December 24, 2011

From our House to yours....... Merry Christmas...

 Wishing everyone a Merry Merry Christmas 
and a Blessed New Year from our house to yours.
 May you be surrounded with the Love of Christ and 
His abundant Peace this Christmas Season!

 May the joy of the little childrens faces warm your hearts...
 and the memories of the days gone past fill you with joy....

Merry Christmas
 Warm Cinnamon-y hugs 
Dawn x x x

December 21, 2011

Ho Ho Ho It's Christmas I know....

cos I have no sewing projects to share and 
 Christmas shopping is not done yet, 
no presents to put under the tree..
 and driving in the busy-ness of traffic to get anywhere is awful
 finding a car park even worse....let alone shop for gifts..
 Hubby's now gone out for take-away tonight
cos I just destroyed our dinner...not sure what I did but
 it doesn't look good..tried to rescue it and yak yak yak...
sloppy Tuna Mornay and rice... not very appetising...
 The worst thing is I have made it dozens of times in the past.
so I asked very hungry Mr Cinnamon to taste test 
and he said "eeek its awful"..I thought so too
 Takeaway will do much better tonight...
Then I'll relax and recoup from the last few weeks.
 Been to busy to even think straight...
  Ever get that way that your exhausted???...
 This years been my busiest year for a long time.!

 Chat soon...

 Cinnamony Hugs 
 Dawn x x x