April 11, 2010

Gardening and some Faraway mail!

Over the last week DH ( who has been on holidays)
and myself and a dear friend
have been digging, spreading dirt and tidying up our front garden...

Here is the big truck bringing 12 tonn of roadbase
for the new arched driveway
( we have 3 cars and also a teenager who drives so
it is much easier than changing cars over all the time...)

This is the driveway with all the roadbase
spread and compacted down.
the 12 tonn that was dug out is on
the right hand side ( the mound)
Can you see the dirt freshly dug over at the
left hand side of the picture. I did all of that...
and now I am really sore... never new muscles on my ribs would
hurt so much from a few hours of digging...LOL
Only another 10 or so hours to go...
then I can plant some plants and then 'yeah' a new garden.
This week in the mail I received some
lovely packages of yumminess.

Here is the first and it was such a surprise.
It is from out faraway friend Angela....
there's some chocky treats that came in a lovely Easter tin,
a wonderful Felt Ballerina Scene picture,
the girls have already had hours of
fun playing with this.
I used to have felt pictures when I was little and loved them..
also there was a Fairy snap game, some wonderful ribbons
( check back later to see what I did with the magic ribbon)
A wonderful roll holder ( more of that too later)
cards for us all and craft eggs,
which have already been made up.
Thanks you so much Angela my faraway friend
We love you and are so delighted with out surprises.

I have some more mail to show you
but this post is long enough.
Happy Stitching
Hugs Dawn x x x


Allie said...

Wow your new driveway looks awesome! Love the goodies - how fun to have a faraway friend to send them, but don't you wish they all lived closer?!

Joy said...

Oh wow Dawn .... you really did do a LOT of work!!! Fabulous job though :o), it looks great!!
Love n Hugs,
Joy :o)

Vicki ♥ said...

Oh my wonder you are so sore from all that digging. Lots of dirt to move Dawn. I hope you enjoyed that soak in the bath :) It will look fabulous when you have it all done. Hugs Vicki xoxoxox

Anita said...

Lots of hard work for sure!! Great idea though, I think we need to do that too, I can so relate to 3 cars (and a caravan and a trailer!!).

Maria said...

You have all been working hard. Now you can do some fun things like sew!!

Jenny of Elefantz said...

It's going to be so lovely when those flowers are planted!!
Gorgeous parcel of lovelies for a lovely Dawnie!!

angelasweby said...

Oh wow Dawn, how lovely to see a picture of where you live :>) The base of the new driveway looks excellent and is going to much such a difference. What a huge job though and now you've spread your share of the 12 tonnes I expect you to show us your biceps...haha!

I am so glad the girls enjoyed the gifts and I love being their faraway friend so much :>) I hope to get to know them better.

I think I'm too old to have had felt games like the ballerina one but i know my two both loved these games. The nice thing about the snap is that all the family and have fun :>)
And chocolates - well, a parcel ain't a parcel without a munchie in it :>)
Angela xx