January 30, 2013

I finished it...

 After 3 years and 2 of those mostly sitting on the unfinished item shelf...
 I decided to get a few things done this year.
 This quilt has been sitting for a while,
the blocks were cut out and organised and then I just looked at them
knowing I should make them up.

It wouldn't take to long but I need motivation....
I had some after Christmas and decided this is it...
 not long to finish it...a few hours really.
 sew the rows together then press it...
Then on my quilting frame it went ready to do some dancing...

 Binding cut and ironed ready to sew on...

 All finished, ooh what a relief and  the excitement of a finish too...
 then ready to label and give to my dearest girlfriend Hilary
whom I have known for many many years....

I just love hexagons and especially ones you can sew together on the machine...

 This picture shows the finished quilt but please excuse the blurriness...
 I am using my phone camera and it looks real bad I know.
I think I will make another real soon.
 Do you love hexagons too?

Happy Sewing 
Hugs Dawn x x x

January 27, 2013

Little girly bag....

Chooky blue has put out a new plan this year
 for the Stitch-A-Long blog and I love it...
Each month I can make the project as a gift for
 someone... easy to do - no thinking on what to make.

 This months project was the shoe bag from the
 'Some Kind of Wonderful' book by Annie Downs
 I have decided most of the projects will be for little girls
 maybe some big girls too...
so I made mine minus the stitchery this time..and with girly fabrics.
 I just love the freshness of it...
 One thing off my to do list and now I am ready for the next...

Sweet Cinnamon Hugs
 Dawn x x

January 26, 2013

The end of 'Summer Holidays' and a free Bom.

Its here so quick...the lazy days, 
the lets go on a picnic cos we can days have come to an end 
Next week we knuckle down... most Aussie kids do
 after the Australia Day as holiday ends and school resumes...
Time to get serious about school work...
 we have done some over the break to review 
last years phonics and letter formation..
 But mostly we have had fun...  

Girls had fun roller-skating...
sore bottoms though from falling over many times..
 planting some celery, lettuce and tomato's with Daddy
in mummy's octagon garden bed.
 The fun is watering in our jammies at 6am
 so the hot hot hot sun doesn't kill them.(sorry no photo of us in our jammies)

Picking our one yes,  just one and only nectarine,
 the only fruit we had from 7 fruit trees this summer...
 Those pesky possums we had in our roof HERE... 
ate all the blossom from the trees before we even had fruit..
 arrrgggh not happy at all BUT found a solution to that..
 next year I am going to spread Vick's vapour rub
 around so they won't do it again...they hate Vick's apparently.

 I had some time to quilt this UFO quilt from 4 years ago,
 after I had sewn the rows together..

 Binding is made and half sewn down...
should be finished in time to give my friend a special
 'I Love You' pressie next week. She has no idea and I know she'll love it too.
 She had admired the fabric years ago when I ordered it...LOL

 I have had some time to make some Kasundi.. 
 Lots of tomato's and apples from my friends gardens were
given to me... to cook... and make yummy Indian chutney...
 This is a delicious accompaniment to any dish...
 we eat it with chicken, lamb and especially with curries.
 Recipe from HERE
 Just a note I changed it slightly by using equivalent 
weight of fresh Roma tomato's..skinned.
 and also stab blended it after it was cooked.

Cooking is not my forte but with fresh apples and yummy
 fresh produce around I have been baking a few new recipes.
 I just love this apple pie... No flour and no sugar...yummy.

  Now today is Australia Day but not the official holiday.
 So BBQ it is for us with a few close friends...
 Are you planning a special day for Australia day if your Australian?
 Wendy and I designed a BOM for the Sew It's Finished girls last year
 as an incentive to finish a UFO each month.
 BUT this year we decided to share it with you each month for 12 months.
 You'll get a stitchery block each month and instructions for the block.
 Wendy made the one above and it uses only 2 charm packs.
 So for the first block visit Wendy and get your first very 'Seasons Of' block.
 Then each month on the 10th of the month we will post 
alternatively from our blogs a block for you to stitch along.
Use this button Wendy made for you to add to
 your blog if you'd like to join and
 also there is a Flickr group for you to join too HERE
 So sorry for the long post if your still reading....

