January 27, 2011

Want to see Block Two???

Thought you'd like a sneak peek at Block Two!

'Out of the Box' BOM Block Two coming out on
February 1st - so don't forget to get Block One.

 Happy Stitching


Dawn x x x

January 26, 2011

Happy Australia Day!.....and a Winner.

Happy Australia Day - 26-1-2011

Be Proud.

 Show you care.

Enjoy your family.
Thank God for our Nation.

 Mr RNG picked no 14.

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The winner of this giveaway is....Maria :)

Maria said... I enjoy following crafty blogs to see what other
 folk are making as they give me so many great ideas.
I really enjoy reading your posts and so do so over 600 other people .
January 4, 2011 10:43 PM
 Congratulations  to Maria, you have won
 my Springtime block pattern,

 Please send me your snail mail address in an email
 and I will get this off to you straight away.
 Thanks to all who entered.
I enjoyed reading all your crafty comments.
 And if you wish to buy the Springtime Pattern
which aids the Fresh Hope program.
You can here and from Fresh Hope here
Happy Australia Day!
 I am going to enjoy a BBQ with my family
 and thank God for the country we live in.

 Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs
Dawn x x x

January 25, 2011

A bag ufo...LOL

Pattern - Moda Bakeshop HERE.
Fabric - Mill house Inn + Stash.
 Time to complete - One year...LOL.
Why - Procrastination disease!
What/Who for-Unsure maybe the Gift box for now.
 Thanks for all the well wishes concerning my foot...
 It’s much better and I think it will heal
with rest and relaxation..
Without an op!
 as long as no one treads on it... he he
 I find out on Thursday when I visit the Doctors/Podiatrist!...

Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs 

Dawn x x

January 20, 2011

It happened really really late last night!

or should I say really really early this morning.
 I was carrying my DD 3yo from the toilet... 
it was 1am and she didn't want to walk from the toilet to her bed
So I picked her up... holding her on my left side.
I started to walk and must have
put all my weight on my left foot.
 Something went SNAP and OUCH OUCH OUCH!
 I settled Miss K back to bed and then went to bed myself.
 All night I kept turning over and thinking OUCH!
 Today I called my friend who is a podiatrist..
 great to know, comes in handy...
 she has been brilliant lots of times...
 and explained what I did...
 she advised an x-ray was needed and here we are
Sorry about the picture being blurry...
The doctor I saw, said I have torn the ligament 
and possibly a small shard off the bone... OUCH
 It hurts a lot....and is very swollen...
so I am out of action for a little while.
 Lots of Rest.. he he
 and stitching can be done sitting down.. yeah
 and I have lots of stitching planned.. he he
 And if the cat scan next week confirms the x-ray well
 I may be looking at an op??? hopefully not...
Praying it heals this next week and no more problems.

 Hoppy sewing..LOL

Dawn x x x

January 18, 2011

SAD day today!

Very very sad...
I found out today my neighbour died...I am floored to say the least
I have known my neighbour for 20 years.
Almost half my life really.
 Do you know your neighbours well?

 Do you just smile and wave or do you reach out to them?
 I know often as a Nation we just do the friendly nod G'day
and not really know of any needs our neighbours may have
or pains they suffer. As Queensland is pulling together to help each
other in the time of need.
 I express to you to make sure your neighbour is well...
 maybe a coffee or a ten minute chat can make all the difference
to that persons life...and to ours too.
 I am sad and thinking now how can I make 
a difference to my other neighbours now..
Reach out to them and send some love on them...
a spare minute or two or a chit chat and a coffee.
 Today may be the only chance you get!
 Ask them in for a cuppa and get to know them before its too late..
 Visit HERE and HERE to read some more...
 I did and cried some for my neighbour too
 and cried for the times we won't get to have another coffee. 

Lets all be neighbourly...
We all can make a difference!

 Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs
Dawn x x

PS... I am having probs with comments atm
 if you cannot comment or it dissappears..
sincere apologies I will fix it soon. x x x

January 17, 2011

We've been to visit the......

 Miss J was very brave this last week.
 We are so proud of her as she had
to have her tonsils out and some grommets in.
 She went into hospital on Thursday at 1pm...
 the menaces were gone at 2.30pm and Miss J
she slept peacefully for the next 3 hours 
with her favorite dolly Miss Polly next to her side.
There's something about seeing your child sleep
like this after an operation. Peaceful and in no pain...
 I was so pleased she hadn't woken up frightened
from the anesthetic as I know some do!
Quite the opposite she just asked for 'Mummy'
 and they bought her straight back to me, I was waiting
in her cubicle on the ward. She was again sleeping peacefully.
 Then for the next 24hrs they watched her progress,
as Miss J and I watched a few Disney movies- 4 of them-
and did some stitching....
 Miss J loves to sew/stitch and she decided before we went
that she would like to do a birdy stitchery.
 This pattern is from the Melly and Me range.
 Its called 'Feathered Friends'...
we hope to finish it really soon... 
  and then I will post a picture once its done
 and Mummy has to help her do it soon, 
as I have a little girl constantly asking( nagging) me..he he.
 Now to recover.... and stitch!

 Happy Stitching

 Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs
 Dawn x x xx

January 11, 2011

Can you help???

