April 27, 2013

Lots of happenings here......

When I look at my last post it almost seems so long ago.
 Boy do weeks surely fly by when your busy with life.
 My operation went extreemly well under the circumstances.
 Thank you all for the wonderful emails and support you have shared.
 Lots of things had been happening in our house this last few months.

 I thought I would share with you why I have been absent.
 You  all knew I had an operation and I hadn't shared why?.
I wanted to put it out there so it has been said
 and I can then just get on with it.
Also I thought it was my way of sharing and coming to terms
with the whirlwind that has engulfed us  as a family these last few months.

 My life is now 'my journey of how I am overcoming Breast Cancer'.
 Note the overcoming... Positive thoughts in this place.
 I will overcome this and will fight it with all I have...
 My blog will remain stitchy as that's what I do and what I am about.
 I am staying positive and have some great friends who encourage me
 along the way,  emails too that lift me up when I feel down,
my friends also slap me back into reality when I need it...LOL
 I also have my faith in God that will sustain me as He always does.

 Whatever the walk with BC its not a walk in the park for anyone enduring
any type of cancer or supporting someone who has it.
 There are lots of emotions and decisions to make.
 This journey is the one I walk knowing no two BC journey's are alike.
 No two lives walk the exact same path.
 no two treatments always the same...
This is what my family and friends are dealing with right now.
We have decided the plan for me to take..
 It's different to other peoples buts it's my tailor made plan.
 Suited to all my health needs and quirks..
I know we all lead different lives
 and have different circumstances to which it happens too, if it happens.

This is a whole new world to me and I put my faith in God
 that whatever the path I am to take He (God) is guiding me
 and comforting me through this time.

 Where does this leave me and my quilting/sewing.
 I will still be blogging about my sewing, quilting new patterns etc.
 It keeps me focused on other things rather than BC.
Sewing is what I do especially when I am needing to rest and recoup.
 Sewing keeps me sane even though my DH doesn't always think so..LOL
 So please pop by and visit me still 
and see what I am sewing or making or dreaming of.
 And we can sew together as we walk this journey of life.

 Sweet Cinnamon Hugs Always
 Dawn x x x