May 01, 2011

Happy May Day!

What conjures up in your mind when you hear May day...
I always think of the May Day Festival in Cornwall
celebrating the first day of Spring.

 Here in South Australia we are a far cry from Spring.
 It's cold and wet wet wet... and I don't mind...
Wonderful weather for curling up near the fire and sipping hot tea...
 Sewing with a little girl is on the agenda today.
 She has a little bag to I better be quick.
 Below is Block Five 'Out of the Box' and I love this block...
reminds me of lots of different things..
1. Front door-  Our Home,
2. Spring bulbs getting ready to burst in a few months.
3. Hexagons taught to me by my dear friend Vicki... 
I had not really wanted to make any for a long time 
and now am hooked on them and added pearls as you are a special lady Vicki.
4. Union Jack is my homeland and Australia's stars
added as this is my home now and I love it.

Are you making the stitcheries personal to you... it's not hard to do...
 Block Five of 'Out of the Box' is ready to download HERE
 and don't forget to visit Vicki for her block five too!

Afriend from the Forum I am in is in a contest for the best quilt this week
and would love to win some much needed fabric for her favorite fabric too..
Here's her quilt and its gorgeous....
Fresh Diamonds...made with Bliss fabric Charm packs
 Pop in HERE and help her with a vote if you like it and
can encourage another quilter
I'd love to see her win.......

 Happy stitching

 Sweet Cinnamony Hugs
 Dawn x x 


Jytte R said...

Thank you for another lovely block.
It is spring here now. All plants are so fantastic.

Melody said...

Happy May Day to you too. This months block is lovely.

Quilt Kitty said...

Have to put going to a May Day Festival on the 'to do' list for one day. It sounds like a lovely idea. Your stitching & fabric colours on that block are beautiful. Tracee xx

Conchi said...

Aquí es primavera,pero el sol se está haciendo de rogar para salir ,tenemos nubes y agua.Los bloques que haceis para las mantas son hermosos.Espero verla terminada.Te espero en mi blog,un abrazo de Conchi de Dale al pincel.

Allie said...

Happy May Day, dear Dawn! The first of May means flowers to me - flowers bursting out all over. YAY! Love block 5, it's perfect as always - the front door looks wonderful, I love it. I went and voted for your friend, she's in second place now, let's get her into first! The quilt is just stunning!

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Love how you added the Union Jack to your pretty block, Dawn! So fitting with the Royal Wedding! :-)

Yvonne said...

Hi, I tried to download frosty flakes and it did not work by block 2 and the general instructions. Is it possible that you email those two to me? Many thanks.

greetings Yvonne
yklozing @ (delete it when you have sent it please)

Penny said...

Thanks Dawn :)

Silvia LGD (Little Green Doll) said...

Thanks for the pattern!! :)

Mamen said...

gracias por tu generosidad, es precioso, a partir de ahora te sigo. besos

Julies Knit Stitch Corner said...

Happy May Day to you to, I know its late. I love the quilt it is nice and the fabric.
best wishes Julie.C

Highland Monkey's said...

1st May means spring has arrived (says she hopefully) and warmer days.
Love the colours on the quilt.

lilabraga said...

happy May day to you too! gorgeous blog by the way!

Lola said...

I cannot lower the file, please can you help me?
P.D.I do not speak English and use a translator, excuses the possible errors

Dawn said...

Ho bisogno del vostro Lola e-mail, allora posso inviare il file a voi.
Hugs Dawn x x