April 30, 2010

Do you want EQ7?'s coming soon!

I have been dreaming about buying myself EQ6
and have just discovered there's to be an EQ7..

Bigger better, more efficient, more economical..he he
Hubby would think it sounds like a car...
but I can assure him it is not as expensive
better value though... he he
I am excited... I have always done all my designs
with a notebook, calculator and pencil in hand...
Spent many hours working things out and
have probably used many trees in the process.
Rubbing out the pencil, starting again to rub out my workings..
More paper needed.....
My friend even bought me cheap notebooks
for me to scribble my workings on.
Now there is EQ7 and I want one....
I can work out my quilt designs with
the computer and this fantastic program.
it's almost here....
Do you want one too?

Hugs and Sweet Dreaming
Dawn x x

A Mothers Day gift for you to make!

Mothers Day is only 9 sleeps away and I
have been busy making my Mum a present.
I made her a few things that you can make too.

A 'Peaches and Cream' doiley click Here!
I used some gorgeous Fig Tree fabrics,
that remind me of peaches and cream.
I also made Mum some
beautiful Oatmeal/Lavender Bath Milk
and some Oatmeal soap.
Visit 'Among the Gum Trees' for
the recipe for these beautiful gifts!

I also have made some little gifts
for my faraway friend Angela and
her beautiful daughter Rula...
Here's a sneak peak.

do you like... he he...this is for Rula!
I can't show you it all
cos it is winging it's way to her real soon.

This Saturday if you here a loud noise
coming from my house,
think of us as we are hosting an 18th birthday
for our darling son Matthew and a few of his friends
Matt turned 18 on Wednesday

and we are so proud of him.
He is a delight to have around
and real cute too, even when he wears his beenie...
I am biased...Lol..
Have a wonderful weekend.

Hugs and Sweet Blessings
Dawn x x x

April 25, 2010

We remember the Anzacs!

Anzac Day is where we can remember and
thank God for those men and women who bravely
fought for us... their future and their country.
Want to read some more visit HERE.
Hugs Dawn x x

April 24, 2010

Do you like red Allie?

Last year I participated in PIF challenge.
This year I have decided to give a
random gift every so often to a blogger
who does not expect it.
So this beautiful Red Club quilt will be sent to......
'Allie' who has blessed me with her
lovely comments over the last year
Thanks Allie!
Once I have had show and tell at the 'Red Club'
I will be posting it your way Allie.
I made this quilt at the'Patchwork Apple' Marg Low
Red Club that I went to last month.
Next month we make another mini quilt that involves
fussy cut hexagons.... I can't wait.

This gorgeous bundle of fat quarters and charm squares
arrived in the mail last week.
A fat quarter bundle of 'Garden Party'
oh ooh, such lovely romantic colors.
And 2 charm square packs of Verna,
which has such a vibrant, Springy feel to it.
Now to finish some projects then I can play with my new fabrics.
Speaking of finishing I have been playing with this..

and stitching with these beautiful variegated threads from DMC
..... I am sneaky... he he

This is 'Whimsy' fabric from Joanna Figueroa from Fresh Figs
Another gorgeous fabric line....
The thing I like about Fig Tree & Co fabric besides
the colors, design and ranges is that they all
co-ordinate together...
I have added a little 'Mill House Inn' to my project
and it should be finished this next week....
Check out Joanna's blog as she has some
gorgeously beautiful patterns and fabrics to see!
Hope your having a lovely, productive weekend.

Hugs and sweet Blessings
Dawn x x x

April 17, 2010

Another version of Lesley's Peg Bag!

Thanks you for all your lovely comments that you
have given on my debut pattern in Homespun,

I have been a little excited...LOL..
and I've had some questions from my overseas friends
in the USA and Spain, on where to buy the magazine......
I have found you can purchase it from Borders books
so ask your local Borders for ordering information.
Now to compliment Lesley's Ironing Essentials design
I have added another version of 'Lesley's Peg Bag' to go with it.

I am now selling this pattern from my Etsy shop
for a special price of $2.50 for April only.
You will recieve a PDF pattern with both versions
of the peg bag within 24 hours.
Purchase a copy for yourself or as a gift.
I timed myself when making this peg bag
as I wanted it to be a quick and easy
project for you to make.
It sure was quick and easy and
took me only 3 hours to make and
that was with 2 cups of tea ...LOL...
and some small conversations from my DD's.
They wondered why I was making Lesley a peg bag...he he
That's a story for another time....LOL
I do have a story to tell today though....
Last night I was checking my emails and
decided I need a cup of tea...
I pushed back my chair and ah ha....
a rumbling sound.. and no it was not my chair....
and then the windows shook
and the china plates rattled,
I was extremely scared... terrified actually....
I called for my DH who was in the shed ....
I went to see him and he was already
on the lawn out the back....
slightly freaked out but don't tell him I told you... he he
and yes we had had an Earth Quake/Tremor....
here in sleepy old Adelaide, 3.8 on the richter scale
and the epicentre was just in the foothills not far from us.
I must admit I stayed up a wee but longer
than normal last night to wait and see what next????
But alas no more shakes and sleep we did.
Today the town is all talking about our
mini earthquake....LOL...
I am thankful it was only a mini....

