November 30, 2010

Family Birthdays

November is a BIG month for us as a family.
 We have four Birthdays to celebrate.

  No 1 Son's birthday was actually on No 2 Son's Wedding day. 
 Family tradition thing... marry on the brothers birthday.... LOL
 I married on my brothers birthday
my Mum married my Dad on her brothers 21st birthday.
This just happened and was not thought 
about till after this last wedding....

 Then the very next week we had Miss J's 5th birthday
 and Our Wedding Anniversary.
 Followed the very next day by my DH's birthday 
and my new DIL's birthday.
 So we had lots to celebrate.
 So much fun....and lots of CAKE.
 Hope December is a bit queiter but I don't think it will be
 with parties and dinners to celebrate.
 Have you got lots planned?????
 Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs
 Dawn x x x

November 26, 2010

SSCS posted ....

 Today ( 25.11.10) I posted my SSCS swap parcel....

 and its winging its way to..... he he
 I do hope they like it....
 I had lots of fun making the pressies for my swap partner.
 Thanks Chookyblue for organizing this swap.
 Now I need to finish another little
very late pressie for a faraway friend.
 I'm on a roll......
 Happy Stitching

 Hugs Dawn x x x

November 20, 2010

Cross stitches from friends!

   Chookyblue is having the Cross-Stitch Display Part 2.
As I don't have any to show of the ones 
I have completed over the years 
( they have been given as gifts)
 But wanted to show this to you.
 My neighbour Lesley made this  about 16 years ago 
for her little boy (he is now 16yo)
Sorry it's blurred.
I have the pattern and she stitched it in 10 days
 at night while  we were watching the Olympics.
  An amazing feat... I am sure at that Olympics
 we swan and rowed every stroke for the Aussies
 As well stitched...LOL
 I am so amazed and  it will eventually
adorn one of her Granchilds wall....One Day!
 Gorgeous little rabbits all doing a different occupations.
  And this last Cross Stitch is a favorite and hangs in my kitchen.
 It is filled with  homegrown lavender and
was made esp for me by my Faraway Friend Angela..
Hopwe youv'e liked this little display
 Be sure to pop over to Chookyblue's blog
for the list of those that are participating again.
 Have a nice weekend.
 Hugs and  Blessings
 Dawn x x x

November 15, 2010

No 2 Son's wedding.

Here are some photos from my darling no 2 Son's Wedding
 Isn't he just adorable, but I am biased... he he
 Both my Son's made me so proud on their wedding days
 Perfect gentleman...Totally in love and I know
 that they will make wonderful husbands.
 The happy couple....
My wonderful precious kids.
 I love them so much 
and they love each other too, 
which is what every parent wants to happen.
 And to see them take their wedding vows 
with their true love
is a wonderful moment to cherish.
Brothers....always and forever.
 Aren't they just so handsome.
Sisters and flower girls again... so so beautiful!
 My neighbour made their headpeices and I made their
 baskets. Tied them with ribbon from a dear friend Angela
 and filled them with rose petals from my garden, 
and a few from my neighbours garden.
 Hope you've liked the little look at our family.
 Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs
 Dawn x x

November 13, 2010

Cross Stitch Loves.

  Chookyblue put out the challenge of having a
Cross Stitch Display and here is mine to show you.
 I made this myself many many years ago. 
It is a favorite of mine.
A mother chook with her chick and basket of eggs.
 I had it framed professionally and glad I did.
 It sits on my dresser now, but used to be on my kitchen wall.
I have done a few cross stitches over the years
 and given most of them away as gifts.
It's very therapeutic sitting cross stitching,
very much like quilting. 
I just seem to have more time for quilting lately.

Want to see more ladies
displaying there Cross Stitches. 
Chookyblue has a list on her blog.

  Have a wonderful weekend.
 I am off to a wedding in a few hours.
 My no 2 Son's getting married today.

 Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs 
Dawn x x x

November 08, 2010

Wedding Bits and a Swirly Skirt.

 All busy busy round my house this week. 
My No2 son is getting married and I am
so excited for him and his Fiance.
They are a great couple and it's so nice 
to see the excitement as they make plans for their life together. 
Lots to be done for the parents though. 
Me, I had the small job of making the Bombeniere
and I enjoyed it heaps. The brides parents have heaps to do, 
as the wedding is in a very pretty park with the 
small reception at the brides house afterwoods.

I thought I would show you these cute little skirts
I made them a little while back for my two precious daughters...
 I made 3 of them, all in a weekend.
One as a birthday present for a little girlfriend in blues..
Using the Moda Bakeshop pattern Here.. 
and made using Jelly roll strips...
 So easy to make and they look fabulous. 
Can you tell the colors they love.
One purple and one pink.
 Might have to make a few more for next year.
 Happy stitching
 Hugs Dawn x x x

November 01, 2010


Thank you to everyone who sent well wishes and old remedies.
We had our results back of the whooping cough test and it was all clear.
Praise God!
We did find out that we all need to have another 
whooping cough vaccination, as we have
not enough antibodies in our blood.
I never knew it should be redone as an adult 
after a childhood vaccination either.
 Food for thought.
 I did use the Vicks on the feet and it works for sure.
Also the Honey and Lemon certainly
helps the throat not feel so sore.
My friend Khris organized a Friends Swap
a few months back and I was swap partners with Narelle...
 I sent Narelle her gifts on the day we arranged to send 
 and we both received them a few days later.
This is what I sent Narelle...

Photo's from Narelle's Blog

And this is what Narelle sent to me.
 I was so blessed when I saw an
enormous box on my door step.
 In it was an amazing array of gifts from Narelle...

F - Four things... fabric, buttons, lace and threads.
R - Roses wrapping paper and cards.
I - Inches and inspiration
E - Embroidery hoop and Elephant egg cups ( my girls adore them)
N - Needle holder ( with my name embroidered on it)
D - Dilly bag.( I love this)
S - Scarf. Hand knitted and so so soft.
 as well as yummy shortbread bickies,
chocolate drink sachet's, mocha sachet's
Christmas ornament, and cinnamon tea bags.
 THANK YOU NARELLE for being my swap partner 
and FRIEND.You have blessed me so much.
 Sweet Cinnamon Hugs
Dawn x x x