April 30, 2011

Sweet Princess!

 A sweet Princess and a handsome Prince
 getting married and riding in a horse drawn carriage..
  All things that make a little girls heart skip a beat
 also in Mummy (big girls) too, I just love the whole fairytale romance
 and pagentry of a Royal Wedding.
 It's part of who I am and what makes me love all
 the English Royals
 I know it must be from the days when my 
Great Nana Lucy worked for Queen Victoria
 and my Great Grandfather was a Grenadier Guard.
 I just love it. My Nana was also born 
in the grounds of Windsor Castle.
 Great Nana Lucy spoke fondly to my Mum
 of her days there... she adored it.
So a High Tea party for my little girls was in order last night.

complete with Royal Doulton China and little Fairy Cakes.

My little Princess's dressed up and drank tea from their Princess cups...
 Oh it was so precious, the excitement of seeing a real life Princess
 and they loved watching the Kiss and the ride in that ornate carraige.
 Today they are still excited....playing Princess's again.
 I just love to see them pretend and enjoy the fairytale.

Everyman's life is a fairytale written by God's finger.
quote by Hans Christian Andersen

 Many Hugs 

Dawn x x x


Allie said...

Such beautiful little princesses they are Dawn! The tea was an excellent idea. How very interesting are those tidbits about your family!

Unknown said...

Your little princesses are quite gorgeous, Dawn. Lovely little tea party there.


Cross Stitch Crazy Mum said...

You're lucky to have history with the royals. We never hear much about the ones who work for them. The high tea looks gorgeous. Im never game enough to actually use my royal daulton :-D

Maria said...

What a delighful way to have watched the Wedding. With your own Princesses and High Tea.
Kate and William made a beautiful couple.
OH not one kiss but TWO.

Unknown said...

Aww how sweet, my own daughter is nearly eleven and got bored with watching it lol
I loved it

Melody said...

How lovely. Your girls are gorgeous.

Chookyblue...... said...

a special day..........loved all the fairy tale.........

Julies Knit Stitch Corner said...

I to enjoyed the wedding, the dress was beautiful with lace detail.
How lovely your little princesses look to, they look like they had a wonderful time.
best wishes Julie.C

Terry said...

How cool that your family has connections to the royal family! And your two little princesses are so sweet having their tea! :0)

Pat from Florida said...

How very special. It was a terrific wedding, indeed. And what a lovely bride!

Conchi said...

Creo que todas las mujeres tenemos un poquito de princesa en el alma.Tus princesitas son preciosas.Te espero en mi blog,seguro que pasas un ratito agradable.Un saludo.

Joy said...

They really are the CUTEST little princesses!!!!
Love n hugs,
Joy :o) xxxxxxxx

Soggibottom said...

My granddad was a grenadier too :-)
HE WAS TALL, even more with his bear skin on.
Never owned a corgi though :-) xxx

Teresa said...

The girls are just gorgeous. What a wonderful way to watch the wedding. xx

Gloria J W said...

OOOhh Dawn...Royal connections... what fun to keep all the stories alive for your children. How lovely to make such a wonderful memory for your girls to remember the handsome prince and the very pretty princess. Such a simple pleasure, and one that children need in this sometimes harsh world. What fun for all three of you!
Hugs Gloria

Chris H said...

I loved watching the wedding too... it was perfect.

Kristyne said...

What a sweet memory for the girls. Sadly, the wedding started at 2:00 am here ... we just caught the highlights during the morning news.