March 30, 2010

Some finishes for March.

I have had these 'Melly and Me' 'Fairyland Toadstool'
bags cut out for some time and
decided Easter was a good time for the girls to recieve them.
Nothing to do with Easter but just a good
time for them to get them as a gift from Mummy.
I made the bags in their favorite (for now) colors.
I am so pleased with the result...
Wonder what I would look like with one?...
oh no I won't go there...
I will stay happy with my handbag....
but these are just soooo cute...

I also have made them another 'Melly and Me' pattern...
Dee Dee out of Homespun (79 Vol 10 No 12)
and they look adorable... so cute...
but I can't show you till after Easter or they will see them....
I can't bring them out of hiding without the girls spying them.
I will show you next week, promise.

About 3 weeks ago I entered a giveaway run
by Shasta of Gracie Lou's Quilt Shoppe:
and I was one of the winners.
Today in the mail came the prize.
I was so thrilled with it.

There are 3 yds of this gorgeous fabric called 'Dolce'
by Tanya Whelan Of Grand Revival.
Thank you Shasta.
Now to decide what to make with it...
Maybe another quilt...
Maybe some gorgeous pillowcases.....maybe?
What would you make from it?

Happy Stitching.
Hugs Dawn x x x


allsewnup said...

Too cute and some very pretty fabrics.


Cyndi said...

Those toadstool bags are just too cute. I haven't seen that Melly & Me pattern, and I have a lot of their bag patterns (imagine that? LOL) And, that Dee Dee pattern is just too cute. If I made softies, I would definitely have to have that one.

Congratulations on your win! How fun. Those fabrics are yummy. As for what to make from them...well, you know I would have to make a bag! LOL

Have a great day!


Maria said...

Your little DD's will love their gorgeous toadstool bags.

Congrates on your win, Dawn

Allie said...

Those bags are TOO cute! I'd carry one myself. Maybe. *G* Love your fabric win - I have bags on the mind lately, so that's probably what I'd make - that fabric is GORGEOUS.

Vicki ♥ said...

Awww too cute....your girls are going to look so gorgeous with those bags :) Love them! I like the fabric too Dawn and a definate would be a bag :) hugs Vicki xoxoxox

Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

The Toadstool bags are sooo cute!
What lovely fabric you won - lucky you!

joanna said...

LOVE your toadstools! My little girl has a thing for mushrooms anyway so I just might have to make her one too.

Happy Sewing,


Sharon (Stitches on Mars) said...

Hi Dawn,

You have done a great job with the bags...I know what you mean though, but there is still plenty of cute stuff for us :) and you have girls who will love them.
As for the fabric you won...congratulations you lucky person, they are fabulous. They would make a lovely bag ;)
Hugs, Sharon

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Those bags are sooooo gorgeous!!!!

angelasweby said...

I love the toadstool bags you've made for the girls. They will have endless fun with these. Behind those little doors lie hours of fun and make believe. I'm reading a Beatrix Potter mystery at the moment and most of the excitement is happening in the badger sett :>)
A little surprise package is winging its way over to the girls at this very moment...haha!

Congratulations on your gorgeous win. Hours of fun for you too, I see, as your imagination goes into fifth gear ...haha!
Happy Easter to you and your lovely family :>)
Angela xx

Jude said...

The girls will love their backpacks and lucky Mummy winning some pretty fabric.

Kim D. said...

Adorable backpacks, so fun and congratulations on winning the fabric, it's gorgeous.

Unknown said...

Il love this Bag.
I would like to do it for my daugther.
Where did you find the pattern?In a magazine?

Unknown said...

Il love this Bag.
I would like to do it for my daugther.
Where did you find the pattern?In a magazine?

Dawn said...

The pattern is a Melly and Me pattern from Melly's first book... you will find it at Under the Mulberry Tree..its called Kaleidoscope.
happy sewing Dawn x