January 31, 2012

Oh I just Love.....

the taste of summer....
  sweet fresh peaches and icecream....
 Thanks Amanda!

 Hugs Dawn x x

January 30, 2012

Let's get together at....

Oh how I love sewing with friends,
like-minded and chatty,
laughing and dreaming of lovely things we can make....
the love of sewing...& friends & chats...
 oh the laughter and giggles....I can't wait
 Sew and chat and eat some yummys too..ooohhh
 But best of all a getaway with some gorgeous bloggy friends...
 'Lets get Stitched' is a getaway that will get you a great
 weekend away with like-minded ladies (men are welcome...LOL)
 We will be doing some amazing things, touring and shopping
 and sewing and laughing....
Do you want to join us!
 Click HERE to get details...
 Only 38 sleeps to go.
 OH the fun it will be!
 Back to sewing those little designs for 
those that come away with us...LOL
 Happy Stitching and Dreaming....
Dawn x x x

January 24, 2012

Holidays are almost over....

Holiday's had overtaken our house the last few weeks
and sad to say only this week to go!
 My DD have been on school holidays for almost 7 weeks
and it's been a blur of cooking, gluing, play dough, painting
dollies and dress ups and lots of mess!...
So much fun has been had and I am a bit exhausted
We have been to the movies,
 done many a day of home cooking, made some felt creations
 and also done loads outdoor activities.
The weather has been wonderful most of the time
and when its been hot...I mean hot sunny hot
 we have splashed in the wadding pool....with lots of fun and laughs
Yep me too on the odd occasion that it has been
almost 40 degrees hot hot...I hate being too hot so a pool
is a real nice way to cool off.
 One day I would love this type of swimming pool above
but for now the little kiddy wadding pool will do!
 With only one week to go - this week will be
school preparation week.. eeek the holidays are almost over

 School uniforms are fitted and shoes are all polished...
the sun hat's are ready and bags almost packed.
Then next week my tissues will be out and I will be
 returning home to a quiet house.
No more of those noises from little girls laughing,
 or asking questions from Mummy...
 Cos my baby is going to school....
 Now with no children at home I will be have lots of time
and hopefully I will be doing loads of sewing .....
I can hope can't I...he he
 I have 4 cut out and ready  to sew projects.....patiently waiting
 and one BOM 'Pretty Charms 2012' almost ready to reveal.
 So in the next week or so look out for some more sneaky peeks....
 How are your January plans turning out????
 I am now planning February!

 Happy stitching

 Hugs Dawn x x x

January 23, 2012

Dear diary winner!

My Diary's, Journal's and Appreciation Diary... 
are all being written in so far.
  The first month of the year is easy  for me to remember to write in them...
 Its the consistency of the next few months that gets me down...
especially when I am busy...
 But so far so good....I am still on track!
 I loved reading about your diary writings 
in the previous post comments...
thanks for entering a comment those who did
 and as promised we have a winner....
drum roll please.... dum de dumm dumm dumm dumm

 and the winner is Marilyn...... CONGRATULATIONS Marilyn.....
 When Mr RNG picked Marilyn I was excited...
 Marilyn and I met in Qld when I went for morning tea with the amazing 
QLD ladies for the Gum Tree meet up....
it was a fun morning (afternoon) spilled over..LOL
 Marilyn could email me with your snail mail details
 I will pop in the post your goodies below....

 thanks for entering ...  be back soon...

 Happy Stitching!
 Hugs Dawn x x x

January 08, 2012

Holidays over, the year begins!

 I am poooped out... 
need a holiday to get over the holidays!..LOL
I've had some very busy busy days 
and not much sewing for me done...
  Christmas was wonderful with my Family 
and my parents and grand children...they are such a delight!
  I received some lovely gifties from my treasured friends...
I felt truly spoilt...I love you all and your all so precious to me..

    then came Boxing day.... of this was a funny ha ha day for me...
 My Girls asked Why? is it called Boxing day?
 well I told them what my mum had told me...
 It's to box up all the unwanted leftovers from
 Christmas and give to the poor..
 Miss K the next day decided she would box up
 in her spare toy storage box some of her sisters
 unwanted give away to the poor
 Miss J was so distressed that she was loosing toys 
from the year before, because she had new ones now....
 Had to Promise the girls this coming Boxing day 2012
we would Box up some special things for the poor.
  We have truly enjoyed our Holidays and seeing in the New year
 surrounded by friends and family. 
 We had planned to visit family members interstate 
but that didn't happen these Christmas/New Year holidays...soon I hope.
Now for my Yearly plans..... 
I was gifted twobeautiful Diary's for 2012
 and also had bought a 2012 refill diary for last years too.
 Now what does a girls do with 3 Diary's and new Phone book???
Well the Phone book is easy...rewrite all the phone numbers 
from the old book into it and toss the old one...DONE
 Now the Diaries..... well the new one on the left from
 sweet Joy with the gorgeous fabic is for my sewing goals and to do's.
 Then the refill one( behind that) is for my desk 
with all my families appointments in it.....
 Then Charming Chatter diary (Rebound Books diary)
 is for my '2012 Appreciation Diary'.....
 everyday I write in something from that day which I appreciate.
 Todays Entry is" Thank you for tea in china cups,
friends and laughter, and stories of old"
Today we went to a High Tea today for a 
dear friends 70th Birthday
 and it was devine..... we loved every minute of it. 
Great memories being built for my girls.
 The Rebound Books diary has a blank page every two 
or three pages, in these pages my girls will be able 
to draw a picture or two for me to treasure..
and appreciate in the years to come!

So in appreciation to you all for reading my blog
 and reaching 300 posts we'll have a giveaway!
 A pattern or two and some crafty fabric and and and.....
 What are your plans for your Diary? or Diaries?
 Leave me a comment with your answer
and I will draw a name at 8pm on the 22nd of January....
 and show you what your prize looks like...
 Here's to New years plans and attaining then!
Happy New Year to All
 Many Hugs
 Dawn x x x x