November 16, 2012

If only pictures could...

tell the whole story of how life has been the last few months.. 
I have a few pictures thrown in for proof I did do some things.
 I have been very spasmodic on my blog due to some health issues.
 When I would sit down I have not wanted to get up again 
and then blog, to hard... So SORRY!
 Finished my SKOW 15/11/12

I am finally on the mend.
 I have changed my lifestyle some what drastically and feel fabulous.
 I can walk now without more painful legs.
What have I changed?
 I no longer eat grains of any I miss it? way!
 Being pain free is worth not eating cakes or breads.

 Miss J and Miss K at Hamilton Botanical Gardens, Hamilton Victoria

 Why Grains, you may ask?
 Well I have for 27  or so years suffered with painful odema in my legs.
 Swelling, ulcers, sores, bruises and extreme pain.
 Fluid retention that was so painful, trying to explain the pain I felt
 when there were no words...
I was in agony most the time, at night especiall.
Only my hubby would see me in tears with the pain.
 Pain relief and fluid tablets did nothing, 
 Blood pressure tablets with a fluid component did not help.
 Raising my legs did not help.
 After being on my feet all day they used to swell so much
 I could not even get my slippers on.

 Girls with their Granny while on holidays.

 Then a holiday to Granny's and everthing changed for the better.
 I was already looking at my health and what to do about it, when by default
 I ate no grains while we were away, no bread, pasta, cereal.
 We ate chicken and salad, meat and salad, fruit and cheeses.
 We ate well, just no junk food... and when I returned I found my leg swelling
 had gone down...I wondered what I had done different.
 I went for a check up to my Dr and she was perplexed too, as we had tried
 everything we could.... and nothing had helped. 
  We never thought of diet being a trigger.
 Then another chance meeting with a personal trainer and she told me
 that had I thought of Phytic acid being the problem...I had never heard of it...
 I looked up a few things as you may do too, on Google and found a symptom
 of  phytic acid intolerence was Oedema.
 I no longer eat any grains at all,
 I only eat a few nuts (yes they have Phytic acid in them too) each week and
 I feel fantastic....I eat meat, eggs, dairy, fruit and vegetables...
 I have no fluid/swelling in my legs and no bruises, ulcers or pain.
 I can walk and not feel anything but normal legs...Hooray!

 Sorry for the long post...

 Back soon with week eight of my quilt along! 

 Hugs Dawn x x x

November 02, 2012

Week Seven - Quilt-along Applique

The original quilt I made my girls and 
the applique pictures on them, are from various places.
 I scoured many magazines I had laying around here and also
 patterns I have purchased in the past for cute applique shapes.
 I drew the ones I couldn't find, maybe you can draw some too.
Have a look for the applique shapes you want from your magazines,
search the Internet for free patterns too.
Then add them to your quilt. 
Be sure to acknowledge the designer when you do.
This is a cupcake that I drew and available HERE.
 This applique is for the snowball variation block like above.
Let me know how you go finding applique shapes to suit your
 quilt and child your making the quilt for. 
I have a few more I can share in the next week or so
(a friend has borrowed them) 
 Let me know by commenting and I will email the ones I drew 
once I get them back from my dear friend.
 Next weeks quilt along will be the centre tree.
 I am looking forward to seeing how your quilt is coming along.
Link your blog in a comment so I can visit and see.

 Happy Appliqueing

 Hugs Dawn x x x