had an Apron swap...
 It was so much fun...  I made one for Judith...

It is a half pinny, which tied in a bow up front...
 In romantic roses with some frills,
 and a little ric- rac too..
And Joy made one for me...

Its adorable with a vintage button on the pocket...
 and its in my favorite colors pink and green...
 I love to wear a pinny as it reminds me of me Granny...
 Oh how I loved the times with Granny cooking....

 Speaking of Granny's....
Photo from google images.

 I have some sweet NEWS... such wonderful news really....
 I am going to be a granny.. twice next year..LOL
 My sons and their wives are expecting babies...
 If anyone can think of a granny name
thats sounds young I need it... desperately...he he
 Cos it makes me feel old thinking of being one...LOL
 And I am really young.. he he
 Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs
 Dawn x x x

December 26, 2010

SSCS surprise!

I was so blessed by my SSCS swap partner Sharon
who had sent me these wonderful gifts.
 I was allowed to open the ornie when it came..
 She is hanging on my tree.
 No peeking for me in the one for the 25th though,
 even if I was tempted with the
bright yellow fabric that Sharon wapped my pressie in.
 I still waited and waited... not to long though.
 BUT I wanted the surprise to be on the day
 as I don't get many surprises.
 I opened  my parcel like we were told on Christmas day.. he he
And a lovely surprise it was.
It was this gorgeous bag filled with little presents.
 Look at this amazing bag with loads of pockets for stuff...LOL

 Goodies of all kinds were inside...
a notebook with notecards and envelopes to match,
 a packet of Thangles....can't wait to use these.
 a pack of cards with quilt patterns on them, a beautiful brooch,
and a pack of needles...(I always need these)...
 Thanks Sharon for my gorgeous bag filled with goodies
and my angel decoration hanging on my tree.
 And Thanks Chookyblue for all the organizing you have done.
 What special gifts did you receive this Christmas???

 Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs
Dawn x x x x

December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas All!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas
May you be blessed this season...
Stay safe, have fun, relax and enjoy yourselves.
Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs 
Dawn x x x

December 24, 2010

Christmas Blessings to You!

Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all my blogging friends
 I have had a busy year and having all your 
comments and words of encouragment
have been a blessing to me.
May you be blessed this Season
 with Friends, Family and Love.
 Celebrate Jesus by sharing His love
with those you meet. 
Do you have a moment to listen to this????
You'll enjoy the experience of these beautiful voices..
Christmas Hugs
 Dawn x x x x

Christmas baking.... SSCS = Presents.

Have you been busy this week????
We have done the usual baking
that I love to do at Christmas.
 As well as some new recipes too.
 The girls and I made gingerbread men...
  A great packet mix that I discovered in the supermarket.
 No fuss to make. and the girls had fun baking them.
eating lots of them too.
 We also made Rocky road Christmas trees, 
and reindeer biscuits. These I saw on here
 Thanks Leanne for sharing your family fun.
 We too had lots of fun making these biscuits to eat.

My SSCS that was organized by Chookyblue arrived this week.
I was so excited and opened the big box and 
inside were two parcels with notes on them
One said 'Open Now'... I did!
Oh a gorgeous handmade angel ornie for my tree...
 and the main gift is for Christmas day...
 Can't wait to see what is in the brightly packaged parcel.
 Thank you Sharon for being my Secret Santa!
 Have you been busy this week????
 Only two more sleeps to go till Christmas day
 and my girls are getting excited.
 So am I!
 Are you????
On the sewing front I have only one gift to finish
doing the binding on and then I am done.
 Maybe over the Christmas break
I can do some stitching on a few UFO's
 before the New Year.
 I said only 'Maybe'..LOL

Sweet Christmas Hugs 
Dawn x x x x

December 19, 2010

Partying with Sew Prim Khris....and My Little Angels

Friday was Khris's Christmas party....
I had an absolute ball. Have you met Khris???...
She is such a sweetheart...
 A wonderful person who makes you
feel like your special and important.
 I am so glad we have become friends,
 and all because of Blogging.
 There were 8 ladies who all share the love of sewing.
 We all do different crafts but unite to chat and
enjoy each others company but especially Khris's.
 We played some funny games and ate lots of yummy food.
Here are some of the pressies.
 I came home blessed with some amazing Christmas gifts...
 Below is a bag kit I won.... Khris's sling bag.
 I can't wait to make this... so fresh and chic...
 Khris and I are going to make it together
 I may make a couple of them for my gift box too.
It's a wonderful bag and is so simple to make
  Purchase a pattern from Khris HERE
This is also a covered Phone book for all my address'
 that Khris also made and gave to me... so cute and Pink.
I love it and have it next to my telephone
waiting for some spare time to fill it out.