Have a wonderful weekend.
Happy Stitching
Dawn x x

April 14, 2010

My first Published design!

in Homespun is now available.
Vol 11 No4
'Lesley's Ironing Essentials'

I am so delighted to see it in print.
A new ironing board cover and iron caddy for your iron.

The cover can be made to fit any size ironing board
and the caddy fits a large iron.
Great gift idea for your mum, a friend or yourself.
Also in the Australian Homespun this month is
Vikki's fabulous design..
(to check it out click HERE)
and be sure to let Vikki how gorgeous it is,
I may have to make it real soon....
also this month has Lynette Andersons- O'Rourke
Love Letters wallhanging!
as well as many other beautiful designs...
Be sure to get a copy from your
local newsagent if you are in Australia.
Check out my RH sidebar for info on purchasing overseas,
or click here for some in the USA.
Last week I received lots of yumminess in the mail..

I bought this gorgeous fabric from Fiona of Mothers Cupboard
she also sent with it a special little gift frame for me...
so lovely. Thanks Fiona x x
Also two patterns which I have
had on my wish list for some time now.

2 Thimble Blossoms patterns by Camille Roskelley
Now for some time to make them.....he he

Happy Stitching
Hugs Dawn x x

April 11, 2010

Gardening and some Faraway mail!

Over the last week DH ( who has been on holidays)
and myself and a dear friend
have been digging, spreading dirt and tidying up our front garden...

Here is the big truck bringing 12 tonn of roadbase
for the new arched driveway
( we have 3 cars and also a teenager who drives so
it is much easier than changing cars over all the time...)

This is the driveway with all the roadbase
spread and compacted down.
the 12 tonn that was dug out is on
the right hand side ( the mound)
Can you see the dirt freshly dug over at the
left hand side of the picture. I did all of that...
and now I am really sore... never new muscles on my ribs would
hurt so much from a few hours of digging...LOL
Only another 10 or so hours to go...
then I can plant some plants and then 'yeah' a new garden.
This week in the mail I received some
lovely packages of yumminess.

Here is the first and it was such a surprise.
It is from out faraway friend Angela....
there's some chocky treats that came in a lovely Easter tin,
a wonderful Felt Ballerina Scene picture,
the girls have already had hours of
fun playing with this.
I used to have felt pictures when I was little and loved them..
also there was a Fairy snap game, some wonderful ribbons
( check back later to see what I did with the magic ribbon)
A wonderful roll holder ( more of that too later)
cards for us all and craft eggs,
which have already been made up.
Thanks you so much Angela my faraway friend
We love you and are so delighted with out surprises.

I have some more mail to show you
but this post is long enough.
Happy Stitching
Hugs Dawn x x x

April 07, 2010

Homespun and Update!

A few months back I was asked to design
a special something for my favorite magazine.
Australian Homespun.
The project is very pretty and can be made
for your mum in time for Mothers day, or for yourself.
There are two parts and it is for the laundry,
and I can't tell you any more until I get my hot little hands
on it but I can show you the cover to look out for.

The cover is very pretty and has some great designs in it.
There is also a design from my fellow Gum Tree designer Vikki.
Have a look at your local Newsagent for 11 No 4
there are also some more blocks of the
BOM 'Life is a celebration' .

Speaking of patterns, here is a picture of the cheque
I deposited into the charity account
for the missionaries Mark and Christine.
Its for all of the sales up to 1st of April for the Baseco Tote.
It is a combined effort from all of YOU who have
purchased the Tote Bag pattern.
Thank you!
Together we can 'Make a Difference'
I so far have sold 206 patterns
raising $824 and have deposited $740
towards the poor in Baseco.
I am still hoping to raise $4000
by selling 1000 patterns.
I appreciate everyones help so far.
Happy Stitching
Hugs Dawn x x

April 04, 2010

Easter bunny left a Fishy!

is what my darling 4yo daughter said to me this morning
(I made them a Melly and Me
'Dee Dee' dolphin each for Easter)

and then (whispering quietly so not to scare the Easter Bunny away)
"can we see him in the backyard"...Lol
"he's got chocolate"....yum yum yum
what a sight... me in my pj's, bad hair, no shoes,
(no don't imagine it... bad for your health)
with the kids at 6am....creeping around our back garden
looking for chocloate Easter eggs....

there was lots of squeals of delight.. so lovely to hear
Now there's chocolate all over their faces...
I love the sound of happy children...pure bliss
Then it was back inside for my first cuppa
and some yummy Hot Cross Buns.

and I need lots of cuppa's today....Lots
you see in South Australia we have
Daylight Savings
that means turn the clock back one hour
and get one hour more sleep..not a chance
Not in this house... my girls wake me
normally between 6am and 7am...
well today was 7am normal time
but then we put the clock back ah ha... 6am...
So now I will need a little nap this afternoon
and lots of cuppa's... he he

Have a wonderful day Easter Sunday.
Happy sewing.
Hugs Dawn x x