June 30, 2012

What a week....

I am thankful that school holidays have started...Horray
 Not only do I get to spend some time with my girls 
and they get to let their hair down... and have fun!
 I get to have some not so rushed mornings, pj's and slipper mornings...
 This week has been so hectic running here and there and then ..
 On Thursday I was up early - like 5am early... baking some cakes 
for a fundraiser I was attending that night,
 with the girls to school on time, home to get ready to go to my quilt group...
 Thats when I did the deed... and not thinking about what I was doing
 Well it happend so fast I sat in my car wondering what to do...
 then after half an hour I decided I could move...
move the other arm that is...
 oh it hurt...what your asking????...what?
 I was only taking my seat belt off
 and dislocated my collar bone...locked it in movement..
 OUCH OUCH hurt like crazy...
 I still  at this stage did not know what I had done and 
thought a day out, sitting, chatting was good for me..
 My friend Jude drove me there, it was brilliant cos I then did not much... 
When I got home I rang my Chiropractor -  a great lady...
 and she manipulated it in place...
 and gave me strict instructions to take it easy... ice for 24hrs
 then heat after big movements till its healed...
 Heat to help the muscles and ligaments
 that overworked with what I had done to relax..
 So the rest of the week I have been taking it easy...sort of..LOL
no phone on my shoulder while sewing...
 heat packs often and NO DRIVING... or heavy lifting
 I sort of like not having to drive or do things but hate hate hate resting...
 especially when I have things to do...sewing things... and fun things...
 At least we have the holidays to rest and relax....
 I should be back in action soon... I have lots to share too.
 Sorry for the long post!

 Have a great weekend...
 Hugs Dawn x x x

June 21, 2012

a little time to use some dye...

 As time is disappearing with the busyness of life...
I have managed to experiment with some thread dying.
 I found the Tutorial HERE
 So I armed myself with lots of skeins of white DMC thread
 un-did a few and wound them onto the frame I had made.

 laid them on some plastic wrap
 tied rubber bands around in two places
 added some yellow to one end, some magenta red to the other 
and then mixed some yellow and red together in the middle.
 (excuse the bits of dried dye...the color was old and had residue left)
then wrapped them in plastic wrap to cure.

 rinsed and rinsed
 making sure it went clear...
then dried it and rinsed again until no dye ran from it...
then dried again...thoroughly dry...
wound it on a couple of pegs plus one for a friend, ready for stitching...
 I love the variegated colors from lemon the light pink...
just gorgeous, the end result was exactly what I wanted...
Now I can use it to stitch my new pattern, coming soon!!!!!

But while it rains outside the next couple of days
 here in Adelaide
 I am ready to stitch the binding on my
 girls quilts, they are almost finished..woo hoo
 and the squeals of excitement about our house are sweet to hear.

 Happy Stitching,
 Hugs Dawn x x

June 10, 2012

Phone sewing Granny Squares with Fee

Yesterday I had a lovely chat with Fee..
 We were chatting about Granny Squares
 and  Fee cut out her Granny Square quilt...
 It will be looking really special knowing Fee and her fabrics..
yes all cut out in half an hour while we were chatting.
 I sewed another block too...
 Its great when we encourage each other along.
 I sewed and unsewed another Granny Square to be exact
 It was in the correct order for me.
It looks better now in the correct order...
it would have bugged me no end...LOL
Then last night I took half an hour while Hubby was
 watching X-men 2 and cut and cut till all mine are cut out ready
 to sew next time I get an spare moment
Lots of little piles of granny sweet.
 Now we can do more together Fee.

 This ones all laid out ready for me to sew later tonight.

 Thanks for the sew along Fee, it was so nice and encouraging...
 we should try to do a group one one day..wouldn't that be fun.

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my Granny Square blocks
 I am so addicted to these at the moment.
 I can see this being finished very soon I think.

 Happy Sewing
 Hugs Dawn x x x

June 08, 2012

Granny Squares!

The last few weeks I have
 been making some 'Granny Squares'
 whenever I get a half hour to escape to the sewing room.
 I saw the post that Jolene wrote 
on her blog Blue Elephant Stitches a while back
 and I had to jump in and make some..
 olive green and pink...
 olive green and grey
 yellow and green
 strawberry red and grey
 strawberry red and white with red.
 I can whip one up in about half and hour,
which is good for me...quick and easy!
 I am using a Strawberry Fields Jelly Roll by Fig Tree for Moda
with a white background...
 and I love they way they turn out.
 I might do a scrappy one once I have done
 the twenty blocks with this range...might I say!
 Have you tried making some?
Its so easy and fun..
 Happy sewing
 Hugs Dawn x x

June 07, 2012

Some kitty's for fun!

Over the weekend it was cold and wintery,
 raining off and on, so crafting together for us was on the agenda.
 Oh what to make, well I spotted these adorable little pocket kitty's
on Toni's facebook page and...

I knew straight away 
it was going to be good fun to make with the girls.
They loved making did I
Now we are making more for their little friends at school and interstate
 lots lots more...
Best $3.00(Aus) I've spent on a pattern for the girls to make...
 If you have a little daughter or grandaughter you'll have to make them
with them, they are so cute and so much fun to do together.
 Here's where you can buy Toni's pattern.

  Happy Sewing...
I'm off to sew some Granny Squares now.

 Hugs Dawn x x x