March 31, 2011

I'm a Nana!

I am so excited I had to share...
 Jayden Eli was born today at 11.58am Adelaide time......
 Mummy Daddy and Baby doing well....
 Nana super excited and off to give my 
new little bubby grandson a cuddle...
 and two little Aunties excited too
 then home to finish his quilt.... 
he was a few days earlier than expected...LOL 

 Sweet Hugs 

Nana Dawn x x x x

March 20, 2011

Spare Quilt for Japan?

Any spare quilts hanging around????
 I love the excuse to make a quilt.Do YOU?
Send quilts to Japan
 They are cold and need lots of comfort.
 Here's the address to
send to Naomi

 after May 1st

Naomi Ichikawa
Patchwork Tsushin Co.,Ltd
2-21-2,Yushima,Bunkyo-ku,Tokyo,Japan zip:113-0034
Make a difference today in someone elses life! 
Off to sew.....
 Many Hugs 
Dawn x x x

March 19, 2011

Japan could sure use your help!

It has been devasting to 
watch what this nation has had to 
endure over the last week or so..
 I know no-one there or have ever
visited but would love to one day!
 I have felt so numb and helpless
and wondering what I could do.
 Can I help?....YES....How?
I visited this blog today and discovered this.

 We can all help!

The cost of that quilting pattern  
or a fat quarter you want 
can make a difference to a family...
 I donated to this cause will you!
 Donate HERE
Are you like me and thinking of those in Japan daily....

 Spread the word and help by donating!
 Every little bit helps.

 Hugs Dawn x x x

March 14, 2011

Sweet Red Roses!

 Yesterday my friend Natasha and I went to
the Sunday produce markets.
We go almost every week to
 do our weekly fruit and veg shopping. 
 We leave when our families are in bed asleep
 at's still quite dark outside
 and travel 20mins to the market...
 Where it is usually buzzing with people and we
find the best produce straight from the growers..
 This week we found these red roses
 for $3.00 a bunch...
I couldn't resist a lovely bunch of flowers 
for my dining table and they smell nice too.

 Remember to stop and smell the roses
every now and again.
 Its good for your soul.....

Dawn x x x

March 12, 2011


I have had a week of reflection 
after coming home from a fabulous
Holiday in QLD with the nuttiest friends I know!
 Feelings play a big part of life....

  Now I am feeling intrigued on how to make this!
 And feeling excited to be making a quilt up in this
 for my little grandies arriving soon.

And feeling frustrated I haven't done any
 Dear Jane for ages. But with this fabric I can see it
happening real soon.

Also delighted to be working with this fabric...
I'm going to be making some nice projects
with this as it looks so sweet together.

 Now I am off to read my book that 
I bought to take to Qld 
The Undomestic Goddess....great read so far
 and do some more reflection on where I am heading this year!

 Have a wonderful weekend!

Dawn x x x

March 10, 2011

Help needed!

On Saturday 12/02/2011, at Karrinyup Shopping Centre in Western Australia, the Variety Club Youth Choir organized a FLASH MOB where they all were incognito in the Food Hall, and started standing up in groups singing "We are Australians" 

The purpose was to raise money for the QLD floods. Each time it is clicked on, money is raised thru Google ads, SO PLEASE WATCH!!!!!! It is a beaut way of supporting those poor Aussies over on the other side of our country or the world.... 

you can't help but be so proud of our youth...
they are adorable...

well done guys... 
Be proud...

Have a listen. Karrinyup is a coastal suburb in Perth
Thanks for listening and supporting theQLD Flood Victims...
Dawn x x x

Brisbane Airport...

 I must tell you a story about the beginning of our QLD trip....
 I laugh silly when I think about it...
Please meet Jenny.....
 But Jenny, who Khris and I met on the plane..
We chatted a lot, especially when we talked quilting...LOL
We quilters are everywhere...he he.
 We chatted the whole way from Adelaide to Brisbane
 When we arrived at Brisbane Airport, 
we emptied my bags of all the Huggles...except one!
Then Khris went off with her ride to visit her friends..
 and I met Ethel for the first time...Lots of HUGS
Jenny had a 3 hour wait to get a connecting flight.
 bet she wondered who these mad women quilters were...LOL
 So coffee it was, and lots of chatting 
with Ethel, Jenny and I. About an hour later it was Vicki'
turn for her flight to arrive. So all 3 of us went to go upstairs to 
be there for Vicki when she arrived, except the Airport security
would let me take my large suitcase upstairs..
So Jenny (I had only known her 3 hours remember) offered to mind my bags...
 So I left all my bags with this complete stranger.
 I proceeded to go upstairs after being drug tested again...LOL
 I had lots of funny looks..Why???.. I was wearing a princess crown..
I promised Vicki I would meet her as a princess.. he he.. and I did
 When she arrived, Ethel and I hugged her lots
and laughed at my silly crown...
 Off we went to go get Vicki's bags and pick mine up...
 Vicki was horrified I had left them with a stranger to mind them...
 If she wants to wear my big girl panties I said...
good luck, they won't fit I am 3 times her size...LOL
 Jenny was waiting patiently with all my bags...
and all my knickers were accounted for...he he
 Ethel and Vicki took all our bags to the car...they were heavy
 full of lots of goodies to share.
 We had another lot of coffee's with Jenny and chatted some more
while we WAITED for Fee to arrive about 2 hours later.
 Jenny's plane left about half an hour before Fee's arrived.
 So being friendly Nutters that we are...
We went back upstairs, I was drug tested again..
and walked Jenny to her departure lounge and waited till she boarded.
You would have thought we were her family....
we hugged and said our goodbyes..
All three of us waving madly Nutter style... he he
(Hope to have a coffee again Jenny - if your game???)
Then we went to wait for the arrival of Princess Fee...
There we stood Vicki, Myself and that order.
We must have looked like the 3 Stooges...WAITING WAITING
 One with a princess crown on her head..he he
 Then Fee's plane arrived....
 we waited till we saw Fee and started waiving madly..
jumping up and down with excitement
 we kept waiving and Fee was waiving madly back....
you can just imagine it!!!
 Then Fee walked straight past us and greeted the woman behind us.....
 Oh No that's was not our Fee....LOL
we just lost the plot then, almost cackled ourselves silly, laughing so madly..
 tears running down our faces from laughing so much..
 I almost needed those extra knickers there and then...
 so funny....we got the wrong lady and 
almost mugged her with our hugs...he he
Fee did arrive to see these 3 cackling women... 
we waived crazily and and yes we did hug her madly...
 But oh so funny....
 Fee said maybe she'd send a decoy to see if we were sane..
 well we are sort of sane Fee
unless you call it insane that 3 cackling crazy women
can almost mug a complete stranger..LOL....
 Oh boy that was the start of a fabulous weekend...
 we laughed constantly... what a funny weekend..
 Happiness to you
Dawn x x x