After watching TV for most of the day off and on. 
I am devastated at the sight of whats happening 
and I am no where near Queensland.
I am sure there are many of you who may have someone you
know personally or close by who are affected by the devastating floods.
 Please Pray for all those who are suffering today and the coming weeks.
  What more can we do to help????...
  Go HERE to see what the Gum Tree Designers
are doing to help ... 
No matter what, even a little helps.
and also pop over to
 to see what they are doing to help their home
State of Queensland.

 My prayers and thoughts are with you all
who are effected by this devastating flood.
 Hugs Dawn x x 

January 09, 2011

Fairies and a bit of sewing with Mum

  We went to the Fairies for a birthday party yesterday and the girls had so much fun..girls with rainbow fairy

They were mesmerised by Rainbow Fairy, she was so fairyfabulous.

we can dance too

They danced and sang  to lots of songs in the beautiful Fairy Garden. They also got to paint a plaque for the garden with Barnaby on it. When we came home they were exhausted, they had some dinner after a play and then I got them ready for bed.  They fell asleep before I finished reading them their story. I went past their room half and hour later and found No2 DD asleep like this below. She must have got up and put on her Fairies Party hat before falling fast asleep. I carefully took it off and put it next to her bed.

sleeping with hat on

She must have had so much fun she had to wear it to sleep. So Cute…

Then today we did this!

Sewing, sewing sewing... and with the new machine they got for Christmas...and sewing with mummy is always a treat for them, they love it…..    So today we made start on their first ever quilt.  

They choose the project to do and it was a baby quilt for their dolly’s. They chose the fabric (Moda sampler 2 1/2” squares)  and set them in the design they wanted. Basic squares with a  plain border.  Then to sew... no fingers to close to the needle.                

kez sewing with mum 

They very carefully sewed and concentrated. Sitting on mummy's chair with mummy looking over our shoulders. They sewed all 5 strips of their dolly quilts together today.... Mummy was needing a cuppa after a few hours of watching...he he.  Tomorrow we will stitch the rows together. How much fun and mummy will have to quilt it for them.....

mimi sewing with mum 

I love showing my girls my love of sewing and hope they continue to enjoy it too.  I hope to keep encouraging them to be Sew-ers..   As they say "mummy we are Sew-ers like you"

Happy Sewing

Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs

Dawn x x

January 05, 2011

'Out of the Box'....block 1!

Here is my 'Out of the Box'-  Block One.
 Vicki and I are having so much fun stitching this
I am sure you will too.
Do you have your Bits and Bobs ready!
Then lets start to have fun!
Get them out of your sewing box and set them about!
Sew the blocks together and then we can play!

Vicki and I want you to enjoy making this BOM
 and the idea is for you to choose, where you wish to sew
each little stitchery within your centre squares
and also the choice to stitch whichever ones you wish.
You can stitch my bird and Vicki's apple, designs you choose.
 You may not like birds or butterflies etc, so don't stitch
that part of the design and place something else in it's spot.
 A button or Suffolk puff etc will look just as nice.
The idea is to have some fun and design how
you want the BOM to look at the end.

 You can download my requirements and block 1 - HERE
Then pop over to Vicki's blog and
download Vicki's requirements and block 1 as well.

 Don't forget to join our Flckr group!
 There will be prizes and some exciting stuff
to enjoy for those who do.
So join us as we would love to see your finished blocks.

 Don't forget Block 2 will be out on February 1st.

Happy Stitching.
 Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs

Dawn x x x

January 04, 2011

Yesterday's sneak peek and 600 followers Giveaway!

It's still supposed to be yesterday ..
Where has it gone?????
Not sure but now its TODAY.
 Time sure is going by very fast.
Yesterday I was going to show my sneak peek, 
 now its today, so I will reveal a little
from Vicki's and my of the 'Out Of the Box' BOM

Come visit tomorrow and you can download Part 1..
 and don't forget to go to Vicki's too for her Part 1

600 or so followers look out a giveaway  is in progress!

As I have now reached this only
because an amazing 611 of you gorgeous people
have wanted to follow me and my sewing adventure.
 I am going to give away this:

My pattern  (Block 6) from the 'Springtime' Quilt.
 You can read more HERE
as well as enter another Giveaway!

To enter all you have to do is this!
 Leave a comment on this post only and let me know
Why you love following Sewing/ Stitching/Quilting/Crafty Blogs?
I will draw a RNG name on the 26th of January...
 This is now closed! Winner drawn.

Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs
Dawn x x

January 02, 2011

Sitting in the Sunshine...

enjoying my lunch and a cup of coffee... yes I have it black now.
and reading the Gum Trees Newsletter.
  I sat and enjoyed reading about all
the exciting things happening this year!
Have you got your copy yet???
Get a copy HERE and enjoy all the exciting stuff.

 While I enjoyed the sunshine and my girls played
I did get to do some stitching done on the 'Out of the Box' BOM...
 But I can't show you just yet.
 Maybe I will give you a sneak peak tomorrow..

 And I have just noticed I have reached 600 followers
so do pop back for a chance to win something.
I know we all like to win something!
 Enjoy your day

 Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs
Dawn x x x
 Hugs Dawn x x x