February 25, 2010

Draughts, Secrets and PIF's Finished!

Yesterday the girls and I played Draughts....
with cabbages.... he he

Beatrix Potter draughts....
Peters are green and Benjamins are red....
We had fun and we laughed and laughed
The girls wondered why we couldn't eat them...Lol
They both won....he he
(with Mummy's help)

Secrets Secrets..... I love secrets and then all the suspense it builds
in me and others... all good fun....

The last few weeks I have been sewing some of this ???
and some of this ???? and a little ????
and also have nearly finished this ?????.
Do I have you intrigued?
I so wish I could show you but thats not possible yet... soon.
I just have to keep it a secret a wee bit longer.
I feel like I am forever showing you peaks of things
and not showing any finished results.
But I can tell you next week I will be showing you
the bag I have made for Baseco.
The pattern will be available with all proceeds
going to help the poor in Baseco.

Another peak!

I also have finished my Pay it Forward gifts
and if you happened to sign up for them way back last year...
they are now on their way .
Shauna and Jo look out for them..
Look out for a parcel with your name on it.
The surprise is coming...
Ankie... could you please contact me before the 2nd of March.
so I can then send you your PIF....

I am a tease aren't I...he he
I do hope you like them as much as I liked making them for you.
Hugs and Sweet Blessings
Dawn x x x

February 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Dear Friend and a Sneak Peek!

Happy Happy Birthday dearest Angela...
I so wish I could take you out
for a peice of cake and a cup of tea
to celebrate your birthday with you...
and chat and chat and chat some more...he he
One day!

Photo coutrtesy of 'The Charming Teapot'

Now I know that some of my friends have
been teasing you with their little peeks of something special..
I thought I would join in...

Can you guess what we are up too?...he he
all will be revealed soon....

In the meantime I have also been playing with this

'Cottage Charm' by Heather Mulder Peterson
so yummy to play with...
Making some things that soon will be whisked away.
I wonder where?.... ummm you'll have to wait and see...

Have a wonderful day
Hugs and Blessings
Dawn x xx

February 14, 2010


My darling Hubby came home today with these gorgeous gerbera's,
(not a great pic but they are vibrant pink)
He is so sweet, we'd agreed that we wouldn't do
the Valentines thing this year...
But he couldn't resist them he said....
He's a darling and they sure did make me smile all day
cos I wasn't expecting anything at all......
he's My valentine all the time...

I Love you hun!
Dawn x x


go to Tudy
here is her comment,

Tudy said...

I love your giveaway. I have been a follower for a long time now. I hope I win.

February 7, 2010 10:49 PM

I am very excited for you and hope you like your
'Khristina Friendship Bag' and charm squares
including some little surprises.

If you can send me your snail mail address via my email
I will get it posted to you this week.
Thank you to all my 'Friends' who entered.
I hope we keep meeting here for many
more fun times and chats.

Have a wonderful day.

Hugs Dawn x x

February 07, 2010

FRIENDSHIP.....100th Giveaway Post!

Over the years I have made some very lovely friends.
Some people I have met and become friends with
are from the strangest of places...
Like a supermarket, the kindy my son attended,
the craft group I went to a few times,
maybe we were introduced by someone else,
some are internet connected friends,
and then there is the commenter
to this blog who lives only ten minutes away!...LOL
We make friends from all different walks of life,
some older than us, some younger than us,
but we get along and enjoy each others company,
we also can enjoy the same things...
and those friends are so dear to me.
Which brings me to this.....

I meet with some dear friends on a Tuesday,
and yes I met them all differently....
Last week that dear friend showed me how to do a flower
a different way.....
and wow I love the result of those petals....
I then went to work to make a flower with
a stitchery in the middle representing friends...

And this bag was the result,
named after the friend who inspired me.
'The Khristina Friendship Bag'

Now this is my 100th post and
as I consider you to be my blogging friends
You can win this 'The Khristina Friendship Bag'
along with a 'Recipe for Friendship' Charm Pack fabrics
by Mary Engelbreit for some little surprises
To enter my giveaway leave a comment on this post - 1 entry
if you leave a comment and have been
a follower of this blog prior to today - 5 entries...

Giveaway will be drawn on the
13th of February @ 11pm.... Adelaide. S.A time....

GIVEAWAY CLOSED - Winner will be announced 14th feb.
Thanks to all who entered.

Thanking you all for our Friendship
Hugs and Blessings
Dawn x x