March 14, 2011

Sweet Red Roses!

 Yesterday my friend Natasha and I went to
the Sunday produce markets.
We go almost every week to
 do our weekly fruit and veg shopping. 
 We leave when our families are in bed asleep
 at's still quite dark outside
 and travel 20mins to the market...
 Where it is usually buzzing with people and we
find the best produce straight from the growers..
 This week we found these red roses
 for $3.00 a bunch...
I couldn't resist a lovely bunch of flowers 
for my dining table and they smell nice too.

 Remember to stop and smell the roses
every now and again.
 Its good for your soul.....

Dawn x x x


Fee said...

The roses are gorgeous Dawn - Nice table runner too - LOL.

Hugs - Fee XX

Laura said...

I can almost smell them! Our market doesn't open for a couple months yet - I can't wait! A trip to the open market is always something to look forward to!

Pip said...

A good price for the roses Dawn, at Central Market they're $12-15 a bunch well worth getting up early for.

Wendyb said...

gorgeous flowers for a gorgeous gal!!!!
They are a bargain too!!!
XXX sugary hugs sweetness
Wendy :O)

Jenny of Elefantz said... love love red roses!

Toyin O. said...

The roses look great, thanks for the reminder to smell the roses:)

Preeta said...

Hi Dawn,I have been following ur blog since sometime now, and I really love it. I don't know whether u have noticed my comments now and then, but your little posts like this also is so.... refreshing. I love flowers and the roses are lovely!! and so is your table runner.

Dawn said...

Thnaks for the comments Preeta, I have seen them, I just can't reply to you as your a NON reply Blogger...
Hugs Dawn x x

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Beautiful roses dear!

Sallie McIntosh said...

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lifewithquads said...

I love the roses. I used to live in a house that had a beautiful rose bush outside and I kept fresh cut roses in my house through the whole spring and much of the summer. I finally had to stop though because, although they were beautiful, smelled great, and made me feel good, the pollen was too much for my allergies to ignore. I miss it!!