 Happy Australia Day!

 Hugs Dawn x x x

January 06, 2013

Want a cup of Tea...

 Come and sit at this Cafe'
 Enjoy a sweet drink or little sandwiches,
 maybe a cake or two..LOL

can you see Miss J peeping in the windows just to see who is coming for tea...LOL
 This is Miss J and Miss K's  newly bought, 
(after 6 months of saving their pocket money)
 Sylvanian Cafe'
 It has tiny tiny pieces and they spend hours serving all their customers...
 it's a very busy cafe', with lots of dolly (lala loopsie mini's and polly pocket) visitors.

 Tiny tiny menu's on the tiny tiny table's....

 even a plate of sanwiches and mini cups of cappucino...
 I want one...LOL

The girls are having so much fun playing families, inside in the cool
 as we have a heat-wave happening in South Australia atm
 very hot, too hot really...days of 40 very common at the moment...

 Mummy is getting some sewing done while we are inside,
as well as mini cappucino's on tap. he he
  Happy girls, happy mum...

 Cinnamon Hugs
Dawn x x x

January 05, 2013

Its a brand New Year...

What will I do with this year...2013, 12 months
to do some wonderful things, spend time making memories
 with my Darling Husband - the love of my life... 
my big boys and their wives, my little girls and 
my grand babies and their families.
 Time to sew, chat with friends, some time away to recharge
 and just enjoy life with those around me.
 Maybe make a mark on the world in some way or another!
 Will I achieve the things I plan, I don't know and 
 maybe just maybe I'll add many more to it.... will I stick to my plan or stray.
 Guess I won't know till I try...
 What do you do to start the new year, do you start good intentions?
 and then get sidetracked with life and things..
 I do a  plan to what I want to achieve, so I at least end up 
 accomplishing more than the last year, just a little..
 I failed dismally in 2012 with many intentions 
not planned well enough in advance
 so when life hit a few bumps I was not prepared.
 So this year is different!

There a few things/oops maybe more than a few things
 on my calender all ready for 2013!
 I have looked through last years diary and added the birthdays and
 all my families celebrations to this years diary.
That's a good starting point.
 Still looking good at a glance...lots of space to fill still...

Then I add the things I really would like to do if time permits,
 I just put a few in so I'll make them a priority.... I hope!

1. 2013 SAL (I actually accomplished last years quilt)

2. Scrappy Trip Along (find pattern HERE - great stash buster)
 Not sure who actually started this informal quilt along
but after see Nat's post on Face book I wanted to join in.
 Visit Brenda, Katy and Rita to read about it.

3. Start again on my Dear Jane and post monthly at least, 
 4 a month is achievable I think.
 I have put this off a few times and start again then don't like my colors...
well I now have a plan... so I'll be making at least a block a month
 if I can 4 a month.

4. Finish my Farmers wife quilt, 20 blocks made, loads to go.

5.  Attack my UFO pile and make some progress.
 One every two months I think I can achieve, especially as I have big
big big UFOs, like 4 large quilts and lots of little projects.
 If you want to join Wendy and I and BUST- OUT 13, read HERE!

6.Birthday gifts decided on, made and sent on time...LOL
 Wendy has a fabulous idea here, join in and have some gifts ready.

7. Craft forum hexi swap hexagon and Monthly quilt along.

And I will add some more as I see them on the net...ha ha
 I love looking at pretty things and then making them for my home,
 my family and for friends as gifts... 
 But at least I have a plan started, it may not turn out,
 especially as this year we are schooling at home.
 That's another post, another time....
 Happy Cinnamon Hugs
 Dawn x x