December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas....

Wishing you the merriest of Christmas's and a Happy New Year...
 May your times with family and friends be memorable,
 blessed and full of peace...
 We've been busy preparing these last few days
 We have been to the shops on copius amounts of trips..for last minute things.
One was especially to see the man in the Red suit
 and give him the list of desired gifts..
 Baked an amazing amount of goodies for gifts and home...
 Baked a very yummy flourless fruit cake for Jesus' Birthday..
decorated with a single candle...
 Now the Cinnamon Scrolls are in the oven for breakfast..
My son Matt loves these and it wouldn't be the same if I didn't make him some..
 I can't eat any due to health issues but oh the smell...yummy..

The Turkey is prepared and waiting patiently in the fridge to be popped
in the oven in the morning...along with roast vege's.
 yep the full cooked lunch is the order of the day...
 Santa's Milk and biscuits are ready...
  Miss K decided he needed a savoury biscuits on this year..
unsure what she was thinking...LOL.
 Reindeer carrots are outside with some oats and glitter too.. he he
 Presents are wrapped and under our tree ready for the little squeals of delight
from two very excited little girls... and a few big people too.
 Now I must set the table and make sure everything is ready...
 oh then sleep too.

 Merry Christmas 

 Have a wonderful Day.

 Blessings Dawn x x x

December 09, 2012

It tasted so yummy... and we can eat it!

 I have now been grain free for 11 weeks and so has one of my DD.
 I was suffering but Miss J was suffering terribly 
with belly aches day and night.It had me at a loss of what was causing it.
The Dr said she was not gluten intolerant as a blood test did
 not show up positive. But the Pediatrician believes she may have the 
same problem as I have, so grain free she is, and the results are amazing.
 She no longer moans all day and can sleep at night without waking.
The things that we took for granted like Birthday cake, biscuits and such,
are now a little difficult for this sewing mumma.
 I am not a great cook and we ate ok before but with a lot of grains in our diet.
 Now we eat loads of fruit, veges, meat and eggs and enjoy our grain free diet.
And now with my cooking habits changed I look 
for nice treats and recipes to satisfy our taste buds for the sweet treat.
 Treats are that every now and again food, not an everyday occurrence.
 BUT when it comes to birthdays...
We must indulge!
  I was determined to to make Miss J aka Alice
a birthday cake she could eat.... and one I could too.

 I found this recipe HERE and I thank God for other grain free eaters
 who try and try till they work.....
 It tasted delicious and was not hard to make even for me.
 I omitted the maple syrup for honey and followed the rest of the recipe to a tee.
We needed only a smallish piece to satisfy our sweet tooth.
 I can highly recommend it for anyone especially Gluten/grain free.
 If you know anyone with Gluten intolerance issues or grain free dieters
 do give this a try, they will love you for giving them a treat... 
I must say I did not use the ganache recommended but used this recipe HERE

Enjoy some grain free baking!

 Hugs Dawn x x x

December 06, 2012

A Picture catch up.

I thought I would share my life in pictures from the last 6 weeks or so.
 Alittle bit of what's been going on in our busy house.

 some secret stitching...
some baking with mummy!
 the end result.. yummy biscuit buttons for a biscuit swap.
  The biscuit swap goodies which I received.
 My darling girls with their little friend at the local Christmas pageant.
Lots of goodies bought from the Adelaide craft fair.
 A rare occasion where hubby and I escaped for a drive in the hillls
 where we caught a quick coffee and cake at a lovely organic market.
 This is some gorgeous needleturn that my friends mum
 did on some doileys some 60 years ago, 
each flower petal is less than 1/4in across and about 1/2in long.
and my gilfriend gave them to me to treasure, and that I will.
 Daddy and his gorgeous girls at the entrance to his childhood farm.
   a thristy pair of ducks on a hot day!
On one of our visits to a local playground whre there is a 100yr old kiln 
or Potbank as I knew them in my childhood....

 back soon with more catch up.
 Hugs Dawn x x x

November 16, 2012

If only pictures could...

tell the whole story of how life has been the last few months.. 
I have a few pictures thrown in for proof I did do some things.
 I have been very spasmodic on my blog due to some health issues.
 When I would sit down I have not wanted to get up again 
and then blog, to hard... So SORRY!
 Finished my SKOW 15/11/12

I am finally on the mend.
 I have changed my lifestyle some what drastically and feel fabulous.
 I can walk now without more painful legs.
What have I changed?
 I no longer eat grains of any I miss it? way!
 Being pain free is worth not eating cakes or breads.