 Now today is Sunday and we had our Christmas Service at Church
 My girls were two little Angels in the Christmas play and
I think they looked adorable. So cute and Angelic...
UNTIL they had to wait for 30 minutes on stage with nothing to do
only look like Angels...while we all sang Carols..
Well they poked out there tongues
 waved profusely to Nana and a few of them
decided to pull the tinsel of their wings.
 Then they decided the songs were a bit boppy and
then they swayed to the music..and danced a bit....
 It was so funny.
 We all were trying not to laugh... but it was so so funny...
 Aren't Kids so cute even when they
 don't do what they are supposed too....
My two Angels.... LOL

 Sweet Christmas Hugs
Dawn x x x

December 18, 2010

Frosty Flakes PARADE.

My Frosty Flakes Parade....

 Here are the ones  below that I have been sent so far
and I am sure you'll agree they all look fabulous...
 First up are the ones completed so far by Truus...

Shirley sent these to me to show
 what her 79yo Mum Truus had made...
 amazing and I am so glad she liked them.
Doris in Germany made this one above... Love the red and green.

And this above is from Natitxu
isn't it lovely and with it's blue borders
 and colorful snowflake blocks

Malen made this beautiful version above...

Veronica in Argentina made this
gorgeous icy blue Frosty Flakes..( above)

 And here's what Cyndi has made from my patterns and some..
added a bit of her own creative licence and Wow..
 Have a visit of Cyndi's blog HERE she has loads of
 free designs to download for Christmas and lots of inspiration.

 I have been visiting Flckr this morning perusing all the
 Frosty Flakes BOM's & Blocks
They look fabulous have a visit HERE.

Hope you have enjoyed all the
Frosty Flakes completed so far.
 How is yours coming along???

You can still download it above if you want to make it.

 Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs
 Dawn x x x

December 17, 2010

Candy Cane Cookies!

Yum Yum.... I just love Candy canes... that subtle peppermint taste.
 I decided to make some Cookies and 
decorated them with icing and Candy Canes...
 They turned out yummy.

 Here's the recipe so you can try too...
Makes about 30 cookies.

Candy Cane Cookies!
Preheat oven to 180C or (160C - fan forced)
 250grams of softened butter.
 3/4 cup of castor sugar
1 egg
2 1/2cups plain flour (sifted)
Icing sugar for decoration
 Crushed candy canes for decoration.
 Line baking trays with baking paper.
Beat butter, castor sugar and egg together.
Stir in flour with a wooden spoon.
 Knead mixture on a floured board gently
Pop in the fridge for 15 mins
( no longer or mixture will set to hard)
 Take tablespoons full and roll into little balls.
 place on tray as you do each one...
 Press gently each ball with the base of a floured glass
( this flattens them nicely)
 Bake in  the oven for 12 -15mins
until they start to look a little browned
( do not overcook as it spoils the look)
Cool cookies on trays then transfer to rack.
 Mix a water with the icing sugar
( 1 TBSP water to 6 TBSP icing)
add more water if not runny enough
 Drizzle icing over cooled cookies and then sprinkle
 with crushed Candy canes.
 Then let icing set...
Unless you can't wait and need to try them out...

or use your favorite cookie recipe and add the topping...
makes Cookies look Christmassy.
 Hugs Dawn x x x

December 16, 2010

12 days of Christmas!

Yesterday we had Our Sewing Group's Christmas Luncheon...
 And lunch on we did....yum many yummy foods to eat.
Also we exchanged secret santa gifts... wow
BUT As part of our Christmas gifts to each
other this year it was decided the we would use the
'Twelve days of Christmas' as the theme for our gift giving,
 throughout the year
 We each pulled a name from the basket each month
and bought a gift for that person
based on whichever month it was.
Eg:...'On the first day of Christmas
my true love gave to me a partridge in a pear tree'.
 the gifts that were given ranged from a Pear pincushion, 
a stitchery of a bird in a tree, and a one stack of Lavender sachets.

