March 01, 2012

Sunshine in a cup.. and a sneaky peek.

 The last few weeks I have been doing a detox,
trying to reinvent my food habits and get healthy
 for lots of reasons...
  I watched THIS YouTube video that a friend sent to me
 and it inspired me to do something about my life.
 I was feeling tired all the time
 also feeling like I needed to rid my body
of toxins and of unwanted habits.
 Like drinking too too much coffee, 
eating too many sweet things,
all just to keep me going at night or 
during the day for that matter.
So I decided I would drink fresh homemade juices daily... 

 Made from locally grown (some from our own garden),
 organic fresh vegetables and fruit.
 not only do I feel fantastic I also have lost 12kg..woo hoo
 I can walk much quicker and further now and I feel ALIVE.
 Joe calls this liquid Sunshine in a glass and it is so true...
 Full of liquid nutrients and so good for you.
I bought myself some new jeans yesterday to celebrate my loss
 and they are a size smaller than I normally wear.
 I actually could have gone down two sizes but
 didn't want them too tight..LOL
 maybe next month maybe I'll buy a size smaller...he he
 cos next week I am off to Tasmania for a retreat 
with some of my dearest friends. I can't wait,
 and not sure how my new habits will suffice
 with all the Pizza and Chocolate that's there.
 But I am going to enjoy the company 
and try to make good eating choices.
 Anyhow we will be doing more of this there and lots of chatting
 Ok just little sneak peeks of the project.
I will be sharing this with the ladies who are coming...
 I am excited! ...are you coming?'s gonna be fun *
This is made with Fig Tree's Strawberry Field's range of fabric
and some other fabrics from my stash...
 I love how it turned out and can't wait to make another one now!
 But maybe next week I will after I have packed my cases.

 Oh Happy Autumn days
 to those who live in the Southern hemisphere... 
or Happy Spring days to those up North.

 Wherever you are ENJOY your day!

 Many blessings!
 Hugs Dawn x x x


Christine M said...

Congratulations Dawn on losing 12 kgs! That's great. I love your sneak peek. Wish I was coming down to Tassie to sew with you. Maybe another time!

Fiona said...

You have done so well Dawn..... I have been trying to get a bit off too.... and your project looks lovely.. have fun in Tassie...

Scottish Nanna said...

Hi Dawn those drinks look yummy congrats on your weight loss you have done well.Have A great time in tassie.
Hugs Mary.xx

Jeanette said...

I've been thinking of buying a juicer again for a while. Reading your blog today has inspired me to do so. Any recipes you can share with me? Love the sneak peek of your project. Wish i was coming to Tassie. Hugs,

Sew Useful Designs said...

Good on you Dawnie! And those juices look delicious - what's your favourite?! I am thinking I might take a step on to your path sweetie and buy a juicer!

Love the sneaky peak, and as always, just love your fabric choices! I love everything you design sweetie!

Big hugs - catch you soon!
Vikki xoxo

Cath said...

That is a brilliant effort Dawn...Well Done! I know how hard it is to eat right and stick to it. I have lost 4 kilo's in the last two weeks and really happy with that and feel terrific.
Bits 'n Bobs

Allie said...

That looks so yummy Dawn, how wonderful that you're feeling so much better and losing weight, that is amazing! I really need to hop on your bandwagon. Your sneak peeks look beautiful, have a wonderful time sweetie!

Marilyn said...

Well done with your healthy eating - what a great bonus to lose so much weight.
Woohoo !!! This time next week we will be there, in Tassie, having a wonderful catchup time. So exciting. Loving all the sneak peaks.

Josie McRazie said...

Where do you find your recipes?? This looks very promising and so very healthy!

Sue said...

Well, I actually SAW Dawn "in the flesh" (so to speak) tonight, and she is looking FABULOUS!! You can tell she has lost weight all over, but especially where we ladies need it.. you know what I mean! Hence the new jeans :0) Well done Dawn (& hubbie, who also lost 12kg & looks great too). It is very hard to stick to ANY type of change in our eating habits so I applaude both of you. Many hugs n blessings Sue xx

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Well done Dawn 12kg that is totally amazing the sneaks...

Anne said...

Well done Dawn!! I've been looking at this as well. Just have to find my juicer that some helpful person put "away" lol.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's about how many pounds I want to lose! That's amazing. I've read about this, and appreciate the link. I'll watch that, too. I've been thinking about it as age creeps up the weight!

Anita said...

12kg - fantastic - congratulations!!!