March 07, 2011

A most fabulous girly weekend!

The best part of the weekend 
was the wonderful company... 
 Thanks Vicki, Fee and Joy...
I had the best time..
 We laughed till it hurt, ate lots of chockies
 and had the most fun girls who had
 never met in real life before could have.
 We hit it off as though we had known each other forever.
 Thanks Marilyn for the hugs and taking this picture
of us trying to have a pic with the oldest trees in QLD...LOL

Joy drove us around in the Joy Patchmobile
We went everywhere man, yep everywhere,
well at least all of the Brissy patchwork shops....LOL
 It might have been raining most of the 
time...LOL...but it was heaps of fun 
and lots of laughs were had along the way.

We ate some very yummy food....
the best was the BBQ that Joy's husband cooked for us
 but I didn't get any pic's...too busy enjoying it..
 Thanks Darryl and Bear!
The Patchwork shops were amazing....
this one is 'Thread and Ginger' and it was adorable.
 Caryn was so obliging to all our requests..
 I got to see 'Tis the Season' in the flesh..
It definitely has inspired me to get a moving on
some other projects I need to finish...
Saturday Morning you'd never have thought 
that 21 ladies + one cute owl had never 
met each other before...
Our Gumnut picnic happened... what a morning!
 And we all got along like we had seen each other befoe...
We got rained out of the Cleveland Park
 and ended up in the pub's rotunda...LOL
But we wouldn't have cared where we were
 it was the most fabulous time....
 Laughing and sharing, talking and laughing some more..
I would ask "oh what's your name" and then 
ask "Oh I mean your blog name or forum"...he he
 It was wonderful meeting each and everyone of you...
I laughed so much my side hurt and I am sure Marilyn
thought I was hug mad..I am.. he he
 It was a memorable time...visit Maree here to reminisce
 I have and I smiled away as I remembered all our fun...
 Back tomorrow with some more weekend pics...
 Happy Hugs
Dawn x x x

March 03, 2011

Boris and his friends!

Yesterday DD Miss J had her turn 
at bringing home the class pet... he he
 'Boris the snake'.... so cute and friendly...
 He got up to lots of antics, but mostly had fun..
 Here he is trying to jump into my suitcase
with his new friends... HUGGLES
All of the Huggles 
are packed and ready to fly off to a new School...
in sunny Queensland...
 I am packed too...little bit of room for my goodies.
 Here I come Ethel...
 and we are going to have a fabulous time...
 he he he... lots of girly fun...
 Off to get some sleep 
before I need to be at the airport in few hours...
 Can't be late....

 Have a fabulous weekend wherever you are!

Many Hugs 

Dawn x x x

March 01, 2011

Out of the Box - block 3 and a winner!

Welcome Autumn!
 It's March already and were does the time really go.
 Summer has gone and now its getting cooler and I just love it!
Our 'Out of the Box' BOM  pictures on Flckr are
 looking really great. Vicki and I love how you've 
added your own creativity to the blocks.

My block 3 is a collection of roses, 
a Theodora Cleave flower button on a bed of crosshatch,
butterfly's flitting around and a little owl... so cute.
 You can download Block 3 HERE.
 And visit Vicki HERE for her block 3.
 Now if you have uploaded your block pictures 
to our Flckr group, Well Done!
Vicki and I have been looking 
 at all the lovely stitched blocks....
We noticed some have done two blocks 
and some have even done all four blocks...WOW
and Mr RNG has picked
a WINNER - Judes Stuff
could you please email me your snail mail addy 
and I will pop the Theodora Cleave flower 
button for block 3 in the post for you.

 Happy Stitching!
 Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs

Dawn x x