June 07, 2012

Some kitty's for fun!

Over the weekend it was cold and wintery,
 raining off and on, so crafting together for us was on the agenda.
 Oh what to make, well I spotted these adorable little pocket kitty's
on Toni's facebook page and...

I knew straight away 
it was going to be good fun to make with the girls.
They loved making did I
Now we are making more for their little friends at school and interstate
 lots lots more...
Best $3.00(Aus) I've spent on a pattern for the girls to make...
 If you have a little daughter or grandaughter you'll have to make them
with them, they are so cute and so much fun to do together.
 Here's where you can buy Toni's pattern.

  Happy Sewing...
I'm off to sew some Granny Squares now.

 Hugs Dawn x x x


Susan said...

Dawn, those kitties are precious! So are your girls. It makes my heart smile when girls learn to sew instead of just buy, buy, buy! Good for you, teaching them how to make wonderful things for themselves. Tell them that they did a great job and that we are all proud of them! Hugs! Susan

Larissa said...

These look GORGEOUS!!! You and the girls have done an AMAZING job!!! Congratulations!!! ... Doesn't J look so grown up in that pic!!! Beautiful!!!

Maria said...

What a gorgeous photo of the giels withtheir pocket kitties.
Pleased you had fun making them...

Cyn said...

Thank you for the head's-up on this pattern. It is sooooo cute! I have already ordered and received my own copy. I appreciate you sharing. Thanks again.

Melody said...

Cute kitties and evener cuter little girls.

Unknown said...

I don't know how anyone can resist those smiling eyes and great laughs ... your girls are adorable! Lol, I know the post was about the cute little kitties....very cute!
Hope all is well!