 Miss J and Miss K at Hamilton Botanical Gardens, Hamilton Victoria

 Why Grains, you may ask?
 Well I have for 27  or so years suffered with painful odema in my legs.
 Swelling, ulcers, sores, bruises and extreme pain.
 Fluid retention that was so painful, trying to explain the pain I felt
 when there were no words...
I was in agony most the time, at night especiall.
Only my hubby would see me in tears with the pain.
 Pain relief and fluid tablets did nothing, 
 Blood pressure tablets with a fluid component did not help.
 Raising my legs did not help.
 After being on my feet all day they used to swell so much
 I could not even get my slippers on.

 Girls with their Granny while on holidays.

 Then a holiday to Granny's and everthing changed for the better.
 I was already looking at my health and what to do about it, when by default
 I ate no grains while we were away, no bread, pasta, cereal.
 We ate chicken and salad, meat and salad, fruit and cheeses.
 We ate well, just no junk food... and when I returned I found my leg swelling
 had gone down...I wondered what I had done different.
 I went for a check up to my Dr and she was perplexed too, as we had tried
 everything we could.... and nothing had helped. 
  We never thought of diet being a trigger.
 Then another chance meeting with a personal trainer and she told me
 that had I thought of Phytic acid being the problem...I had never heard of it...
 I looked up a few things as you may do too, on Google and found a symptom
 of  phytic acid intolerence was Oedema.
 I no longer eat any grains at all,
 I only eat a few nuts (yes they have Phytic acid in them too) each week and
 I feel fantastic....I eat meat, eggs, dairy, fruit and vegetables...
 I have no fluid/swelling in my legs and no bruises, ulcers or pain.
 I can walk and not feel anything but normal legs...Hooray!

 Sorry for the long post...

 Back soon with week eight of my quilt along! 

 Hugs Dawn x x x

November 02, 2012

Week Seven - Quilt-along Applique

The original quilt I made my girls and 
the applique pictures on them, are from various places.
 I scoured many magazines I had laying around here and also
 patterns I have purchased in the past for cute applique shapes.
 I drew the ones I couldn't find, maybe you can draw some too.
Have a look for the applique shapes you want from your magazines,
search the Internet for free patterns too.
Then add them to your quilt. 
Be sure to acknowledge the designer when you do.
This is a cupcake that I drew and available HERE.
 This applique is for the snowball variation block like above.
Let me know how you go finding applique shapes to suit your
 quilt and child your making the quilt for. 
I have a few more I can share in the next week or so
(a friend has borrowed them) 
 Let me know by commenting and I will email the ones I drew 
once I get them back from my dear friend.
 Next weeks quilt along will be the centre tree.
 I am looking forward to seeing how your quilt is coming along.
Link your blog in a comment so I can visit and see.

 Happy Appliqueing

 Hugs Dawn x x x

October 25, 2012

Week Six - Quilt Along...

This week we are making my favorite, the Dresden Plate Block

You will need:
One 12 1/2in square of background fabric.
10 Charms squares or 5in squares.
 One 5in square matching your fabrics.

 ( I used 5 color ways of charms from the range I am using)
Download the Dresden Plate template HERE

Cut out the paper template on the sides,
the Straight Top Medium line
 and the small bottom line.

Place the Straight Top Medium line on the edge of the charm square.
 Turn up side down once you have cut the first cut and then
 cut again the opposite way, always lining up the Straight Top medium line.
 the Small Bottom line will not line up, it will hang over the edge.

 The Cuts will look like this above...
Have a look at this You tube video HERE
to see how to put this's very easy.
 once you are finished sewing, press well and place it
on the 12 1/2in background square.
Then stitch with small stitches around the points
 (edge of the plates). Press again.
Draw a circle onto Easy Fix Applique Paper
 (I purchased from HERE, its the best applique paper I have used)
 Using a coffee cup for the size, or a glass,
 once you have drawn the circle onto your Easy Fix,
 iron to your 5in fabric square.
 Cut out the circle and affix with the iron to the middle of your Dresden.
 Using small blanket stitch, machine stitch around edge of circle.

 And your finished!
 Well Done!
 I love this block, it looks so flower like and sweet.
 Happy Sewing

 Hugs Dawn x x x

October 17, 2012

Week Five - Quilt along

 Don't the weeks go by so quickly... one day it feels like Saturday 
and the weekend is upon me, ( I love weekends with my family)
next time I think about it and it's Wednesday 
and tutorial time again.

  This week I am sharing another fabulous Block for the Kids Quilt along.
The Wonky Star block. In my original quilt I used a pattern from
 Modern Blocks book by Susanne Woods HERE
 Three stars within the same block.
 But this time I am doing a large wonky star.

