August 28, 2011

To market to market... flowers, herbs and sticky rice

Flowers are always a favorite when I go on a Sunday
to the Fresh Produce Market's near me.
 I picked up these for $2.00 a bunch and they smell divine...
 Next I buy some fresh bakers buns for Hubby and the girls for their 
mid morning-tea...which is usually when I get home about 8.00am.

 Hubby has custard Berliner and the girls an iced donut...
 I should have taken a photo of them eating it...
they take all the icing off as it's really sweet
 yet they don't want me to buy un-iced ones...strange habits...LOL

 I this week decided to try a 'Sticky Rice' with my morning coffee
 Have you ever tried this?????

It's sticky rice wrapped in Banana leaves which you peel off
and has a creamy coconut centre..yumm yumm
I eat it warm as that's how it is when they sell it to us.

 Different yes but so so yummy.
 I love trying different things...some I like, some not, but this was a good try
  A couple of Vietnamese girls make them 
and they are always busy have to cue up sometimes
 they are so popular....and cheap too.

Bought myself some Parsley, Coriander and Sweet Basil
 to plant in my garden this morning while its sunny 
and a Springy kind of weather day.
 Had to show you the best flowers Miss K bought to me yesterday
Our wild daffodils(sour sob weeds) in an old children's welly boot...
Don't you just love the face and I was so thrilled... made my day..
 Off to plant some herbs in my garden and 
 then I can sew this afternoon....
 I'll be back later with some stitchy progress.

Have a great Sunday!

Praying still for those effected by 'Irene'

BIG Hugs 

Dawn x x x


Wacky Woman said...

That sticky rice wrap is a popular dim sum dish over here. Love it.

Unknown said...

The sticky rice wrap is so yummy! I just love your daughter, Dawn...look at that smile! You must be someone very special...grinnnnnn....

Allie said...

Well I'm more interested in the chocolate covered bun than the sticky rice, lol...but that looks good too! Honestly Dawn, is there anything sweeter than wildflowers from your child...look at that absolutely precious and beautiful she is!

quiltingmieke said...

hello girl,
what a lovely flowerq, they chere up jput home.
The stochy roce we dont now here in Belgium, bur with cocnut, mmm I love it I think
The foto of your little girl, so lovely and where se put the flowers in !!! hihihi

have a nice sunday, mmm is is su day over there? because wzre on the other part of the world?

hugs from Belgium
and love tp visiting yput warm blog


Larissa said...

What beautiful flowers!!! Did they really cost $200?!!! I don't know if I could do that, but they are absolutely gorgeous - all summery and fresh faced, they must brighten up your home beautifully!
I often wish we had farmer's markets up here. We have a few night markets, and a couple of morning markets, but mostly you find crafty things or prepared (on-site!) meals. It would be good to get some really yummy fresh vegies etc at a morning market rather than having to go to either coles or woolies.
I hope your goodies were yummy!!

Sharon said...

That is the most precious picture of your daughter with the flowers she has brought to you! Nothing is sweeter than that! :)