March 02, 2010

Baseco Mahal Kita.

Ordered - Scrap bag from Moda
The people of Baseco live on a rubbish dump - eat scraps.
Fabric - Gobble Gobble by Sandy Gervais

In our western culture we do not go without food, unless by choice.
The people of Baseco have no choice
They have no food.
They are starving.
Their children cry themselves to sleep with hunger.

This Bag/Tote has come about because a friend and her family
decided to go to Manila and serve the people of Baseco.
They stayed with some other friends who are missionaries
to the people of Baseco.
They fell in love with a people.
I fell in love with a people.
The Baseco people are like you and I.
they Love, they laugh, they Hope.

Yet they live in Poverty.
I thought how can I help.
I have a family and I sew.
I sew, I sew, I sew.
And sew I did.

The 'Baseco Mahal Kita' Tote.
The 'Baseco I Love You' Tote.

Would you like to make one.
Lets make a difference.
Lets make a Bag

I am selling this pattern through PayPal

or my Etsy site (see sidebar)
If you want to purchase the pattern,
I will send you a PDF via email within 24 hours of Purchase.
Proceeds to go to the Baseco people
through Mark and Christine Pedder.
I will be showing a list on my blog
of those who have bought a pattern.

Can we together sell 1000 patterns.
Blog about it!
1000 patterns is:
10 new homes or
medicine for 1000 children.
Or Emegency relief kits, or Emergency medical kits...
the list goes on.
Read here what happens over there.
Hope you like the bag

Hugs and Sweet Blessings
Dawn x x x


Joy said...

Good for you sweet Dawn!!! Your bag is just GAWJUS!!!! Here's hoping lots and lots of people buy your lovely pattern :o).
Love n hugs,
Joy :o)

Wendyb said...

I think this is gawjus too much so, that I've just ordered one! Happy to be the first...I'll be trying this one out this weekend!
I hope it's a success.
sugary hugs :O)
Wendy XXX

Allie said...

Beautiful Dawn - what a sweet heart you have!

Cathy Troup said...

Dear Dawn

What a blessing you are to the people in Baseco. Because you consider and have a heart for the poor God WILL bless you dear one.....I cannot wait to sing your praises when I go over there, the women will be delighted to know what a mum just like they are can do for God!!! you are an inspiration, love and hugs babe!!


Teresa said...

What an awesome thing to do Dawn. Love it and bought it... Hope you get lots of orders for this. Thank you xx

Jeanette said...

Forgot to leave a message earlier when i bought the pattern. You have done a wonderful thing Dawn. Now to make your gorgeous bag up. Hugs, Jeanette

Vicki ♥ said...

Oh Dawn no wonder you were excited about this bag. It is absolutely fabulous :) You are an angel in disguise :)hugs Vicki xoxoxox

Narelle said...

Dear Dawn, What a wonderful person you are I am on my way to purchase a pattern now. I no with the help of the blogger world that you will sell 1000 patterns. You go girl.
Big Hugs

Kim said...

What a beautiful bag Dawn. I did order it. I had a little trouble with the pay pal site, but it did work on the etsy site. What an awesome gift to these people.

SheilaC said...

What a wonderful thing you are doing, Dawn! I am happy to be able to help in some small way...

I did buy your pattern and I blogged about it too.

take care


Jude said...

Love the bag Dawn and very generous of you to donate the proceeds from the pattern to the Baseco people.

quiltygal said...

Hi Dawn just brought one & will blog about it when I post probably Sunday very generous of you Have a great weekend

Valentina said...

Thank you, Dawn for giving us the chance to participate in this Blessing... Doing something concrete!
I will certainly blog about it and tell non-bloggers as well: we can reach 1000 and more!
Valentina from Cyprus

Anonymous said...

That is a cute bag! I don't have a blog but I can make it and post it on Flickr and link back to you at least.

Cath Ü said...

Thanks dawn... I have just ordered a pattern and will also add it to my blog......
Caths Blog

Cath Ü

Jenny said...

Hello Dawn, just bought a pattern and will add it to my blog.

Unknown said...

Hello Dawn, Thanks for the Baseco bag pattern. I am just about to read through the pattern and then start to make it. I am into pastel shades so I just loved Jenny from Elefantz's version. I even have two sets of leather handles, one set in pink and one set of lavender. Think I will make the first one up with lavender fabrics as my favourite colour is purple - any shade. I too have some Cottage Garden Threads that keep calling out 'USE ME FIRST PLEASE'. So far I have resisted but I think it is time I brought them to the surface of my thread stash. Here goes .......


Lucky-1 said...

Hey Dawn, what a special woman you are to think of this beautiful idea. I have made my bag and will show it to you on Tuesday with $4 for a pattern to be sent to my sister Deb:)



kathyros said...

I cant wait to start on my Baseco bag, I love that you are doing somethingso positive, just goes to shoe , we can all help if we use our own particular talent set. Good for you Dawn

Anonymous said...

It looks fantastic Dawn, i have been busy finding fabrics to make mine - it is such a worthy cause- you really inspire me with your caring and generosity.
hugs.....Heather M

ozjane said...

Have been past those areas when in Manila many years ago. I imagine the flooding made life even more difficult there.
I have a Compassion child in the area that had the second typhoon.
It is great to be able to do something to help those who have so little.
Oh that we could have a free garage sale that they were able to what an impetus that would be or us to deal with stuff.

Lois said...

Well done Dawn on supporting such a worthy cause, you will help them immensely, have just ordered my pattern.

blessedspeedy said...

How small is our world? When Mark was back here in Australia he stayed with us for four days - we were blessed to meet both Mark and Christine at a missions conference in Phuket last year and became friends.
I will MOST certainly buy this pattern and will let others know
THe pedders do fantastic work!

grendelskin said...

Thanks again Dawn! I finished my bag (blogged at and it came out super-cute! The pattern is terrific, easy for a beginner to tackle. It takes modification well too (I'm too lame at stitchery to wreck a good bag with it, and I didn't have twill tape so I used buttons).

Birgitta in Sweden said...

A very nice idea. I have bougt a pattern and I will tell my friends to do too.