 You will need:
 Eight 4 1/2in squares from background fabric
 One 4 1/2in square from patterned fabric
(I used a charm square and cut it down)
Eight assorted coordinating fabrics to match your quilt
 Four different colors I chose.
 (I used a 5in square diagonally cut and 3in or 2 1/2in square
out of each color)

Set aside four 4 1/2in background squares for later.
 With one background square choose two fabrics that go together
 I chose two browns, two pinks, two aqua green and two lemon fabric.

 From these cut a 2 1/2in or 3in square. ( not being to fussy)
 place on the bottom left corner with right sides facing 
and draw a line diagonally. Sew along this line.

Trim edge off.

Turn back and press seam open.

 Now with another matching fabric from your stash cut a half square triangle.
 I used a half square triangle, cut from a diagonally cut 5in charm square.

With right sides facing place the triangle onto the right hand corner.
 don't be too fussy where it sits, this is a wonky star...

Sew a 1/4in seam from the edge of the triangle.

Open seam and press well.
 Trim the square to 4 1/2in. 
Repeat with the remaining three 4 1/2in squares, 
making each point on a little different.

All pressed and trimmed ready for assembly.
 Note each one is slightly different.

Arrange your four star squares with the four background squares
you put aside and the middle square like above.

 Sew them together using picture above as a guide.

 Press all seams and your wonky star is done.
 They look fabulous...I love wonky stars.
 Next week we will be doing another block, the Dresden plate.
Then on to the applique the week after that.
 So looking forward to the applique blocks.
 I apologise for the quality of the photo's, I am still without a camera
 and I'm still using my phone... very soon I hope to own a new camera.

 Happy sewing
 Hugs Dawn x x

October 09, 2012

Week Four but still no camera...

I have not been able to find a new camera to buy as of yet
 and didn't want to not post the blocks for the next
Let's Build a Kids Quilt block...
 so just imagine these blocks in my new colors...
 They are my original quilt's blocks.
 Ok we are making two strips, one for each side of the quilt.
 I called these Stepping Stone Blocks.
Using 2 1/2in strips or jelly roll strips in a variety of colors
plus some background fabric cut to 2 1/2in strips.

 + = sew together 

(colored strips) +  (white strips)
 5 1/2in + 2 1/2in
 4 1/2in + 3 1/2in
3 1/2in + 4 1/2in
5 in + 3 in
3 1/2in + 4 1/2in
 Repeat this section above 5 times for each side.
We only need 23 stepping stones each side.
Once you have made 10 sets, sew 5 sets together for each side.
 I hope I have explained this well enough 
and as soon as I have a camera I will takes some pictures 
to show you how I made this section.
 I will miss tomorrow and be back next week with another
 block as I will have a camera by then..

 Happy Sewing
 Hugs  Dawn x x x

October 07, 2012

Fabulous Holiday - No photos though!

Holiday was fabulous, catching up with family and friends.
 I wanted to share some great pics of our adventures
BUT my camera died with a few hundred pics on it while we were away...
 I need to get a reader thing for the SD card or whatever its called and
 a NEW camera... so annoyed about it..
 Photo of some  fresh Strawberry jam that I made before we went away
I used the recipe HERE just substituted the pears for fresh strawberry's
 So tomorrow I will buy a reader and a new camera.
 I will also post another block for my Quilt along..
 Hugs Dawn x x x

October 02, 2012

On Holidays!

I will be away for a few more days..resting and having some family fun.
My Darling Hubby has had a holiday shut down at his work 
 this week, so we have been away for the
 last few days to visit his family in county Victoria. 

 The girls have been so looking forward to seeing their Granny,
 I am sure she will be worn out when we come home.

 So I'll be back in a few days with the next
 Let's Sew a Kids Quilt Block.

Sweet Hugs 

Dawn x x x

September 26, 2012

Week Three - Let's Build a Kids Quilt

 This weeks block is a variation snowball and is for the larger
applique that we will do in the coming weeks.
 We make three snowball blocks.
 We need: Three 8 1/2in squares for background blocks
 and Three lots of Twenty Four 2 1/2in squares.

Cut your three background blocks.
With four 2 1/2in squares draw a diagonal line on 
the wrong side of the square.
Placing on the four corners like above. Stitch on the diagonal line

Trim each sewn square to a 1 4/in from the sewn line.

 Press the corners out like
 Next take eight 2 1/2in squares and place next to your background square
checking that there are no fabrics the same touching.
 Sew these in a row for each side.

 Stitch to the sides of the block. Press after you have sewn them on.
 Next place the remaining 12 squares top 
and bottom of where you want them to go.

Stitch to the top and bottom of the block.
Then make two more of these blocks
 as we need three for the quilt.
 They can be the different fabrics as it makes it look more 
scrappy if you don't duplicate the placing of the squares.

 Happy Sewing

 Hugs Dawn x x