 We had so much fun, laughing and enjoying each others company.
 and all had wonderful gifts. We were truly spoilt by each other.

These 5 adorable Angels had 5 golden ringed buttons on them.

wall hanging, stencils, trivet and tin of sewing items.

Coasters, trim, Sketch pad, 2011 calender
Christmas tin (with ribbons and a lace bell - not shown)
 and my Secret Santa gift was
an adorable Christmas cake slice and cheese knife set.
 Thank you Judy, Khris, Lucky, Heather, Veronica, Joy and J..
our times together are simply wonderful!
I so look forward to you all coming over to sew and chat,
my life is fulfilled because of you all.
 We had an absolute Ball... the bestest day.. he he

 Have you had your Christmas break up too???
 Hope you also had the bestest time too.....

 Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs
Dawn x x x

P.S. Tomorrow I want to share with you a yummy recipe or two!
 AND I am doing a 'Frosty Flakes' Parade on Saturday
showing all the completed 'Frosty Flakes wall ahngings'
so if you want me to parade it
 email me the photo so I can.
 I already have a few, thanks ladies.

December 12, 2010

More goodies in the mail!

Like I said yesterday lots
came in the mail this last few weeks.
 Firstly was a gorgoeous Little Encouragment Gift
( an embroidered door hanger/book mark)
with a card from my dear friend Jenny
then came a Layer Cake of PURE
 Just gorgeous for making a belated Wedding Quilt
 It is for my Son who recently got married.
 I was so unsure of what fabric to use until I saw this... just perfect
 And what design?????
 I think I will do another Schnibbles quilt..
they come together so quickly.
 And the fabric colors are perfect for a couple
 who wanted browns, beige and blues...
In their new home.

I then received this box of threads....
 Have you heard of Wonderfil????
 I discovered them at the Machine Quilters extravaganza...
 Barrie ( NZ distributer)was there with these amazing threads.
 They are called 'Fruiti' and are a 12ply variegated thread.
 just prefect for machine blanket stitch
 and other decorative stitches.
 I can't wait to start using them...
I have the perfect quilt to use them on
 But first I must quilt a friends quilt for her today!..LOL
 Happy Stitching
 Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs
Dawn x x x

December 11, 2010

Christmas Surprises in the Mail!

This week in the mail came my swap 
Christmas Pressie from Anita.
 I was so surprised when I opened it to find in there
 a gorgeous table runner in my Favorite Fig Tree fabrics.

 Its just so lovely... Love the stars.
Love the fabrics... (have I said that)..LOL
 Love everything about it.....
  Also there was some other goodies.
 Cookie Cutters, decoration for my tree. Red Ric Rac..
 Four fat quarters of Rural Jardin fabric ( fabulous)
 Rudolph nose tags, keyring, chocolate candles.
 I was truly spoilt.
 Thanks Anita for being my swap partner.

 Back tomorrow with some more goodies
 that came this last week... Posty was super busy.. he he
 Happy Sewing
Sweet Hugs
 Dawn x x x

December 10, 2010

Get your bits and bobs ready!

Do you have lots of favorite buttons and charms?
 Lace and ric rac? Ribbons and bows? All waiting to be used
 Do you have a lovely Honey Bun sitting on a shelf?
 I know we had some gorgeous trims, ect and wanted to use them.
Now you can join both Vicki and myself and use them too.
We have been secretly making a new BOM
for you to download FREE next year
 We have called it 
'Out of The Box' BOM -2011
And all you need is a Honey Bun
(at least half of one) with 25cm (10") background fabric,
 some of those favorite buttons, ribbons ect 
and a few stitchery threads,
all from out of your sewing box, tin ect..
 We will be giving Free each month
 4 stitchery designs each
( 4 from me and 4 from Vicki
for you to download and use
in your own personally arranged BOM.

You can use this button on your blog.

