January 09, 2011

Fairies and a bit of sewing with Mum

  We went to the Fairies for a birthday party yesterday and the girls had so much fun..girls with rainbow fairy

They were mesmerised by Rainbow Fairy, she was so fairyfabulous.

we can dance too

They danced and sang  to lots of songs in the beautiful Fairy Garden. They also got to paint a plaque for the garden with Barnaby on it. When we came home they were exhausted, they had some dinner after a play and then I got them ready for bed.  They fell asleep before I finished reading them their story. I went past their room half and hour later and found No2 DD asleep like this below. She must have got up and put on her Fairies Party hat before falling fast asleep. I carefully took it off and put it next to her bed.

sleeping with hat on

She must have had so much fun she had to wear it to sleep. So Cute…

Then today we did this!

Sewing, sewing sewing... and with the new machine they got for Christmas...and sewing with mummy is always a treat for them, they love it…..    So today we made start on their first ever quilt.  

They choose the project to do and it was a baby quilt for their dolly’s. They chose the fabric (Moda sampler 2 1/2” squares)  and set them in the design they wanted. Basic squares with a  plain border.  Then to sew... no fingers to close to the needle.                

kez sewing with mum 

They very carefully sewed and concentrated. Sitting on mummy's chair with mummy looking over our shoulders. They sewed all 5 strips of their dolly quilts together today.... Mummy was needing a cuppa after a few hours of watching...he he.  Tomorrow we will stitch the rows together. How much fun and mummy will have to quilt it for them.....

mimi sewing with mum 

I love showing my girls my love of sewing and hope they continue to enjoy it too.  I hope to keep encouraging them to be Sew-ers..   As they say "mummy we are Sew-ers like you"

Happy Sewing

Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs

Dawn x x


Wendyb said...

Oh Dawn my lovely, the girls are just SEW precious!!!!! LOL.....Great to see your love of all things quilty being passed on, cos you know if you don't finish all those ufo's, you'll have helpers to pass them on to!!!! hehehe
Can ! see some fairy quilts coming soon?! I wish I had girls....I don't think DS would like fairy wings at 16??? i could try??!!....NOT!

sweet hugs my dear friend

KaHolly said...

The Fairies looks like the perfect venue for little girls to party! How sweet. And those pictures of your daughter sewing, omg! Look at her little hands so perfectly placed. I taught a 5 year old one summer and had an absolute ball. Savor every minute!! I don't have to tell you how quickly they grow. ~karen

Graciela said...

Lovely lovely lovely lovely !!!!!!!
i love this girls so much
congratulations ♥♥♥

Penny said...

Precious little girls....just like their mummy ! :)

Susan said...

That is sew adorable - think I should have started when mine were that age - at least they know how to knit and cross stitch even though they don't really do it! Then again they are 21 and 18 so its not really trendy to be clicking away!

Sheila said...

How precious to have two little girls who have taken an interest in sewing just like Mommy ,you are so lucky . I had three sons but now I have five granddaughters so there is still hope ;-0
hugs Sheila

sunny said...

They are so precious in their fairy costumes. It's wonderful that they're learning to sew. You'll spend many wonderful times together.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! Your photos remind me of when my daughter used to do that on my machine, she got her own for Christmas and now she sews away on it - she's 10 now so doesn't need the supervision as she cleared the safety rules from being very young. The rule is now that she doesn't allow friends on it though as they would need to learn the safety rules first.

The party looks such fun and your daughters are so cute.

Jane in Cumbria said...

How sweet!!!!!!!!!! I totally understand her wanting to sleep with the hat on!
It is wonderful that you are teaching them to sew. I hope they will love it all their lives!

Wendy said...

Totally adorable! My mom taught me to sew when I was a young girl and I was hooked!! What brand of little sewing machine did they get for Christmas?

The fairy birthday party looked like a lot of sweet fun too!

Marsha B said...

Oh, the party looks like so much fun! I want to put on wings and play! It is great you are teaching your girls to sew. It's time well spent to share your love of sewing and have special time with them.

Diana said...

Fairy's and princesses are always good with little girls of that age (since I'm a teacher, I've got experience).
What kind of machine have your daughters got? I'm not very good with machines, but then I should practice more.
Love Diana

Allie said...

Oh Dawn look at them with their little wings on - how precious - and getting up to put her hat on, now there's a party to remember! And sewing with mummy, dear girl those are the sweetest pictures ever. When I worked at the sewing machine shop we taught 3yo's on up, it never failed to amaze me how careful the kids were, how precise. And they were capable of paying total attention - they were mesmerized. I'm so glad to see your darling girls have caught the sewing bug early - bless you for teaching them! Such a good mum you are!

Carmen Thomas said...

Oh my! Dawn thank you for sharing your little ones with us! I have a 3 year old granddaughter whom I am teaching like you are teaching your little lovies :) I get so tickled to see the interest they take in the art of sewing and being sew-ers :)
Carmen in AK

Vicki ♥ said...

Loved seeing the pictures Dawn of your gorgeous girls. They look so beautiful as little fairies...sooo cute! How lovely are the pictures of them sewing..Love it and it looks like they did too. hugs Vicki xxxx

Fee said...

They are so cute Dawn - Little girls love faeries don't they? You will have them hooked with sewing in no time - LOL Looking forward to seeing their dolly quilts.

Hugs - Fee X

Joy said...

Awwww Dawn, what a fabulous weekend you've had :o)!!! I just love the piccies of your darling fairy-girls, and the sleeping princess is SO cute ;o)!!! I can't wait to see their precious quilts, what a treasure they will be to keep - their first quilts on their very own machine. So spesh :o).
Love n hugs,
Joy :o)

Cyndi said...

Oh my goodness, how much fun...a birthday party with "real" fairies! Your darling girls look like they were having the time of their lives. How precious that one of your sweet little ones wanted to continue the fun into her dreams so she got up to put on her party hat. Just too darn cute! And good for you teaching them to sew at a young age. I'm sure that they will definitely follow in their mom's footsteps and continue to enjoy being "sew-ers" for a lifetime!



Unknown said...

So sweet!!!

suz said...

These photos are adorable! I love that your little one got up and put her fairy hat back on and then fell asleep. Too precious. It's wonderful you are getting them into sewing while they are young. Can't wait to see their quilts!

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Oh, you're girls are just TOO cute! What fun - fairies - and sewing!!! Thanks for making me smile!!!