March 12, 2011


I have had a week of reflection 
after coming home from a fabulous
Holiday in QLD with the nuttiest friends I know!
 Feelings play a big part of life....

  Now I am feeling intrigued on how to make this!
 And feeling excited to be making a quilt up in this
 for my little grandies arriving soon.

And feeling frustrated I haven't done any
 Dear Jane for ages. But with this fabric I can see it
happening real soon.

Also delighted to be working with this fabric...
I'm going to be making some nice projects
with this as it looks so sweet together.

 Now I am off to read my book that 
I bought to take to Qld 
The Undomestic Goddess....great read so far
 and do some more reflection on where I am heading this year!

 Have a wonderful weekend!

Dawn x x x


Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

What is the name of the Boy fabric you have pictured? It is so cute!

Penny said...

Those are fabulous fabrics!

Maria Harrits said...

It is a fantastic book! I´ve made a fantastic quilt to my mother using the technique. Have fun!

Maria said...

Looks like a great book and all your fabrics are lovely.
Looking forward to seeing the quilt you make for the granndies.
Oh I bought a Dear Jane book two years ago and have not done ONE block yet. So you are doing well.
Enjoy your novel.

Allie said...

I love the puppy fabric! Enjoy your book, it sounds good!

Sheila said...

Beautiful fabrics and I am sure you will make some beautiful projects to show us ;-) Enjoy your weekend. hugs Sheila

Valspierssews said...

Looks like you need a clear head to tackle those one block wonders!. I love all your fabrics. That last pile do look lovely together.

Scottish Nanna said...

I love your Fabrics Happy reading The book sounds good.
Hugs Mary.

Melody said...

Gorgeous fabrics.

Pip said...

Dawn, take a look at this link
there are some pictures of one block wonder quilts plus some links to Flickr with more awesome pictures.

Do try to get back to your Dear Jane soon, I would like to see it. Enjoy your book.

Anonymous said...

The Undomestic Goddess... what is that about?!

Susan said...

Hi Dawn - I have just been blogging around taking a break from pinning a quilt - and went to Stash Manicure and saw a quilt in that BOY fabroc you have!! what a coincidence. Not that I am saying you need an idea for how to put it together but its always good to have a peek!
Go here is you'd like a look