 Where you place the designs
and how many you use on your mini quilt is up to you.
 Vicki and I are so excited to be sharing these designs with you.
 There are 9 blocks each with 4 stitchery designs, in the completed pattern
 You get the choice of 8 designs each month to use.
 Thats 72 stitchery designs to use.
 Just download the first 8 designs on the 5th January
 and then the every 1st of the month after that.
 NOW is the time to 'gather your goodies'
 and start collecting, ready for start on the 5th January.
 We also will be having little Givaways throughout the BOM
so make sure you join the Flckr group in January and
also post about it on your blog...

Happy Gathering.
 Sweet Cinnamony Hugs
Dawn x x x

November 30, 2010

Family Birthdays

November is a BIG month for us as a family.
 We have four Birthdays to celebrate.

  No 1 Son's birthday was actually on No 2 Son's Wedding day. 
 Family tradition thing... marry on the brothers birthday.... LOL
 I married on my brothers birthday
my Mum married my Dad on her brothers 21st birthday.
This just happened and was not thought 
about till after this last wedding....

 Then the very next week we had Miss J's 5th birthday
 and Our Wedding Anniversary.
 Followed the very next day by my DH's birthday 
and my new DIL's birthday.
 So we had lots to celebrate.
 So much fun....and lots of CAKE.
 Hope December is a bit queiter but I don't think it will be
 with parties and dinners to celebrate.
 Have you got lots planned?????
 Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs
 Dawn x x x

November 26, 2010

SSCS posted ....

 Today ( 25.11.10) I posted my SSCS swap parcel....

 and its winging its way to..... he he
 I do hope they like it....
 I had lots of fun making the pressies for my swap partner.
 Thanks Chookyblue for organizing this swap.
 Now I need to finish another little
very late pressie for a faraway friend.
 I'm on a roll......
 Happy Stitching

 Hugs Dawn x x x

November 20, 2010

Cross stitches from friends!

   Chookyblue is having the Cross-Stitch Display Part 2.
As I don't have any to show of the ones 
I have completed over the years 
( they have been given as gifts)
 But wanted to show this to you.
 My neighbour Lesley made this  about 16 years ago 
for her little boy (he is now 16yo)
Sorry it's blurred.
I have the pattern and she stitched it in 10 days
 at night while  we were watching the Olympics.
  An amazing feat... I am sure at that Olympics
 we swan and rowed every stroke for the Aussies
 As well stitched...LOL
 I am so amazed and  it will eventually
adorn one of her Granchilds wall....One Day!
 Gorgeous little rabbits all doing a different occupations.
  And this last Cross Stitch is a favorite and hangs in my kitchen.
 It is filled with  homegrown lavender and
was made esp for me by my Faraway Friend Angela..
Hopwe youv'e liked this little display
 Be sure to pop over to Chookyblue's blog
for the list of those that are participating again.
 Have a nice weekend.
 Hugs and  Blessings
 Dawn x x x

November 15, 2010

No 2 Son's wedding.

Here are some photos from my darling no 2 Son's Wedding
 Isn't he just adorable, but I am biased... he he
 Both my Son's made me so proud on their wedding days
 Perfect gentleman...Totally in love and I know
 that they will make wonderful husbands.
 The happy couple....
My wonderful precious kids.
 I love them so much 
and they love each other too, 
which is what every parent wants to happen.
 And to see them take their wedding vows 
with their true love
is a wonderful moment to cherish.
Brothers....always and forever.
 Aren't they just so handsome.
Sisters and flower girls again... so so beautiful!
 My neighbour made their headpeices and I made their
 baskets. Tied them with ribbon from a dear friend Angela
 and filled them with rose petals from my garden, 
and a few from my neighbours garden.
 Hope you've liked the little look at our family.
 Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs
 Dawn x x

November 13, 2010

Cross Stitch Loves.

  Chookyblue put out the challenge of having a
Cross Stitch Display and here is mine to show you.
 I made this myself many many years ago. 
It is a favorite of mine.
A mother chook with her chick and basket of eggs.
 I had it framed professionally and glad I did.
 It sits on my dresser now, but used to be on my kitchen wall.
I have done a few cross stitches over the years
 and given most of them away as gifts.
It's very therapeutic sitting cross stitching,
very much like quilting. 
I just seem to have more time for quilting lately.

Want to see more ladies
displaying there Cross Stitches. 
Chookyblue has a list on her blog.

  Have a wonderful weekend.
 I am off to a wedding in a few hours.
 My no 2 Son's getting married today.

 Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs 
Dawn x x x