October 25, 2012

Week Six - Quilt Along...

This week we are making my favorite, the Dresden Plate Block

You will need:
One 12 1/2in square of background fabric.
10 Charms squares or 5in squares.
 One 5in square matching your fabrics.

 ( I used 5 color ways of charms from the range I am using)
Download the Dresden Plate template HERE

Cut out the paper template on the sides,
the Straight Top Medium line
 and the small bottom line.

Place the Straight Top Medium line on the edge of the charm square.
 Turn up side down once you have cut the first cut and then
 cut again the opposite way, always lining up the Straight Top medium line.
 the Small Bottom line will not line up, it will hang over the edge.

 The Cuts will look like this above...
Have a look at this You tube video HERE
to see how to put this's very easy.
 once you are finished sewing, press well and place it
on the 12 1/2in background square.
Then stitch with small stitches around the points
 (edge of the plates). Press again.
Draw a circle onto Easy Fix Applique Paper
 (I purchased from HERE, its the best applique paper I have used)
 Using a coffee cup for the size, or a glass,
 once you have drawn the circle onto your Easy Fix,
 iron to your 5in fabric square.
 Cut out the circle and affix with the iron to the middle of your Dresden.
 Using small blanket stitch, machine stitch around edge of circle.

 And your finished!
 Well Done!
 I love this block, it looks so flower like and sweet.
 Happy Sewing

 Hugs Dawn x x x


Sheila said...

Love your Dresden Plate. The colors are great, thanks for sharing.

Jo in TAS said...

I do love dresdens!

Melody said...

I love this block too. Your version is delightful.

Melody said...

I love this block too. Your version is delightful.

Chris H said...

I have a HUGE Dresden Plate quilt in my UFO pile... wonder if I will ever get it finished! I'm doing 'Quilt As You Go' with it too. I've not done that before. It's a bit scary cos I'm just doing it without even knowing quite what I am doing... making it up as I go. Hope it works out when I finally get back to it.
Your block is very pretty!