May 31, 2011

Wendy's La La in time for her Birthday!

Last month I asked if anyone could send in a block for Wendy
so that we could make her a knee rug as she was
having a knee replacement and 'kneeded' chearing up... he he
 And here it is....the final quilt, bound and received...
to all who sent a block to me.
 It has turned out lovely..... 
Just in time for Wendy's Birthday.
 Today is her birthday and she's having 
a physio manipulation under anesthetic...
which could be
 here's where YOU come in ...
lets flood her email box with well
wishes if we can... HERE....he he
 and wish her the bestest birthday...

 Have a great day!
Many Hugs 

Dawn x x x

May 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Vikki!

Happy Birthdy dear sweet Vikki....
 yes another adorable friend is 
having her birthday today...

 I am going to be in trouble with my 
friends for telling all the time...
but I love to have fun
 and to know their having the best day,
To put a smile on their faces
 Pop past HERE and tell Vikki 
a little robin told you to wish her the best day.

 Have a great day too!

Dawn x x x

May 21, 2011

Winter sewing and 'Sugar Blossom'

This week I decided to make some heat bags for winter, filled with Australian wheat. They can be used for cold bags too.DSC07551I made them for our Kindergarten fundraising ladies night we had. We had a ball and the ladies who won them were thrilled. They are so easy to make and I lined them and overstitched so they looked like they were quilted.  All it took was some leftover yummy fabrics and 500gm wheat.
Sugar Blossom collection for blog
Sugar Blossom
This is just gorgeous and so girly. I love the range and its the latest fabric line from..... Katicupcake...  and if you'd love to have a sample visit Kati's blog for a giveaway... HERE to enter. Please don't forget to mention I told you to visit. Melody told me! I just love the freshness of this range and I can imagine a few things made from it...a bag for me or some skirts for my girls and just maybe a quilt or three... he he.
No I am off to finish a quilt for a friend that I am meandering all over...LOL

Happy stitching

Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs 

Dawn x x x

May 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Dear Friend!

Happy Birthday Dearest Vicki.

Today is Vicki's birthday and I know she wouldn't tell so I am letting you know so you can pop over to her blog and wish her the best Birthday ... she is the dearest sweetest lady. I love our little chats . We have such fun when we chat on the phone together.DSC07436

Now I have set the table and have made some little cakes and even have the good tea set out...he come share some Birthday cakes for Vicki....  we'll toast to her good health and good fortune, be blessed dear friend. Have the best  Birthday day!

Lots of Hugs and wishes

Dawn x x x

May 14, 2011

Trouble with blogger?

I am having a problem with blogger like lots of you seem to be as well. If you visit and get this post, I have done it in Live Writer and hoping it works.

I am around, just busy being Mum/Nan...LOL...and have had lots to catch up on sewing wise and am attempting to get some finishes soon. I have seen my little grandson grow in the last few weeks from newborn to little baby boy with personality. He is just so adorable, we love to have lots of cuddles with him. He has put on some weight and is alert much more now. DSC07429 I am hoping to get some more photo's this weekend.  So I will be back with some to show you and some stitching pics too.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and that blogger is not playing up for you too much.

Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs

Dawn x x x

May 01, 2011

Happy May Day!

What conjures up in your mind when you hear May day...
I always think of the May Day Festival in Cornwall
celebrating the first day of Spring.

 Here in South Australia we are a far cry from Spring.
 It's cold and wet wet wet... and I don't mind...
Wonderful weather for curling up near the fire and sipping hot tea...
 Sewing with a little girl is on the agenda today.
 She has a little bag to I better be quick.
 Below is Block Five 'Out of the Box' and I love this block...
reminds me of lots of different things..
1. Front door-  Our Home,
2. Spring bulbs getting ready to burst in a few months.
3. Hexagons taught to me by my dear friend Vicki... 
I had not really wanted to make any for a long time 
and now am hooked on them and added pearls as you are a special lady Vicki.
4. Union Jack is my homeland and Australia's stars
added as this is my home now and I love it.

Are you making the stitcheries personal to you... it's not hard to do...
 Block Five of 'Out of the Box' is ready to download HERE
 and don't forget to visit Vicki for her block five too!

Afriend from the Forum I am in is in a contest for the best quilt this week
and would love to win some much needed fabric for her favorite fabric too..
Here's her quilt and its gorgeous....
Fresh Diamonds...made with Bliss fabric Charm packs
 Pop in HERE and help her with a vote if you like it and
can encourage another quilter
I'd love to see her win.......

 Happy stitching

 Sweet Cinnamony Hugs
 Dawn x x