August 19, 2011

How tweet it is!

I purchased the 100 blocks magazines when I saw Issue 2
and then
 had to buy Issue 3 after my friend Wendy 
encouraged me to get it... he he,
she made a gorgeous block twice into a mini quilt..see Here
I fell in love with this block from Issue 3
 called 'How Tweet It Is'.... block No 227 Issue 3
 I made this block into a cushion for a dear friend Judy..
she is my number one fan, 
she encourages me when I am down,
gets my design brain working clearly at times...
 and even tests all my patterns/projects that I need proof read.
Love you Jude!
 Is that enough reasons for a gift... he he... 
Well the story goes like this.
 I was making a mug mat for the said Judy and another 
friend Heather last year when we had a discussion at sewing 
 about Mug-Rugs...LOL... they both said "ooh yak.. what for, why use them"..
I was in the process of making them a mug-rug 
for their birthdays the next month....
so out the window went that idea of making them one
(now they do like them by the way)...
OK maybe this year girls...LOL
After agonising about other handmade gifts, 
 and listening to some hints and loves I made 
Heather a heat pack (see here) and Judy the cushion...
 and I rang Judy yesterday and said "I think I better
bring over the late birthday pressie I made you
or I'll keep it as its so nice and I love it,
  it matches the quilt on my chair, and and, its just nice...
 so off I went for a cuppa, a chat 
and to give a present a wee bit late.. he he
 I think I better make another one for me,
but first I shall finish some
other gifts that are way late too..

 Happy Stitching

Sweet (better late than never) Hugs 

Dawn x x x


Valspierssews said...

Looks like there are some wonderful blocks in the book. The cushion you made looks beautiful. Lynette Anderson designs have lots of character. I am a mug rug fan myself. More fun than crocheting doilies.

By Hoki Quilts said...

Looks like something I should steer well and truly clear from - I mean, hey I have so many UFO's already I just don't have the space for more, LOL
The image of you throwing 'out the window' a couple of mug rugs gave me a giggle even if it was just a saying, LOL
have a great weekend, hugs

Melody said...

I've got Issue 1 & 2. Looks like I'll have to buy three as well. Have a wonderful weekend.

Maria said...

Oh Dawn where can I buy these mags PLEASE??
What a beautiful cushion, perhaps you need to make two more. LOL!!!
I love my Mug Mats. Always have one next to the computer.

Sharon said...

I LOVE the cushion! It's so pretty!

Heather said...

Judy and i adore anything you make Dawn,mug mats and all - Luv ..Heather

Bente-I like to QuiltBlog said...

wow, the cushion is so beautiful, lovely pattern aud your fabrics are lovely too. I love the yoyo on the cushion.
I must have this magazine, I hope I can buy it somerwhere here in Germany.
Liebe Grüße

Oddbjørg said...
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Oddbjørg said...

The cushion is so beautiful!
Have a nice weekend!

Allie said...

That is SO SWEET Dawn! I guess I'll have to find that magazine, lol. Too funny about the mug rugs!

angelasweby said...

OMG Dawn, it is gorgeous :-)
What a wonderful gift for such a dear friend. The Lynette Anderson block is delightful. I love the story of making your friends the mug mats then a chance comment completely altering your plans...haha! And my goodness!! What an inspiring magazine. I can imagine you being busy for weeks and weeks and...
Angela xx

Vicki ♥ said...

It has turned out even nicer than you explained to me on the phone Dawn...its gorgeous!! Love the yo-yo darn cute :) Love it all :) Hugs Vicki x

marga said...

HOLA¡¡¡He visitado tu blog y lo que he visto me ha gustado mucho,y me gustaria ser tu amiga bloguera,te invito a que visites mi blog ,llevo poco tiempo con el.Me gustan las labores,pintar,la lectura fotografia etc. Un saludo,desde el PAIS VASCO--ESPAÑA

Wendyb said...

Oh my is as lovely as you said!!!!....even better! Jude is one lucky gal!.....I agree....another one for you!
XXX love n hugs
Wendy :O)
I am soo slack lately....see how long it took me to get online!!!!! *eek*

Sherry said...

What a lovely gift. I love the block your cushion is made in. My problem with reading blogs I enjoy is that I get more ideas than I could ever have time to use. Your creations are always funt to see.

Ivory Spring said...

Absolutely darling!

tijerasycuchara said...

Me encantan tus trabajos, son preciosos
Te felicito