August 26, 2012

Give a little Sunshine...

Oh how I've been wanting an excuse
 to show you this Quilt  to you again
 It's so bright, cheery, colorful and super special.
  You may remember 'Sunshine Melody' from here
 It appeared in Homespun last year Vol 12:10
This week I after reading something a few weeks agoon FB
I decided to donate this gorgeous quilt to
 a family who so need a little ray of sunshine...
 Their story is heart wrenching about their precious baby girl, 
I cry each time I read the story. That could be me and my baby girl...
They so need a little hug from the world right now, and a quilty Hug at that..
photo coutesy of Fighting for Casey Bree

The adorable Casey Bree...
 Please pray for Casey and her family.
You also can follow them here on FB...
 Read their story, try to imagine what they must be feeling
 Please do and you may be the lucky owner of this quilt if you bid for it....
  As its going up for Auction on FB (date to be announced)
 and raising funds for Casey Bree and her family to fight
 this terrible desease that effects so many young and innocent children.

 What could I do? I had to do my bit to help.
 I couldn't imagine what it would be like.
 Many years ago there was a saying around.. 'WWJD'
 and stood for  'What would Jesus Do'
 I thought about this and thought what can I do,
 Thought about walking a day in someone elses shoes,  their shoes...oh no
how would I react, feel, say..
 So I decided I would just do! No more thinking!
 I would bless and hope to be a blessing,
 a little ray sunshine to brighten their day..
 What would you do???
 Have a read of their story and ask yourself the same question????
 Help fight with them for Casey Bree. I am!
 Have a great day and Hug someone who needs one...
 Sweet Hugs
 Dawn x x xx


Jenny of Elefantz said...

Bless Casey Bree...and may your beautiful quilt be auctioned for a phenomenal amount, Dawn!!
God has gifted us all to be His hands and feet on this earth and help where there is need. You are doing just as He wants, sweetheart.

Carmen said...

Your quilt is deliciously beautiful!!! Love it!

Viki said...

such a wonderful quilt! and a very generous and caring way to help out a family in need. i hope it raises lots of money and raises peoples awareness

Maria said...

Oh Dawn my heart goes out to these lovely folk and many like them.
Hope you quilt raises loads of money...

Ale jc said...

my dear Dawn this quilt is just eye popping..what a lovely lady you are inside and out..

Allie said...

What a beautiful blessing you are Dawn!!!!!!

KaHolly said...

You are my hero. I did the same last fall for a local family and it was so appreciated. This quilt is absolutely adorable. Don't know how I missed it the first time!!

Fiona said...

Well done Dawn... it is an awesome quilt and an awesome thing you are doing...

Wendyb said...

You are an angel Dawnie!!.....God knows it and so will Casey Bree! I know it will bring lots to her cause!
love n hugs
Wendy :O) xox

De said...

A lovely touching thought to show someone you care. xoxo

Khris said...

You are a special person Dawn...I am sure Casey will adore her new quilt. Hugs Khris