July 28, 2012

A Farmers Wife day.

 After finishing quilting  a friends quilt today
I was able to get a couple of my Farmers Wife's blocks done.
 I need to keep on track with this quilt... a bit at a time
These blocks are sewn with brown, green and cream fabrics.
 No 10 Bowtie...
 No 20 Churndash... Love this variation.
 No 8 Boquet...
my little pile is growing...slowly but growing!
Then this afternoon I managed to whip up another
 batch of Pear Muffins for my DD1... She can eat only
 pears atm as she is on an elimination diet. No other fruit allowed.
 These are so yummy... there are none left tonight for snacks.
The family devoured them for afternoon tea.
 But Hubby just came home with a movie I have been wanting to watch
 "The Vow"... that Channing guy is really cute...
 and a bar of Cadbury chocolate... yum..
 he knows what a girl wants...LOL
 Off to watch the 'chick flick'
 with my cup of tea, chocolate and stitching..
 Enjoy your night.

Hugs Dawn x x x

July 26, 2012

a little bite at a time...

When I was a child and had these huge expectations
 on myself to get things done, 
My dearest Mum would say
 "You can't eat an elephant all at once Dawn
just take one little bite at a time"
 Not that I was wanting to eat an elephant anytime but the theory
 was a good thing, especially when I was studying..
 Now this last month we have had sickness
 in the house again and again...
  sleepless nights, with coughs and colds...runny noses, tissues galore..
 Winter time sure does bring along the bugs...
 So sewing has been very spasmodic,
 I have managed to finish row 1 of my 
'Some Kind of Wonderful' quilt
 I love the look of this quilt...
 hoping to get row 2 done this week as well...
 things are a bit back on track almost... 
I'll be back real soon with some exciting news to share!
 Hugs Dawn x x

July 09, 2012

I am square mad!

 Yes I am.
I am just in love with 'Granny Squares' atm...
  so easy to whip up...
 no tricky triangles to sew and they grow so quick...
  I had been doing one here and there as time permits
but this last weekend I decided to get them all done.
  All 20 of them...I only need to trim 10 of them to square.
 I used a Strawberry Fields Jelly Roll by Fig Tree
 and just love the freshness of the fabrics with white background.
All I need now is to just sash the blocks and quilt it...
 I can't wait to have it on my bed....
 I also happened to see this on Pinterest
late last night ....
 A crocheted Granny Square rug or LaLa as my girls call it.
The instructions on how to make one are HERE
Its adorable and as I can crochet I will make 
a bed runner to match my quilt.
 Thanks olveig x x x
 Just need to get to a wool bank and buy some wool matching my Fig fabrics.
 I might even look online at the Woolen Mills here in Aus.
 Anyone know a great place to buy wool?
 Tonight I am going to watch TV and stitch the binding on this...
My girls quilts!
 Almost finished and you can then have a look
 and maybe make one if you want as well.

 Happy sewing 
 Hugs Dawn x x x

July 04, 2012

It's a Girl!

This week we welcomed into our family 
a new little girl... our first Grand Daughter
 Miss Laura May Rose
 Born on 2 - 07 -12
 Weighing  6lb 11oz ( 3040gms)
 Head 34cm and 49cm long..
 We are delighted and can't wait to get to hold her...
 Another grandbaby to spoil.
 Mummy, Daddy and baby brother Thomas  
who's 1yo on Friday doing well.
Now to make some more girly pink quilts...

Have a wonderful week and 
Happy 4th July to my friends in the USA

 Hugs Dawn x x

July 02, 2012

its the little things.....

that are so special...
 Not the big things or the expensive things but the little sweet things.
 I was given the first spring flower from a friends garden on Tuesday last week
 and its's still looking great today in my kitchen window.
 A reminder that the cold days are almost over and soon it will be spring again..
 I just love spring beauitful and perfect...
 Now to sew some flowers...ooh a spring garden stitched.. sounds nice.
 My SKOW has a lovey spring garden block to sew...
 better stitch it before spring arrives.

 Happy Stitching

 Hugs Dawn x x x