January 26, 2010

A Quilt Shop visit and a Purple Heart!

On Saturday my friend and I went to visit Hetties Patch.
I purchased some fabrics for my stash
Stripes...I love stripes, they look so yummy.
Plus a charm pack of squares...'Garden Party'
by Blackbird Designs for Moda...
I am thinking of making a bag for a friend.

My mum's Purple Heart Quilt.
My darling mum can cook the most wonderful meals...
she can make even the simplest of foods turn out to be first class ...
and I love to eat over at my parents place.
As I grew up I realised that I didn't have my mums cooking skills...
not even a little bit..
it takes me forever to make something, so
quick and easy is the go for me when it comes to food.
But sewing or quilting or anything craft I can do.

Once my mum retired and I taught her to quilt...
she took to it like a duck to she sews more than I do.
A few days ago she came over to show me her Purple Heart quilt..
It is a mixture of patterns from all over the place.
Mum used lots of techniques in making this
and quitled it herself too.
I am so proud, it looks so wonderful.
Well done Mum...I love you!

Has a family member inspired you to quilt or sew,
or have you inspired others to do the same?

Hugs and Blessings
Dawn x x x


retdairyqueen said...

Well done Mum It's lovely
I seem to be the only crafty one in my family

Maria said...

Mum's quilt is beautiful and how wonderful she quilted it herself too.Great work.
My Mum also taught me to sew but she was not a quilter.I taught my DD2to sew and we are both showing her daughter,my grandaughter.

Enga Krahmer said...

mum's Purple Heart Quilt - is soooo beautiful
very loving greeting from Germany

Denise :) said...

Sweet! I was working with stripes yesterday, banging my head up against the wall! LOL! The Purple Heart Quilt is very lovely! Way to go for your mum!

Allie said...

Love the fabric Dawn, and your mum's quilt is too beautiful!!!! How wonderful that you taught her. Nobody in my family sewed [well, my mum made me some Stretch 'n Sew clothes when I was young, blech] but my girlfriend's mum, who is like my own mum to me, showed me what to do when I became interested. She teases that I'm the only one of her kids that sews!

Joy said...

Ooooh your Mum's Purple Hearts is just FABULOUS, WOW!!!!!!
My Mum is an incredible knitter and my Dad was great with wood, he could make just about anything ... but I'm the only sewer.
Joy :o) *mwah*

Annie Bee said...

What a beautiful quilt made by your Mum. I taught my Mum to xstitch and she loves it and stitll stitches at 80. She has done some beautiful work and I am really proud of her.

Jeanette said...

i love your Mum's quilt. It's just gorgeous. In my favourite colour too. :) Hugs, Jeanette

Kim D. said...

Lovely fabric and your Mum's purple quilt is gorgeous. How nice of you to teach your mum to sew. Tell her we loved the eye candy.

Debs said...

That material does indeed look yummy Dawn.

Your Mum's quilt looks fantastic. Well done to her.

Jude said...

Your mum`s quilt looks great, she has done a great job. When do we go shopping again?

Sue SA said...

There is nothing nicer then sharing patchwork with your Mum, I love it too! While I have infected my mother with the PnQ "disease" I dont have any daughters. However I take heart and read a USA guys blog (Im just a guy who quilts) and hope that one day my two sons Mr3yr and Mr1yr will stop being interested in cars/trains etc long enough to join me in my sewing room!

Laila L S said...

Your Mum`s Puple Heart quilt is gorgeous. I love purple and I love hearts. Hope it`s OK if I download the picture for inspiration. I hope to be sewing and quilting again soon, and may be I`ll make a big quilt like this some time.