June 29, 2011

Living next door to.......

Wendy...oh that would be so much fun....
we would chat all day,
drink coffee and sew to our hearts content...he he

On Monday I was having a bad day...that type of day
 ever had any???
I was so so tired, I had too many 'have to' get done errands
as well as the shopping to do!
When I got home it was dark, I needed to cook tea
get the girls ready for bed and then go off to bed myself...
BUT the posty had a SURPRISE on my door step to cheer me up
and it did...

Wendy made me this gorgeous stitchery fabric painting
to cheer me up and hang on my wall...
I will admire it and think of the day
when we live next door to each other...LOL..
Thanks Wendy - tis so spesh and butiful!

Happy Stitchery Hugs

Dawn x x x

June 21, 2011

Secret little things!

 I finished a few little 6" blocks for a friend the last couple of days...
these Owls and Birdies are destined to be a little quilt...
so so cute...
 And this gorgeous little surprise is going to winging its way to
another friend for her Birthday..
 I just love the colors!

  And from the same fabric range I made this...

 into a Wheat Bag for another dear friend Heather..
 It was going to be a mug mat but it changed to be a wheat bag...LOL
 it was a few months late too...Sorry Heather...
 'Happy Belated Birthday'
Hope it keeps you warm!

 Many Hugs 

Dawn x x

June 20, 2011


Today I started off the morning by warming up.
 You know the type of rushing about 
that we do first thing in the morning,
getting girls ready for school and kinder 
is a rush some days esp after the weekends.
 tidying up, washing dishes,
images courtesy of Google images
two loads of washing done and hanging on the line,
its was very windy and it should dry... very cold too..
made the beds, bit of exercise... I was now warmed up a bit...
 then I sat and stitched a few presents 
that I need to have done weeks ago...LOL.. time sure flys by.
 All done and ready to be posted...yeah!

What to do next
OOh I know.... sit and read a few blogs...NEW blogs!
 And was so TOUCHED...
 not inspired to sew, or just looking at pretty fabric,
 I read the type of post that touches your heart,
 speaks to your very inner being...
 a few tears were shedand some memories re-lived
and I felt Blessed because of it...
 Thanks for sharing sweet J...
 I Praise God for you, you made my day!
 Now off to get dinner ready and sew tonight....
 Happy Stitching 
 Hope you have had a blessed day today too!
Hugs Dawn x x

June 17, 2011

Brr Brr Brr...its cold outside!

Winter has definately set in the last week or so
 Its been so so cold...Brr Brr
The sniffles and sore throats that we had for the 
last couple of weeks have gone for now..
 Thanks for the well wishes, your so sweet to write me and
wish me well.... not much sewing was done, but lots of movie watching.
As I looked out the window this afternoon 
all I saw was rain and wind, and it looked and felt cold cold cold.
A few weeks ago we were running through the leaves
in our Botanical Park and Gardens
 Tossing Fig and Maple leaves into the air
 It's so much fun!

 Best of all is climbing on these century old Moreton Bay Fig Tree trunks.
 They are so majestic...
 Stand so tall and have so many a story to tell I'm sure.
If only trees could talk hey....
Tonight after dinner of some yummy hot minestrone soup,
we are going to watch a movie(finding Nemo), eat popcorn 
and I am going to help the girls knit a scarf,
or should I say finish them off.....

Happy Stitching

Keep warm or cool wherever you may be, enjoying your night.

 Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs

Dawn x x x

June 04, 2011

Sniffle, Sneeze, Saturday sewing!....

Today has been a dreary sort of day...
 Sun tried to come out with some 
patchy clouds blocking its view..
but it did manage to shine for some time..
but I stayed inside cold...
with the tissue box as my best friend
 sniffle, sneeze, sniffle, sneeze.... Yep a horrible cold.
So the sewing machine got a little use in between
 watching a few movies...
like the 'Bugs Life' and 'The Bee Movie'....
 the girls loved it, so did I....
 This is what I did sewing wise....

I pulled out this wall hanging I started some time back...
got a bit more inspiration... to finish it.... soon I hope...

I also quilted this lone block  from years back for my nephew....
I think I will make it into a heat pack filled with wheat..
 Do you use a heat pack???...
I need to in winter as my feet and hands get cold...
 Do yours????
 Hope your weekend is filled with good things...
 Be Blessed and Happy Stitching

Sweet Hugs
 Dawn x x

June 02, 2011


While walking today I found this.... 
Gum Blossom....PINK gum blossom too
Isn't it gorgeous... 
The birds are going wild sucking all the nectar from them.
  I just had to bring a sprig home and put it in my kitchen window...
 I love it.....
 Hope your day is well?

Dawn x x

June 01, 2011

Out of the Box No 6.... sweet memories!

Block number six...  almost 2/3's over...
then we can put it together...
Can't believe the year is almost half over too..
 Are you ready for Christmas???... not me..he he
This block has lovely memories for me...

Stitched with a gum nut and leaves, reminds me of
good friends made and enjoyment from the Gum Trees blog.
 Also a yummy Cupcake that I love to make my girls,
and a special ladybird for a friend!
 Why not stitch a block or two for one of your friends.
 make it into a little cushion or mini wall hanging... she'll love it...
 Don't forget to personalise it with things she loves....
 Download block 6 HERE....
 Also Pop over HERE to Vicki's and see her gorgeous block too....

 Happy stitching

 Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs 

Dawn x x x