June 20, 2011


Today I started off the morning by warming up.
 You know the type of rushing about 
that we do first thing in the morning,
getting girls ready for school and kinder 
is a rush some days esp after the weekends.
 tidying up, washing dishes,
images courtesy of Google images
two loads of washing done and hanging on the line,
its was very windy and it should dry... very cold too..
made the beds, bit of exercise... I was now warmed up a bit...
 then I sat and stitched a few presents 
that I need to have done weeks ago...LOL.. time sure flys by.
 All done and ready to be posted...yeah!

What to do next
OOh I know.... sit and read a few blogs...NEW blogs!
 And was so TOUCHED...
 not inspired to sew, or just looking at pretty fabric,
 I read the type of post that touches your heart,
 speaks to your very inner being...
 a few tears were shedand some memories re-lived
and I felt Blessed because of it...
 Thanks for sharing sweet J...
 I Praise God for you, you made my day!
 Now off to get dinner ready and sew tonight....
 Happy Stitching 
 Hope you have had a blessed day today too!
Hugs Dawn x x


susiloci said...

Tienes un blog maravilloso, me gustan mucho tus trabajos.

Wendyb said...

must've been the day for too!...but not so windy...lovely and warm with a beautiful soft breeze!!!....sorry darl.....don't mean to tease!
Have had a very blessed day....glad you have too!
XXX sugary hugs
Wendy :O)

Unknown said...

Sounds like a lovely introspective day! God bless you too!


Allie said...

That's the kind of warming up I need to do - but we're off to the doctor instead. At least we have a lovely day for it! Love that pic of the tulips, dear girl. Enjoy your sewing tonight....

Maria said...

Sounds like a busy Mum day. Nice you could sit and read a few blogs. Hope you had a cuppa.
enjoy your evening of stitching.

2ne said...

Nice blog you have :-)