July 31, 2010

Pink playdough fun...quiet time for mummy!

I was looking for a play dough recipe this morning...

First I read some blogs from my sidebar....
started reading, and then blog hopped to another blog
found a picture of a gorgeous little quilt, had a little tear,
then noticed a great blog on a sidebar of another fab blog
and then read some and some more, he he,
Do you do this, on and on blog hopping....LOL
I found that this blog author is almost a neighbour,he he
well she is a fellow South Australian and walla!

Perfect play dough recipe....
and it gave me 2 hours of fun for my girls....

Thanks Nicole,

so I could sew some little things for a my free Bom on Wednesday
Did you see my sneak peek yesterday?

Have a great weekend.
Be back tomorrow with another Springtime Fresh reveal!
Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs
Dawn x x x


Maria said...

Yes I am blog hopper. That is why I get nothing done. Have sat here since I returned from my beach walk at 8.30am. Oh have pegged 2 loads and sweep.
What gorgeous photos of the girls playing with the playdough.Such great stuff.
Two hours of sewing time,yes!!
Yes saw the sneek peek and love the colours in the hexies too. How exciting!!

Allie said...

I do the same thing Dawn, I could be here all night if I didn't need to sleep SOMETIME - lol! LOVE the pink play-doh! And your little hexxies are so sweet!

BubzRugz said...

Home made play dough is so nice and soft and workable..... I made it so often for my children and now my grandchildren.... the picture of the girls is so cute... sneek peak is exciting .... and yes, blog hopping is addictive... my hubs and just brought in some tea for me muttering 'blog, blog, blog, blog' - half time during the rugby on TV!!! .... Hugz

Janice said...

Isn't blog hopping a lovely way to waste time. There are so many interesting people out there. Your girls look like they were having a marvelous time.

Denise :) said...

I have to be *so* careful if I start blog hopping -- I can lose lots of time that way! Your pink playdough looks like fun!!! :)

Sherry said...

Oh what fun! And it brings back memories. Son would play on a pastry sheet in my kitchen floor. Of course, giblets of play doh would be sprinkled liberally on the floor. If I tried to sweep it up while soft, it would gum up the broom. So...I left it until it dried out a long really, then swept it up. day my mother came to visit and looked at the floor. "Are you going to clean that up any time soon?" LOL I told her why I let it dry and she said, "I never thought about that." I replied, "No you wouldn't. You are obsessive/compulsive." ;o) We could eat off her floors they were so clean. But never fear! She wouldn't dare let us! LOL

Abby and Stephanie said...

I used to make playdough all the time. Fun...I used to add peppermint extract to the pink.

Chris H said...

That brings back some memories! I have made masses of playdough in my day!... and watched it set like concrete on my carpet too! lol

angelasweby said...

Oh Dawn, you are so right :>) It's not called the web for nothing...haha! Pop on for five minutes and you're stuck fast and the more you try to escape the tighter you get...haha! Consider yourself lucky to have managed to get away. I can be on the web for days :>)

The playdough looks good enough to eat. The girls are having such a good time. Those little tools and playdough machine bring back wonderful memories.
Angela xx

Cristy said...

The Spring quilt is gorgeous!
And I can't wait to mak playdough for my little one... though I'll have to wait till she is old enough to NOT eat it!!!